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Concealed Carry Tote Bags by Gun Tote ‘n Mamas

If you carry a weapon for protection, you know that *concealing it in public is important. As a woman, however, Safety Girl wants you to be able to conceal your gun without compromising on style. That’s why we’re offering you a fantastic selection of concealed carry handbags by Gun Tote ‘n Mamas, including these two [...]

Leather Concealed Carry Hobo Handbags by Gun Tote ‘n Mamas

At Safety Girl, we know that protecting yourself from an attacker is important, especially when you’re traveling be it locally or far from home. If you need to carry a firearm, it’s important to conceal the weapon but have it easily accessible to keep you and others safe. Safety Girl has a great selection of [...]

Mace Security Pepper Guns

Mace Pepper Guns provide you with a double advantage when it comes to self-defense. First, when you purchase any Mace pepper spray device, you know that you’re purchasing a self-defense device that contains an extremely powerful pepper formula that can disable any attacker in a matter of seconds. Second, purchasing a pepper spray gun gives [...]

Mace Pepper Guns

If you’re looking for a pepper spray device that will give you the most accurate aim that still delivers a powerful pepper formula, the Mace Pepper Guns are the perfect choice for you. With Mace Pepper Guns, you know you’re purchasing a device with a potent, super-strength pepper formula. But you’ll also have the security [...]

Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray Kits

If you’re new to using pepper spray and are not feeling so confident about your abilities, a pepper spray kit from Cold Steel Inferno is a great way to get started. Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray kits include a practice canister filled with inert spray and practice targets that allow you to get a feel [...]

Safety Girl Pepper Spray Kit

Pepper spray is a great way to protect yourself from attackers. Pepper spray is powerful and effective in deterring attackers, but its effects are temporary and do not cause long term harm. Pepper spray is also useful in a variety of situation, including at home, in or near your car, and outdoors. If you’re new [...]

Uzi Stun Pens

Stun guns are excellent self-defense devices that leave any attacker incapacitated and give you time to flee a dangerous scene to seek help. They also don’t cause any long-term harm to the attacker, and, unlike pepper spray, they won’t contaminate an area. But stun guns can be a bit bulky and difficult to carry. If [...]

Uzi Stun Guns

A stun gun is an excellent self-defense device that is effective, easy to use, and won’t cause long-term harm. Unlike pepper spray, stun guns don’t contaminate or run out of formula. Safety Girl is proud to offer a terrific selection of stun guns from Uzi, one of the most trusted manufacturers of self-defense devices on [...]

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for Party Hosts

New Year’s Eve is a great time to host a party, enjoy the company of family and friends on the last day of 2012, and watch the ball drop on TV. Hosting a party should also involve safety precautions, for both you and your guests. Safety Girl is to your rescue with these simple and [...]

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve is a great time to celebrate with friends, but it’s also a time of increased risk for your personal safety. If you’re going out on the town or to another friend or family member’s house to party the night away, follow these simple tips to ensure that you and [...]

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