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Sabre Pepper Sprays To Fit Your Needs

Looking for a pepper spray that delivers a powerful and reliable blast and fits your individual needs? Look no further than Safety Girl’s incredible selection of Sabre pepper sprays. Known for its power and reliability, Sabre offers pepper sprays for runners, cyclists, for your home, and your purse or pocket. Safety Girl sells these powerful […]

Pepper Guns and Chocolate Cookies

In the spirit of campus safety education, I brought a Mace ® gun set to wonder twins Lucy and Grace over the weekend. You recall from our “Meet SafetyGirl” chat that these are the daughters of my boyfriend – we’ll call him Andy, suits him well. For safety’s sake I left the “live” mace cartridges […]

Faster, Easier, Safer

Now that the weather’s good, I’m all about biking. There is a bald eagles’ nest in Pittsburgh, the trailhead maybe twenty minutes from where I live. There are parks and street vendors. There is the Strip District where all of Pennsylvania goes for the freshest produce and ethnic goods. So it’s nothing to hop in […]

Police Magnum Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray

Safety Girl is your one-stop online shopping website for all safety products, especially those designed specifically for women. But did you know that Safety Girl also has a terrific selection of law enforcement strength pepper sprays? These ultra-powerful pepper spray models are designed for law enforcement personnel but can also be used by consumers for […]

Ruger Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Sprays

Safety Girl, your one-stop online shopping website for safety devices specifically designed for women, is pleased to offer a fantastic selection of pepper sprays intended for law enforcement professionals. Whether you work for a law enforcement agency or not, these pepper sprays will give you the power and effectiveness you need to protect yourself from […]

Mace Law Enforcement Strength Pepper Spray

If you work for a law enforcement agency and need pepper sprays for yourself or your employees, Safety Girl has a terrific selection of law enforcement strength pepper sprays that will safely and effectively protect you and those around you from danger. Plus, these pepper sprays are available at unbeatable prices! Check out our great […]

Sabre Pocket Pepper Sprays

Pocket pepper sprays are the perfect way to keep yourself protected from potential attackers while keeping your self-defense device small, compact and discreet. You know that Safety Girl is your one-stop shopping website for all self-defense devices, especially pepper sprays. So check out some of the great pocket pepper sprays from Sabre, one of the […]

Mace Pocket Pepper Sprays

Pocket Pepper sprays are one of the most convenient and popular ways to keep yourself protected from potential attackers. Pocket pepper sprays are small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, and many of them can also attach to your key chain to ensure that it is always accessible. Check out a few of […]

Mace Security Pepper Guns

Mace Pepper Guns provide you with a double advantage when it comes to self-defense. First, when you purchase any Mace pepper spray device, you know that you’re purchasing a self-defense device that contains an extremely powerful pepper formula that can disable any attacker in a matter of seconds. Second, purchasing a pepper spray gun gives […]

Mace Pepper Guns

If you’re looking for a pepper spray device that will give you the most accurate aim that still delivers a powerful pepper formula, the Mace Pepper Guns are the perfect choice for you. With Mace Pepper Guns, you know you’re purchasing a device with a potent, super-strength pepper formula. But you’ll also have the security […]