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Pepper Guns and Chocolate Cookies

In the spirit of campus safety education, I brought a Mace ® gun set to wonder twins Lucy and Grace over the weekend. You recall from our “Meet SafetyGirl” chat that these are the daughters of my boyfriend – we’ll call him Andy, suits him well. For safety’s sake I left the “live” mace cartridges […]

Faster, Easier, Safer

Now that the weather’s good, I’m all about biking. There is a bald eagles’ nest in Pittsburgh, the trailhead maybe twenty minutes from where I live. There are parks and street vendors. There is the Strip District where all of Pennsylvania goes for the freshest produce and ethnic goods. So it’s nothing to hop in […]


Latte before training at the break of dawn: $4.59Cute race day outfit: $100Pebble Personal Safety Alarm: $11.49Having your photo on Safety Girl’s website: Priceless!Send us your photos of our products in use or on display. If we use your picture, we will send you a $25 thank-you gift to be used on any of our […]

Police Magnum Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray

Safety Girl is your one-stop online shopping website for all safety products, especially those designed specifically for women. But did you know that Safety Girl also has a terrific selection of law enforcement strength pepper sprays? These ultra-powerful pepper spray models are designed for law enforcement personnel but can also be used by consumers for […]

Ruger Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Sprays

Safety Girl, your one-stop online shopping website for safety devices specifically designed for women, is pleased to offer a fantastic selection of pepper sprays intended for law enforcement professionals. Whether you work for a law enforcement agency or not, these pepper sprays will give you the power and effectiveness you need to protect yourself from […]

Mace Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray

If you work for a law enforcement agency and need pepper sprays for yourself or your employees, Safety Girl has a terrific selection of law enforcement strength pepper sprays that will safely and effectively protect you and those around you from danger. Plus, these pepper sprays are available at unbeatable prices! Check out our great […]

Door Stop At-Home Alarms

Keeping your home safe from intruders, burglars, and attackers is an essential part of owning or renting a home. Unfortunately, when it comes to home security, installing a home security system can be beyond some women’s budgets. At Safety Girl, we know that you need to keep your home safe in a way that won’t […]

Women’s Timberland PRO Renova Caregiver Gloss Slip-On Shoe

If you’re in the healthcare industry, you certainly know the importance of wearing a high-quality shoe. Not only do your shoes need to keep you safe from spills or slippery floors, but they also need to have the support to keep your feet, legs, and back comfortable through a long workday. At Safety Girl, we […]

Women’s Timberland PRO Renova Professional Slip On Shoe

Did you know that Safety Girl sells all types of work shoes, including boots and shoes for construction sites, healthcare, and hospitality? For many professions, shoes are an essential part of staying safe on  the job. But having a shoe that balances safety with comfort is essential, as well. If you’re in the healthcare industry, […]

Brutus Self-Defense Key Chain

We know that self-defense devices, such as pepper sprays and stun guns, are an incredibly safe and effective way to prevent yourself from being harmed by an attacker. Pepper sprays and stun guns only cause temporary pain, like temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, or incapacitation, however, many people do not or cannot use these weapons. Stun […]