Pink Power!

Needle nose pliers – the bane of my existence! I need the pliers, but they keep walking away from where I hid them. I can never seem to find them even when I hid them so no one else can find them!

I’m almost sure, in a houseful of men, my tools would be safe if they were pink and had a dark pink tool beltdark belt. That’s the power of pink, in this case – PINK PROTECTION!  You gotta love the dark pink color, heavy-duty suede leather and adjustable waist (fits waists 30″ – 42″) with hammer loop. There are 9 utility pockets to make a place for just about anything you’re carrying around.

toolkitThis has to be a bigger problem than just at our house. I have a sneaky feeling that it’s more about convenience – as in, I know where this is because the person-who-puts-stuff-up put it here, than ANYTHING else!  I’m not totally sure that PINK has the POWER to keep the tools safe, but I’ll keep you posted!  It’s certainly worth a try if I can find the secret is PINK POWER!


Perfect Sweet 16 Gift: Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit

20140915_08045520140915_080205I ordered this for Lucy, who JUST TURNED 16!!! I was so excited to see the goodies in the box.  There are a couple cards showing you how to change a flat and what to do in case of an accident. The rest of the stuff is really useful for any situation – snack bar and water in case you have to walk, disposable blanket to keep warm, glow stick, bandage strips, you name it! There is even pain reliever, all tucked away in the coolest metal lunchbox that will fit perfectly in the back of Andy’s minivan. Since we couldn’t afford to give her a car for sweet 16, we figured keeping her prepared no matter what she drives, is the next best thing.

I have to add to this. Lucy was surprisingly (and happily for us!) excited to get this. She and Gracie both looked through the contents – Grace wanted the lip balm and snack bar. Lucy was most impressed with the thermal blanket and really liked the SafetyGirl-branded water. Andy told her he’d give her $5 if she took her lunch in the box to school. I’m not holding my breath on that one! But if you have a new driver and can’t afford a car, get her the next best thing – the SafetyGirl Roadside Emergency Kit!

Faster, Easier, Safer

benefits-of-a-bicycleNow that the weather’s good, I’m all about biking. There is a bald eagles’ nest in Pittsburgh, the trailhead maybe twenty minutes from where I live. There are parks and street vendors. There is the Strip District where all of Pennsylvania goes for the freshest produce and ethnic goods. So it’s nothing to hop in the car and bike 10 or 20 miles on a nice weekend day. But it’s the city. Downtown. Crime, drugs, and questionable characters are in the mix and you hear about them on the news every evening. True story: the last time my boyfriend and I went cycling, in one trailhead parking lot, stolen goods were being transferred from one car to another. No lie. So yeah, he’s got the authoritative muscle, but neither of us is stupid. You don’t borrow trouble. What if that had been me, alone? And what if I had inadvertently picked the parking spot right next to them? I carry pepper spray.

I really like the Kimber PepperBlaster II. It’s easy to retrieve from a pocket, has a safety so this all-thumbs girl is less likely to shoot herself in the eye, and it is effective. If you spend any time creeping YouTube videos watching otherwise-sane men spray each other to demonstrate this product, you know just how effective it is – for an hour or more.

What Makes it Different?

The Kimber PepperBlaster II stops threats at a distance. Unlike typical pepper sprays that utilize aerosol to spray, the PBII uses a discharge system to shoot a 13-foot stream at speeds of up to 90mph. Impervious to wind, rain, and even glasses worn by your attacker, the PBII will get the job done. Most pepper sprays use a cone-shaped spray, which is less potent on the eyes. PepperBlaster II uses the more serious and debilitating stream. Hey. If your attacker means business, why shouldn’t you?

This little dynamo has two chambers that fire separately – you get two shots, then throw the gun away and buy a new one (eternally glad that the first one did its job!). The upper barrel discharges first, then the lower, each with the press of a trigger. Two points of origin means your two shots will land at slightly different locations so practice using the Blaster before you need to use it. It is highly recommended that you purchase two Blasters – one for practice, and one to carry. The Kimber PepperBlaster II Kit comes complete with a trainer unit, a live unit, and targets. The trainer unit is loaded only with blue dye so you can practice your aim without hurting anyone. You can buy a trainer unit separately, also. Note that the trainer unit does not come loaded with the OC solution.

What’s In It?

That OC solution – what is it? If you’re like me, you want to know exactly what’s in the Blaster. Technically, it’s filled with 10% OC with benzyl alcohol. That is 10% Oleoresin Capsicum, whose active ingredient is capsaisin, the “hot” component in chili peppers. It is extracted with benzyl alcohol, which then evaporates, leaving a viscous resin that adheres to the skin. Ouch.pepper

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, which, when sprayed on the face, causes temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, tears, upper body spasms, and burning. While one spray will do no permanent damage to the eyes, repeated sprays can render the corneas permanently sensitive, and one spray to someone with asthma can be lethal.

What Do Users Say?

Big Lou says, “All other units are too small and look like a tube of lipstick…Kimber made it right.” KAS says, “I saw this demonstrated at a gun show and was impressed with the design, weight, how it fit in my hand, and how far/fast the spray can travel…I hope I never have to actually use my PepperBlaster II, but will always carry one with me. I purchased these additional units from SafetyGirl for my daughters.”

Oh – and if you do accidentally get sprayed with pepper spray, this will help you get the sting out:

  • Don’t run, but walk facing the breeze.
  • Get out of the sun.
  • Remove contacts if you are wearing them. Throw them away.
  • Clean it the best you can: Find water and a fresh towel. Splash the water on your face, keeping your eyes open. Try to use clean water with each splash. Close your eyes and splash again using soap or dish liquid in the water. Pat, don’t rub, the affected areas, with the towel.
  • Use eyedrops.
  • Soak the affected area in whole milk, the fat of which negates the ability of the pepper to generate heat.

We love this video, made by a professional cyclist, showing how easy and effective the original Kimber PepperBlaster is for bikers. Both styles are available at SafetyGirl.

Garden Tool Kits from Apollo

Spring is here, and if you’re an avid gardener, you know that it’s just about time to start working in your yard. Whether you plant vegetables, flowers, or both, these pink tool kits from Apollo will have everything you need to maintain your garden. Plus, the pink tools will allow you to sport your feminine style and support breast cancer research as well. Check out these great varieties available at unbeatable prices at Safety Girl’s online store.

The Apollo Tools 18-piece Pink Garden Tool Set has everything you need to keep your garden going all season long. This kit includes a variety of high-quality tools, including:

  • 8.5-inch pruning shears
  • 8.5-inch anvil pruning shears
  • Pink knee pad
  • Two trowels
  • Rake
  • Pitch fork
  • Weeder
  • Bulb planter
  • Edging knife
  • 6-function hose nozzle
  • Adjustable metal hose nozzle
  • Hose coupler with a swivel
  • 1/2-inch hose connector
  • 1/2-inch waterstop hose connector

This tool kit makes a great gift for your favorite gardening woman. Everything comes in a sturdy blow molded carrying case so you can keep your tools organized as well. Order this amazing tool kit today for only $89.99, a savings of over $10 off the list price!

The Apollo Tools 7-Piece Pink Garden Tool Gift Set is another great garden tool kit that makes a wonderful gift for any avid gardener, as well. This tool kit contains a variety of tools, including:

  • Pink knee pad
  • Black and pink apron
  • Gardening gloves
  • Two garden trowels (small and large)
  • Garden fork
  • Pruning shears

The apron pockets keep the tools together so you can stay organized. This great kit is available for only $34.99. Order yours today!

Pink Tool Kits from Apollo

Although we might not always think about it, every woman needs her tools. Especially if you’re a single mom or single woman living alone, making sure that you have a good tool kit to make simple repairs around your home is essential for your own independence and empowerment. Safety Girl is at your service with a great selection of pink tool kits from Apollo. These tool kits will give you everything you need to make small repairs around your home. Apollo is also a proud sponsor of breast cancer research, so you’ll also be able to feel good about your pink purchase!

The 135-Piece Pink Tool Kit from Apollo has everything a woman could need to make repairs around the house. This tool kit is packed with a variety of tools that include:

  • 100-piece fastener set
  • 4.8-volt cordless screwdriver
  • Twenty bits
  • 18-millimeter utility knife
  • 2-inch putty knife
  • 8-inch scissors
  • 8-ounce claw hammer
  • Four different screw drivers
  • 6-inch long nose pliers
  • 12-foot measuring tape
  • 6-inch adjustable wrench
  • UL electric tape
  • UL recharger

Best of all, the tools are pink! Everything in the 135-piece tool kit fits neatly into a pink and black case for easy storage and to keep your tools perfectly organized. Order this great tool kit today for only $47.99, with discounts available for ordering in quantities of 2 or more!

The Small Pink Tool Kit from Apollo is a simple version of the 135-piece model, and is great for college students or single women living in apartments. This tool kit includes:

  • 8-ounce claw hammer
  • 6-inch slip joint pliers
  • Eight SAE hex keys
  • Ratcheting bit driver
  • Twenty 1-inch bits
  • 18-millimeter plastic knife
  • Four precision screw drivers
  • 8-inch scissors
  • 12-foot measuring tape.

This great tool kit is available for only $24.99, with discounts also available for ordering in quantities of two or more!