Which Gloves Do I Wear?

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Sometimes there are so many different materials in work gloves that it can get confusing which type to wear or buy. Different coatings are best for different applications and it is important for your safety that you choose the correct one.


Latex are used for incidental contact. They are a great for a general purpose glove for dry applications. It usually has a decent puncture and abrasion resistance. They have little chemical protection.



Nitrile gloves are also used for incidental contact. They are awesome for high water, oily applications. They have great abrasion resistance. If you are allergic to latex, a nitrile option is going to be your best friend. Unlike latex gloves, there is usually a more clear indication of punctures and a higher protection from chemicals.


PU gloves are very soft and good if you work very detailed with your hands because they are usually very flexible and have great grip. They are also easily washed. They are great for food prep and also latex free.


PVC gloves are an economical, general purpose glove. PVC is a thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride. There is usually a good abrasion resistance but not as good puncture resistance. There is not as much tactile sensitivity with PVC as polyurethane.


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