Stairwell Repairs

Easter’s been here and gone, and it was a wonderful holiday. We had Good Friday off so Andy took me to a very rare dinner. We only have time and money to go out a couple times a year. He spent a good bit of the weekend with Lucy’s hockey, then on Sunday we and the girls all went to church together, and spent the day with his extended family. We had started shopping for Easter basket goodies about a month ago and probably had more fun stuffing and hiding them, than the girls did finding them! One of the places we thought to hide a basket was in the ceiling joists, as part of his drywall has been ripped down due to a second-floor tub leak. We didn’t hide anything there but if I can get him to guest write a blog, you may hear more about his drywall work. It was a great holiday.

20150403_11112120150404_155123I removed the extra handrails. Then I finished scraping the wallpaper and had two small DIY projects: drywall patching and stucco repair. You can see from the photo on the left, how horrid the wall was behind the paper. I remembered a trick from my days of actually building rooms from scratch. Smooth on a light coat of spackle to fill nail holes and other imperfections. When it is dry but not cured, run a damp sponge over it to wipe off excess paste and to get rid of the spackle edges. When it’s cured just a swipe of the sandpaper will do this way. Less dust, less work. I used a double-sided scrubby sponge for this task.

20150403_133552When I was removing the wallpaper, some of the DYI spray ran down to the first-floor ceiling, creating water marks. When I tried to wipe them off, the stucco itself came off! You can see the photos in this post. 20150404_173523To patch quickly and easily, I just took the scraper I was using to spread spackle, loaded it up with the spackling paste, and dabbed it overhead onto the ceiling to blend in. Since the ceiling was white, there was no need to paint. Another way of doing this is mixing the spackle compound with water until milkshake consistency and dab with a large-holed sponge. Unfortunately I didn’t have that type of sponge and had to make do!

I also deglossed all the doorway and baseboard moulding this weekend. The products from our stores that made this weekend easier were the ever-famous rubber gloves for the deglosser, and glasses and a half-mask respirator for the drywall. Even tho the sanding was minimal, there is dust all over the area. And you know if it’s on the wood, it would be in my lungs if not for the respirator!

Next weekend is yet another busy one. I sit for my graduate exam and Grace has a PMEA music concert. But I hope to start painting the walls.

Safety Glasses as Sunglasses

EdgeRemember I said I suspected Andy would steal my safety glasses? Remember I told you about his golf outing last weekend? Well, they went missing about that time…

When he got back, I told him he owed me some quotes in exchange for the glasses. He said that in the active environment, the glasses were perfect. They felt great. He wore them the whole time because it was sunny, and didn’t notice he had them on. He wears safety glasses for work every day and said they are the most comfortable he’s ever worn. In fact, they are more comfortable than any sunglasses he’s worn.

I asked about the ear pieces. He said they didn’t pinch. The nose? Perfect for his adorable hunky nose (I can say that because I am a hunky too).

He volunteered to steal them back and pose for golfing and if he does, I will update this blog with that photo. I suspect he just wants to golf and wear the glasses again.

Mommy, When I Grow Up…

Mommy, When I Grow Up…………

compositeWhen I grow up, Mommy, I want to build things – houses, roads, important things!  While I do, I want to be pretty in pink!

SafetyGirl has it all even to the pink safety glasses, overalls and boots!  I CAN be a construction princess!

Mommy, Mommy, please!  I want to be a pretty in pink SafetyGirl!

In our 2014 world a little girl can grow up to be just about anything she dreams.  Grown-up girls can live that dream!  From pink hard hats to safety glasses, you can be pretty in pink at SafetyGirl. All our safety gear gives new meaning to pretty in lots of options including pink down to your boots!  Most of our products are OSHA approved with ANSI certification on the product.

pink hatPink Hard Hat by North-Peak with Ratchet Adjust is versatile and safety rated: high density polyethylene outer shell, ratchet adjustment for quick and easy comfort, Type I helmets meet stringent OSHA vertical impact and penetration requirements. Be safe and look cool in your pink hard hat for only $10.99.

dark pink toolbeltPink Tool Belt – Dark Pink made of heavy-duty suede leather with an adjustable waist that fits 30-42″. There are 9 utility pockets in this baby for optimal organization, including the all-important hammer loop.

tuff chix glovesIronclad Tuff-Chix Gloves are designed for a woman. The seamless fingertip design adds comfort and nail protection for that fresh mani-pedi! Available in small, medium, and large, these washable gloves are ideal for construction and gardening. Not your grandma’s white church gloves!

pink bootsSafetyGirl Steel Toe Waterproof Women’s Work Boots in light pink feature Nubuck upper, durable laces, and are waterproof! Top it all off with the too-cute SafetyGirl Logo! A steal at $48.95.


Moxie Trades Women’s Safety Glasses

If you’re looking for protective eye-wear that’s designed to fit a woman’s face, look no further than Safety Girl’s online store, where you can find Moxie Trades safety glasses at an unbeatable price. These safety glasses were designed especially to fit a woman’s face. They are also specifically designed to feel lightweight, no bulky or heavy glasses to make you uncomfortable all day long.

These glasses don’t skimp on flair or safety! They feature a sleek design with a black frame on top and a rimless design around the bottom of the lenses, the wraparound shape is flattering for a woman’s face. The glasses also feature a built-in nose piece. The Moxie Trades women’s safety glasses are ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 approved. The strong but lightweight polycarbonate lenses filter out 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation to protect your eyes as well.

The Moxie Trades Women’s Safety Glasses are available in several colors. The Vermillion Orange Moxie Trades Safety Glasses block out glare and blue light, which make them ideal for examining metal or glass products. The Moxie Trades Mirror Safety Glasses offer a stylish alternative to traditional safety glasses and are ideal for either an outdoor or indoor work environment. Finally, the Moxie Trades Clear Safety Glasses are a no-frills option suitable for those who work only in an indoor situation.

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