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Stairwell Repairs

Easter’s been here and gone, and it was a wonderful holiday. We had Good Friday off so Andy took me to a very rare dinner. We only have time and money to go out a couple times a year. He spent a good bit of the weekend with Lucy’s hockey, then on Sunday we and […]

Safety Glasses as Sunglasses

Remember I said I suspected Andy would steal my safety glasses? Remember I told you about his golf outing last weekend? Well, they went missing about that time… When he got back, I told him he owed me some quotes in exchange for the glasses. He said that in the active environment, the glasses were […]

Mommy, When I Grow Up…

  Mommy, When I Grow Up………… When I grow up, Mommy, I want to build things – houses, roads, important things!  While I do, I want to be pretty in pink! SafetyGirl has it all even to the pink safety glasses, overalls and boots!  I CAN be a construction princess! Mommy, Mommy, please!  I want to […]

Moxie Trades Women’s Safety Glasses

If you’re looking for protective eye-wear that’s designed to fit a woman’s face, look no further than Safety Girl’s online store, where you can find Moxie Trades safety glasses at an unbeatable price. These safety glasses were designed especially to fit a woman’s face. They are also specifically designed to feel lightweight, no bulky or […]