New Year’s Eve Safety Tips – Timeless

New Year’s Eve is a great time to celebrate with friends, but it’s also a time of increased risk for your personal safety. If you’re going out on the town or to another friend or family member’s house to party the night away, follow these simple tips to ensure that you and other guests stay safe and enjoy the evening.

  1. Appoint a designated driver. Having a designated driver probably the most important New Year’s Eve safety tip. Make sure you appoint a designated driver who will be reliable and drive safely on New Year’s Eve. As a back-up plan, take a phone number for a taxi company with you or, if you live in a big city, have a plan to use reliable transportation (but don’t forget about potentially reduced holiday hours).
  2. Take a friend with you. Everyone, but especially women, is more vulnerable when alone, so go out on the town or to a party with a friend you can trust. Having a friend you can trust to go out with means both you and your friend will be safer.
  3. Don’t drink too much and watch your drink. If you’re not the designated driver in your group, don’t forget to monitor your own alcohol consumption. New Year’s Eve can be a long night and too much alcohol can be deadly. Also remember to keep your eyes on your drink at all times to avoid the risk of someone slipping illegal drugs into it.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings. If you’re going out, don’t walk through potentially dangerous areas and don’t walk alone. Travel with a friend, don’t talk on your cell phone while walking or driving, and keep an eye out for potentially dangerous situations.
  5. Take care of your own home and pets. If you’re going out on New Year’s Eve, be sure to care for your pets before you go, leaving enough food and water. Also be sure to lock your doors (use an alarm system, if you have one) and don’t leave potentially dangerous household objects, such as candles, unattended.
  6. Many businesses offer free or reduced-cost services to help with your safe travel, from free cab rides to free coffee. Call ahead when in doubt.

An Open Letter to Women from a Man

It is an unfortunate fact in our society that women have to be ready to defend yourselves from assault. All women have my 100% support to use whatever legal means necessary to protect themselves. Real men don’t assault women, cowards do.

Regarding orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile as a spray, in my research I found that it is not as effective as pepper spray if the assailant is severely mentally ill or on drugs. Whereas peppers spray is said to be just as effective on some crazed person in a PCP rage as on a sober and ethically challenged person. So pepper spray seems to definitely be the way to go.

I do encourage all women to take self defense courses, learn a few simple techniques, and most importantly learn to be able to get immediately into the proper state of mind to defend themselves. When the assault or threat of it is just beginning, we need to be able to push the “this is not happening” thought out of our minds and replace it with “THIS IS HAPPENING”, and the explosive rage of survival will take over and help us get through it as best we can. I know this from personal experience, and was blown away with how well this worked.

Good luck to you all,
Robert P. in Michigan

See Michigan pepper spray laws here.

Work Like a Man – Look Like a Woman

by Kathy McCarthy

As more and more women have found their way into technical jobs traditionally held by men, a place is developing for women to stake their claim. Years ago, when women first began making inroads into male territories, they arrived quietly, worked hard and tried to blend in.

Rosie Riveter

Now, after years of blending in by wearing men’s safety gear, women are ready to once again look like girls. Gone are the days of women sporting glasses that are two sizes too big. For years, women’s clothing styles have accommodated a transition from office to evening, and now women’s safety wear is finally doing the same.

There are now safety products that are stylish enough for a woman to wear at work as required and at play as desired. The Elvex Chica style safety glasses fit this mold. With a design reminiscent of sophisticated, over-sized sun glasses, these safety glasses come in a variety of lens colors and a tortoise shell frame.

Many brands are now offering safety eyewear designed specifically to fit women with added comfort features like a padded nose bridge, lighter lenses and rubber tipped temples. So there is no excuse for any woman to go through her work day with glasses that are falling off of her nose.

Michigan Pepper Spray Laws – Updated

Almost three years ago, we published an article on Michigan Pepper Spray laws. Recently we have received more current information that clarifies information in that article. Michigan is one state that has very specific laws regarding civilian use of pepper spray. According to the State of Michigan website, carrying pepper spray is legal as long as the pepper spray solution contains no more than 10% oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray) and is used only to protect yourself or your property in a situation that would justify using physical force.

A common misconception, according to the Michigan State Police and legislature, is that the clause indicating that the 35 gram/1.2 oz canister limit applies to pepper spray. The 35 gram/1.2 canister limit concentration applies only to orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile, which is tear gas.

Michigan imposes three other important restrictions:

  • penIn Michigan, according the Attorney General, it is illegal for civilians to carry tear gas and mace (CN gas).
  • Mixtures of CN and CS gases are illegal, but tear gasses that contain only CS gas are permitted.
  • Although pepper spray can be purchased online, it is illegal to sell pepper spray to a minor.

gelIf you live in Michigan, Safety Girl offers some great Mace Pepper Sprays. At under $15, the Mace Pen adheres to the 10% OC rule while flying under the radar. Another pepper spray at this price point is the Pepper Mace Defense Spray in leather pouch – adheres to laws in all 50 states. Mace’s Pepper Foam is also sold in 10% concentration. For ultimate protection, Mace’s 10% home gun and maritime gun both contain a gel formula that sprays further, burns hotter, and dyes the attacker for potential identification later. Although these pepper sprays are not as strong as some other pepper spray formulas, they are still effective when defending yourself against an attacker. The biggest difference between pepper spray that users will notice, is that the pepper spray effects wear off slightly sooner.


Scale a Building or a Cliff – Product Review

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