Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Kits

If you’re new to using pepper spray and are not feeling so confident about your abilities, a pepper spray kit from Cold Steel Inferno is a great way to get started. Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray kits include a practice canister filled with inert spray and practice targets that allow you to get a feel for how quickly the pepper spray is released, the weight of the pepper spray, and how far the pepper spray will reach before using the actual pepper spray device in the real world. Read on to learn about two of the Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Kits available at Safety Girl’s website.

The Cold Steel Inferno 1.3-ounce Pepper Spray Kit includes everything you need to get started using pepper spray. The kit contains a 1.3-ounce canister of Cold Steel Inferno’s signature pepper spray. The spray contains 8% pepper formula and 2% black pepper: one good shot in the face with the spray will cause an attacker temporary blindness and induce choking, coughing, nausea, sneezing, and swelling of the throat and lungs. The Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray is a highly targetable foam, is non-contaminating, and does not contain carcinogens or isopropyl alcohol. The kit also includes 2 practice pepper spray units and targets to help you gain confidence using the pepper spray before being required to use it for self-defense in the real world. This kit is available at Safety Girl’s website for just $29.99, a savings of $9 off the list price.

The Cold Steel Inferno 2.5-ounce Pepper Spray Kit includes features the same powerful pepper formula as the pepper spray included in the 1.3-ounce kit, but with larger practice and live canisters. The kit includes one live, 2.5-ounce pepper spray canister, two practice canisters, and two pepper spray targets. Order this kit today from Safety Girl’s website for just $34.99, a savings of $14 off the list price!

Safety Girl Personal Kits

Looking for a great holiday gift that’s perfect for any woman and won’t break the bank? Check out Safety Girl’s exclusive Personal Kits. These kits include all the little essentials that women need when they’re out, whether at work or for fun, but that we often forget. These kits all come in stylish pink carrying cases and their cute presentation makes the perfect holiday gift.

The Safety Girl Personal Kit includes everything a woman might need when she’s away from home. The kit includes everything you need to stay fresh and clean with hand sanitizer, nail clippers, a Shout stain-removing wipe and mouth wash. The kit also includes all those little essentials we need to stay safe as well, like tampons, Motrin and condoms. Just for fun, you’ll also find a Ghirardelli chocolate square in the kit, too. All these essentials fit into an adorable pink mesh bag for just $11.99 or as low as $10.79 when ordered in larger quantities.

The Safety Girl Ladies Night Out on the Town Kit includes everything you’d need to stay safe and look good, plus more! For personal care, this kit includes hand sanitizer, tampons, nail clippers, mouth wash, a Shout stain-removing wipe, hand wipes, a Colgate travel toothbrush and Crest with Scope toothpaste. To keep you looking great, the kit also includes a sewing kit, 3-in-1 brush and clear nail polish. To stay safe when the night gets late, you’ll also find two Trojan condoms in the kit. Just like the Personal Kit, you’ll also find a Ghirardelli chocolate square in the kit, too. All of these great essentials fit into a stylish hot pink zippered cosmetic bag for just $16.99 or as low as $15.29 when ordered in larger quantities.

Looking for more Safety Girl personal kit? Visit Safety Girl’s online store for the complete selection!

Safety Girl Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit

If you’re traveling by car during this holiday season, Safety Girl makes it easy to stay safe and be prepared for any roadside malady with their signature Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit. This kit is packed full of emergency roadside essentials for the driving woman. This great kit includes some of Safety Girl’s best-selling personal safety items, with items selected particularly for traveling by car, as well as those selected exclusively for women. Read on to learn about what this great kit includes.

For roadside trouble, the Safety Girl Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit includes what every girl needs to know but can’t always remember: directions on how to change a flat tire and jump-start a dead car battery (spare tires and jumper cables not included). For other types of roadside emergencies, the kit also includes two emergency blankets, two twelve-hour safety light sticks, and one accident record card and a pencil.

The kit also includes a variety of safety gear. To stay safe at night, you’ll find a Safety Girl flashlight with a carabiner in the kit. In case of an attack, you’ll also find a stun gun and a lipstick-disguised pepper spray in the kit to provide you with simple, easy-to-use self-defense devices. Having personal contact information is always a good idea as well, so the kit includes an emergency contact card.

Finally, this kit includes all the little essentials traveling women could ever want. In this kit you’ll find a sewing kit, Dove deodorant, 2 Shout stain-removing wipes, a lens cleaning cloth, 2 bottles of water, breath mints, a nail file, hairspray and a brush, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, tampons, and even 2 squares of Ghirardelli chocolate!

This kit is perfect for every woman who wants to stay safe on the road and makes a great holiday gift as well. Order one for yourself and kits for your loved ones today for just $49.99!

Roadside Emergency Safety Triangles

Did you know that Safety Girl sells Roadside Emergency Safety Triangles? Whether you drive a semi-truck or a compact car, roadside safety triangles are a great safety item to keep with you when you’re traveling, especially long distances on the highway. When placed 100 feet behind your vehicle after pulling off to the side of the road, safety triangles let others know that your vehicle is stopped and encourages them to slow down to stay safe. Safety Girl offers three great options for roadside safety triangles: read all about them below.

The standard Safety Triangle is the simplest safety triangle model Safety Girl offers. This safety triangle is constructed from molded polypropylene plastic and includes red acrylic plastic reflectors. The design, which allows for air flow, reduces wind resistance so your triangle won’t blow away on a windy day. The kit meets Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 125 and includes one red triangle in a hard plastic case. This triangle is available from Safety Girl’s website for just $8.99.

Another great option is to order the Standard Safety Triangle in a 3-pack Box. The 3-pack includes 3 molded polypropylene plastic triangles with red acrylic plastic reflectors. The air flow design helps reduce wind resistance so the triangles will not fall over or blow away in high winds. These triangles meet Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 125 and are available from Safety Girl’s website for just $22.99.

The Roadside Emergency Triangle Kit is another great option is you’re looking for a 3-pack of triangles. These triangles meet Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 125. The kit includes three large, 16.5-inch reflective triangles. For durability and design, the triangles feature a weighted base and wire bracing. The triangles fit neatly into a durable plastic carrying case for only $33.89.

Pink Emergency Roadside Kit

With the holiday season officially here, it’s important to think about how you’ll stay safe when traveling to visit friends and family. If you’re traveling by car, then Safety Girl’s Pink Emergency Roadside Kit from Apollo will have everything you need to stay safe while driving, and be prepared for any emergency. This kit is a must-have for any road-tripping girl this holiday season, and also makes a great holiday gift, too.

The Pink Emergency Roadside Kit includes everything you need for roadside emergencies. If your battery dies, you’ll be able to jump start your car with 7-foot booster cables. For mechanical emergencies, the kit includes an 8-inch adjustable wrench, ratcheting drill bit driver with 20 bits, and 6-inch slip joint pliers. To test your tire pressure, the kit includes a tire gauge. For electrical ailments, the kit includes a voltage tester and electrical tape. For other auto problems, you’ll find an air compressor that operates through the car’s cigarette lighter, a wire brush, life hammer and cable ties in the kit, as well.

True to Safety Girl’s form, the Pink Emergency Roadside kit includes tools and gadgets to keep you safe and stylish, too. For safety, this roadside kit includes a plastic flashlight for nighttime repairs or to alert others for help. The kit also includes a help flag to let other drivers know you’re in need of assistance. Finally, this great roadside kit even includes a pink car vacuum cleaner so you won’t have to drive a dirty car ever!

Everything in this kit fits into a compact, stylish pink and black soft-sided bag. Order one of these great kits today for yourself and for your loved ones who spend lots of time on the road for just $69.99 each, that’s a savings of over $35 off the list price!