The Emergency Bridal Kit

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, and for many women, this means that wedding season is also upon us! If you’re going to be a bride or bridesmaid this season, don’t let the big day arrive without one of Safety Girl’s awesome Emergency Bridal Kits. These kits include everything a woman needs to look beautiful and stay happy on that special day. The Safety Girl Bridal Kits aren’t just for brides, either, they make great wedding shower or bridal party gifts, too!

The Safety Girl Bridal Kit includes everything a woman needs to look beautiful on her big day. A bride’s hairstyle can be everything, and to fix any flaws that may happen in transit from the beauty shop to the wedding hall, the kit includes bobby pins and TreSemme Hairspray. To fix any broken nails or manicure, the kit also includes a nail file and clear nail polish. In case of any dress imperfections, you’ll also find a sewing kit, lint remover, wrinkle remover spray, and even super glue in the kit, too. All brides and bridesmaids worry about not feeling well on the day of the wedding, but Safety Girl has your needs covered with Motrin, Rolaids, and Imodium.

In creating the Safety Girl Emergency Bridal Kit, we didn’t forget any of the little necessities, either. The Safety Girl Bridal Kit includes tissues to wipe away those tears of joy, deodorant to keep you dry and smelling fresh, Shout Wipes and facial cleansing cloths to keep you clean, and Wrigley’s gum to keep your breath fresh. Even if you loose an earring, the Safety Girl Emergency Bridal Kit includes two faux white pear earrings.

All these necessities fit into a stylish white vanity bag for just $19.99. Order your Safety Girl Bridal Kit for your brides and bridesmaids today!

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