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Meet SafetyGirl

I20140719_094724n anticipation of restoring my new-to-me home, I brought some Safety GirlDiscount Safety Gear, and Construction Gear products home last week. Happily, I got a Friday commute text from my boyfriend that his daughter had decided to rip up her bedroom carpet, that I should stop over, and he was otherwise speechless (him speechless is as close to a medical emergency as you can get). Upon entering the house I could barely make my way to the voices coming from some random crevice upstairs – furniture lined the hallways and sat in the middle of every room. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello?
He: Up here! Can you squeeze through? Or did you have chocolate today?
Me: I think I got it. How did all the heavy wood furniture get downstairs?
He: Lucy carried it.
Me: By herself!?
He: Yes.
Me: I’m impressed.

There he stood, delegating and watching like a good dad. The old carpet was up already, showing beautiful bare hardwood. Engrossed in her work, Lucy pried tacks and staples out of the floorboards. I vaulted back downstairs to get the glovesdisposable knee pads, and tool belt that were already in my car. “Hey! Try some of this stuff out!” I threw her my bag of new goodies. She was a good sport, especially since I wasn’t sure whether to put the knee pads on horizontally or vertically. I let her do her thing. They protected her knees from stray nails for sure, but one helpful bit of information: don’t put them on bare skin. I think I lost points for that one and she won’t have to shave her knees for a month. Needless to say, adhesion with these knee pads is top-notch. If you put them on coveralls or pants as they are intended, they will last through the job or until you wash the clothing. Note to self: read the instructions before using the product.20140719_094745-MOTION

The gloves fit her like, well, a glove, and kept her hands safe from the sharp tacks, as well as blisters from the pliers when she pulled up the staples.

The story has a happy ending: Lucy finished most of the impromptu bedroom makeover before her sister Grace got home from almost a month abroad (another story for another day). There is some finishing work to be done, but with both girls working together, it will get done quickly. And with products from SafetyGirlConstruction Gear, and Discount Safety Gear, it will get done safely – except for that knee thing.

Afterward: Because Lucy and Grace are under age, I changed their names and forwarded this to my BF for approval. He suggested his alias be something along the lines of movie-star worthy, with authoritative muscle and a heart of gold. He will be known as Mutt. Simply because I can. But he shared that after Lucy removed the knee pads, he put them on himself and said he loved them. They were convenient, easy, and didn’t hurt a bit when he removed them.

These Boots Are Made for Working

So we’re all about safety, but we are still girls, right? I don’t know about you, but I love shoes. When I learned we got a whole new batch of safety boots, my first thought was, we must have a virtual fashion show! So here goes.

Our first pair is Nautilus’ Women’s Composite Toe Clog in full-grain Nubuck leather with a composite safety toe cap. What’s so great about Nubuck, that they just can’t say, “leather?” Nubuck is a top-grain leather that is buffed to give a velvet-like surface. It is highly wear-resistant. While it is stronger and thicker than suede, it is just as soft. It is a luxurious leather and a bit more expensive because of the processing.

Another new offering is a composite toe athletic shoe, also by Nautilus. They have a removable anti-fatigue polyurethane insole, and an EVA midsole for maximum comfort. Like most of our safety shoes, they meet or exceed ASTM 2413-11 impact/compression and EH ratings.

And these have to be my favorite – the Nautilus Women’s Steel Toe ESD Shoe. Who wouldn’t get noticed in these purple beauties? They have all the necessary features but they also boast a bumper toe to guard against abrasion. They are value priced at $70.99.

The list goes on. We have a ton of great new safety shoes to add to the hundreds of pairs of shoes already in your closet. We invite you to head over to our site and shop for yourself!

Faster, Easier, Safer

benefits-of-a-bicycleNow that the weather’s good, I’m all about biking. There is a bald eagles’ nest in Pittsburgh, the trailhead maybe twenty minutes from where I live. There are parks and street vendors. There is the Strip District where all of Pennsylvania goes for the freshest produce and ethnic goods. So it’s nothing to hop in the car and bike 10 or 20 miles on a nice weekend day. But it’s the city. Downtown. Crime, drugs, and questionable characters are in the mix and you hear about them on the news every evening. True story: the last time my boyfriend and I went cycling, in one trailhead parking lot, stolen goods were being transferred from one car to another. No lie. So yeah, he’s got the authoritative muscle, but neither of us is stupid. You don’t borrow trouble. What if that had been me, alone? And what if I had inadvertently picked the parking spot right next to them? I carry pepper spray.

I really like the Kimber PepperBlaster II. It’s easy to retrieve from a pocket, has a safety so this all-thumbs girl is less likely to shoot herself in the eye, and it is effective. If you spend any time creeping YouTube videos watching otherwise-sane men spray each other to demonstrate this product, you know just how effective it is – for an hour or more.

What Makes it Different?

The Kimber PepperBlaster II stops threats at a distance. Unlike typical pepper sprays that utilize aerosol to spray, the PBII uses a discharge system to shoot a 13-foot stream at speeds of up to 90mph. Impervious to wind, rain, and even glasses worn by your attacker, the PBII will get the job done. Most pepper sprays use a cone-shaped spray, which is less potent on the eyes. PepperBlaster II uses the more serious and debilitating stream. Hey. If your attacker means business, why shouldn’t you?

This little dynamo has two chambers that fire separately – you get two shots, then throw the gun away and buy a new one (eternally glad that the first one did its job!). The upper barrel discharges first, then the lower, each with the press of a trigger. Two points of origin means your two shots will land at slightly different locations so practice using the Blaster before you need to use it. It is highly recommended that you purchase two Blasters – one for practice, and one to carry. The Kimber PepperBlaster II Kit comes complete with a trainer unit, a live unit, and targets. The trainer unit is loaded only with blue dye so you can practice your aim without hurting anyone. You can buy a trainer unit separately, also. Note that the trainer unit does not come loaded with the OC solution.

What’s In It?

That OC solution – what is it? If you’re like me, you want to know exactly what’s in the Blaster. Technically, it’s filled with 10% OC with benzyl alcohol. That is 10% Oleoresin Capsicum, whose active ingredient is capsaisin, the “hot” component in chili peppers. It is extracted with benzyl alcohol, which then evaporates, leaving a viscous resin that adheres to the skin. Ouch.pepper

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, which, when sprayed on the face, causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, tears, upper body spasms, and burning. While one spray will do no permanent damage to the eyes, repeated sprays can render the corneas permanently sensitive, and one spray to someone with asthma can be lethal.

What Do Users Say?

Big Lou says, “All other units are too small and look like a tube of lipstick…Kimber made it right.” KAS says, “I saw this demonstrated at a gun show and was impressed with the design, weight, how it fit in my hand, and how far/fast the spray can travel…I hope I never have to actually use my PepperBlaster II, but will always carry one with me. I purchased these additional units from SafetyGirl for my daughters.”

Oh – and if you do accidentally get sprayed with pepper spray, this will help you get the sting out:

  • Don’t run, but walk facing the breeze.
  • Get out of the sun.
  • Remove contacts if you are wearing them. Throw them away.
  • Clean it the best you can: Find water and a fresh towel. Splash the water on your face, keeping your eyes open. Try to use clean water with each splash. Close your eyes and splash again using soap or dish liquid in the water. Pat, don’t rub, the affected areas, with the towel.
  • Use eyedrops.
  • Soak the affected area in whole milk, the fat of which negates the ability of the pepper to generate heat.

We love this video, made by a professional cyclist, showing how easy and effective the original Kimber PepperBlaster is for bikers. Both styles are available at SafetyGirl.

Pain at the Pump?

Why do gas prices increase, and what can we do about it?

According to MEMA, Americans drive about 3 trillion miles a year – that’s about 820 trips from the sun to Pluto and back. As a society, we consume 178 million gallons of gasoline per day ( And just when we get some time off to do some things, the price at the pump goes up. Why? The short answer is, supply and demand. Typically, demand spikes around this time, as we go on vacation and have long holiday weekends. When demand goes up, so do prices. Add to the price increase more expensive summer-grade fuels, and the prices climb higher yet. In the spring, oil refineries perform maintenance, which lowers production, making the supply smaller. People want more gas right when there is less of it, and it is more expensive to produce. Taxes in different states, where the station is located in relation to a refinery, and local competition can all impact the bottom line.

So that’s the why. What can we do to keep our budget in check when gas prices rise?

  • Check your car’s air filter – almost 1 in 4 cars could use a new one, and increase fuel economy by up to 10%.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Add another 2.8%.
  • Slow down! (I’m sure this works but I have a hard time doing it, especially in my convertible in the summer…) You can save a few dimes per gallon for every 5mph in speed reduction.
  • Keep the junk out of your trunk – heavier vehicles consume more gas.
  • Get your exercise as well as be more environmentally friendly and bike or walk when appropriate.
  • Take advantage of free shipping instead of driving to the store. Great sites like offer free shipping when you purchase $50 or more.


Latte before training at the break of dawn: $4.59
Cute race day outfit: $100
Pebble Personal Safety Alarm: $11.49
Having your photo on Safety Girl’s website: Priceless!

Send us your photos of our products in use or on display. If we use your picture, we will send you a $25 thank-you gift to be used on any of our merchandise! email photos to with the product’s website item number or SKU, and the name and address on your registered account, so we can be sure to get your prize to you!

Please note the following: you must be a registered user of to receive your non-transferrable credit code. (you can register here: Limit one credit code per registered user of Remitting photos indicates your agreement that the photos are your own, and everyone identifiable in them has given consent to have their likeness used by us for any purpose on any website. Photos must be accompanied by the SKU or item number from

Police Magnum Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray

Safety Girl is your one-stop online shopping website for all safety products, especially those designed specifically for women. But did you know that Safety Girl also has a terrific selection of law enforcement strength pepper sprays? These ultra-powerful pepper spray models are designed for law enforcement personnel but can also be used by consumers for top-notch self-defense protection. Check out a few of the great models available from Police Magnum.

The 3-ounce Flip Top Police Magnum Pepper Spray is the perfect pepper spray for those looking for a conventional, but ultra-powerful model. This pepper spray delivers its formula in a fog spray pattern, so it is able to cover a larger area than traditional spray models. The spray can also reach distances of up to 12 feet. The pepper formula contains 17% oleoresin capsicum for maximum effectiveness and contains a UV dye to invisibly mark attackers for later identification. This 3-ounce container contains approximately 30 shots. Order one today for only $7.99.

The 2-ounce Slide Lock Magnum Police Pepper Spray is another fantastic pepper spray model for those looking for law enforcement strength devices. The unit can provide multiple blasts that can reach distances of up to 12 feet and can be operated with one hand for maximum convenience. The spray contains 17% oleoresin capsicum, the maximum amount allowed by law, and also contains UV dye that invisibly marks attackers for later identification. This pepper spray model contains 24 shots of the pepper formula that can reach distances of up to 12 feet. The formula is delivered in a fog pattern to cover a wider range of territory. Order one of these great models today for only $6.99.

The 1/2-ounce Key Chain Police Magnum Pepper Spray with Case is perfect for those looking for an compact and easily carried pepper spray. This pepper spray contains 10 shots of 17% OC formula that can reach distances of up to 12 feet and are delivered in a fog pattern. Order one today for only $5.99!

Ruger Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Sprays

Safety Girl, your one-stop online shopping website for safety devices specifically designed for women, is pleased to offer a fantastic selection of pepper sprays intended for law enforcement professionals. Whether you work for a law enforcement agency or not, these pepper sprays will give you the power and effectiveness you need to protect yourself from dangerous attackers. Check out a few of the great law enforcement strength pepper spray models from Ruger available at unbeatable prices at Safety Girl’s online store.

The Ruger Restraint Stream Pattern Pepper Spray is an ultra-powerful law enforcement strength pepper spray that will keep you and others safe from attackers. This pepper spray can reach distances of up to 15 feet, delivered in a stream pattern that prevents wind blow-back. The pepper formula measures 2 million Scoville heat units and is sure to temporarily disable any dangerous attacker. The unit also features a speed release trigger for maximum effectiveness. Order this 1.4-ounce model today for only $11.99.

The Ruger Lockdown Flip Top Pepper Spray is another great option for law enforcement personnel or consumers who are looking for a very powerful self defense mechanism. This pepper spray unit delivers its powerful formula in a fog pattern, to cover a wide area, and can reach distances of up to 12 feet. The formula measures 2 million Scoville heat units, so you can rest assured that it is powerful and will provide effective protection from even the most harmful attackers. The speed release trigger allows you to deploy the unit in minimal time. Order one of these great pepper sprays today for only $11.49.

The Ruger Pro Extreme Speed Release Pepper Spray is yet another effective law enforcement strength pepper spray option. This unit can reach distances of up to 15 feet, further than most pepper sprays. The unit features the 2-million Scoville heat unit formula and speed release trigger. Order one today for only $11.99!

Mace Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray

If you work for a law enforcement agency and need pepper sprays for yourself or your employees, Safety Girl has a terrific selection of law enforcement strength pepper sprays that will safely and effectively protect you and those around you from danger. Plus, these pepper sprays are available at unbeatable prices! Check out our great selection of law enforcement pepper sprays from Mace, one of the most respected brands on the market.

The Mace Triple Action Police is a personal defense spray model that is identical to the model used by some law enforcement personnel. This pepper spray features a careful blend of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) formula and tear gas for maximum effectiveness. The OC pepper formula will cause the attacker’s eyes to slam shut and for him to experience uncontrollable choking, and the tear gas causes extreme tearing and disorientation. The formula also features a UV dye that invisibly marks that assailant for later identification. The unit contains 18 grams of this powerful formula, about 10 one second bursts that can reach distances of up to 12 feet. The pepper spray also features a flip-top safety cap, finger grip dispenser, belt clip, and key chain. Order one of these great pepper sprays today for only $10.49!

The Mace 10% Pepper Gard Police pepper spray is another great law enforcement strength pepper spray model. This unit features Mace’s special blend of OC pepper formula that creates a burning sensation and causes the attacker’s eyes to slam shut upon contact. Other features of this unit include a flip-top safety cap, finger grip dispenser, belt clip, and key chain. Strong enough for law enforcement, but also ideal for home and auto use, you can’t go wrong with this model. Order one today for only $13.99!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Safety Girl

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, on May 12, and Safety Girl’s online store has tons of Mother’s Day gift ideas that will show your mom you care about her and her safety. Read on to learn about just a few of our great suggestions.

If your mom is handy and likes to do a lot of work around the house or at her job, the classic Pink Tool Belt from Safety Girl is a perfect gift idea for her. This pink tool belt shares all of the same features as other tool belts, but the fun pink color adds feminine flair. The tool belt is made of heavy-duty suede and has a waist that fits sizes 30 to 42 inches. With nine pockets and two hammer loops, your mom will have enough room for all her hand tools. This tool belt is also great for hair stylists and any other woman who is required to carry lots of tools or small instruments at work. Order one of these great belts today from Safety Girl’s website for only $14.99!

If your mom likes to do yard work, she needs a great pair of gloves to keep her hands protected, and the Ironclad Tuff-Chix Women’s Work Gloves are perfect for her. These gloves were inspired by Paige Hemmis, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition star, who asked Tuff Chix to make a glove that was tough enough to build houses but were built for women’s hands. These gloves have tons of great features, including a seamless fingertip design for added comfort and nail protection and reinforced fingernail guards. The gloves are anatomically patterned to fit a woman’s hand with maximum comfort, and they include a washable, synthetic leather palm with patented flex protection so they won’t restrain hand movement. Order your mom a pair of these great gloves today in sizes small, medium, or large for only $18.99!

Garden Tool Kits from Apollo

Spring is here, and if you’re an avid gardener, you know that it’s just about time to start working in your yard. Whether you plant vegetables, flowers, or both, these pink tool kits from Apollo will have everything you need to maintain your garden. Plus, the pink tools will allow you to sport your feminine style and support breast cancer research as well. Check out these great varieties available at unbeatable prices at Safety Girl’s online store.

The Apollo Tools 18-piece Pink Garden Tool Set has everything you need to keep your garden going all season long. This kit includes a variety of high-quality tools, including:

  • 8.5-inch pruning shears
  • 8.5-inch anvil pruning shears
  • Pink knee pad
  • Two trowels
  • Rake
  • Pitch fork
  • Weeder
  • Bulb planter
  • Edging knife
  • 6-function hose nozzle
  • Adjustable metal hose nozzle
  • Hose coupler with a swivel
  • 1/2-inch hose connector
  • 1/2-inch waterstop hose connector

This tool kit makes a great gift for your favorite gardening woman. Everything comes in a sturdy blow molded carrying case so you can keep your tools organized as well. Order this amazing tool kit today for only $89.99, a savings of over $10 off the list price!

The Apollo Tools 7-Piece Pink Garden Tool Gift Set is another great garden tool kit that makes a wonderful gift for any avid gardener, as well. This tool kit contains a variety of tools, including:

  • Pink knee pad
  • Black and pink apron
  • Gardening gloves
  • Two garden trowels (small and large)
  • Garden fork
  • Pruning shears

The apron pockets keep the tools together so you can stay organized. This great kit is available for only $34.99. Order yours today!