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The Emergency Bridal Kit

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, and for many women, this means that wedding season is also upon us! If you’re going to be a bride or bridesmaid this season, don’t let the big day arrive without one of Safety Girl’s awesome Emergency Bridal Kits. These kits include everything a woman […]

Personal Kits from Safety Girl

Do you ever feel like you’re always forgetting something when you leave the house? Always be prepared and leave your worries at home with Safety Girl’s Personal Kits. These kits have everything a woman could ever need, whether you’re going to work, school, on a date, or out with friends. Choose from standards and deluxe […]

Women in Concrete Alliance

The Women in Concrete Alliance (WICA) is dedicated to providing women in the concrete construction industry with information, opportunities, and mentoring. An advisory board, which includes presidents, managers, and other leaders from a variety of construction and related companies, directs the activities of WICA. Although the idea for WICA began at with Hanley Wood’s Women […]

School Grants for Single Moms

At Safety Girl, we know that being a single mother is a challenge that is only understood fully by other single moms. Single mothers face the daily struggle of working to provide for themselves and their children as well as caring for their children. Single moms are often stressed financially and forced to make difficult […]

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick is a famous American singer and actress. Best known for her partnership with the pianist, composer, and producer Burt Bacharach and lyricist Hal David, Warwick ranks among the top forty rock artists, according to Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Singles Charts. Warwick is also known for her social endeavors; she has served as a […]

Kate Middleton

Prince William of Wales’s fiancée Catherine “Kate” Middleton has been receiving enormous press attention since she and Prince William announced their engagement on November 16, 2010. With all the talk, you might be wondering exactly who she is. Safety Girl is here to provide you with some straightforward facts. Catherine Middleton was born in Berkshire, […]

Ella Fitzgerald

A lot of singers think all they have to do is exercise their tonsils to get ahead. They refuse to look for new ideas and new outlets, so they fall by the wayside…I’m going to try to find out the new ideas before the others do. ~ Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald was born on April […]

Lucille Clifton

these hips are big hips they need space to move around in. they don’t fit into little petty places. these hips are free hips. they don’t like to be held back. these hips have never been enslaved, they go where they want to go they do what they want to do. these hips are mighty […]

Queen Latifa

“What I am is a young black woman from the inner city who is making it, despite the odds, despite the obstacles I’ve had to face in the lifetimes that have come my way.”  ~ Queen Latifah in Ladies First Queen Latifah, born Dana Elaine Owens, is an American musician and actress. Her rapping, singing, […]

The Queen of Sheba

Often known for her power, wealth, and sex appeal, the Queen of Sheba ruled over the ancient kingdom of Sheba. Her existence has been referred to in ancient Ethiopian texts, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Qur’ran. Although there is little evidence outside of these four texts to validate the Queen of Sheba’s […]