Pepper Spray Success Stories

At Safety Girl, we’re all about being prepared in the event of an emergency. One of the simplest ways to make sure you’re ready to defend yourself in a crisis situation is to carry a simple, personal pepper spray. Carrying pepper spray can be useful in defending yourself, and even save your life, in so many situations, from a dark urban parking lot to a quiet country road.

To make the most out of your pepper spray, and increase the chances of defending yourself effectively, make sure you:

  • Know exactly how to use your pepper spray. Read all instructions and practice removing any safety devices.
  • Keep your pepper spray accessible at all times. Fishing around in your purse for your spray will cause you to waste precious time.
  • Create one or two plans for how you will use your pepper spray to defend yourself. Often, pepper sprays must be use within 10 feet of an attacker to be effective. Gels and fogs also have different directive qualities than conventional sprays. Know how your spray works.

Just because Safety Girl sells pink pepper sprays or sprays disguised as lipstick containers, doesn’t mean that pepper sprays are just for women! In an extreme crisis situation last December, a man in Butte, Montana used pepper spray to effectively ward off two attackers carrying knives.

The situation began at a local gas station, where the 24-year-old victim was filling his vehicle. Two attackers approached and started punching the victim in the face. The victim quickly entered his vehicle and began driving towards his home. Unfortunately, the attackers followed the victim, who eventually got out of his car and began to run away from the attackers. As the attackers drew closer, the victim sprayed the attackers with pepper spray, and the attackers left the scene.

This is just one of many stories of victims successfully defending themselves with pepper spray. Most importantly, the victim in this situation was fortunate to have his pepper spray accessible and know how to use it effectively. Don’t be caught unarmed! Purchase a pepper spray to fit your needs today at

Holiday Campus Safety

Are you one of the unfortunate staying on campus over the holidays? Crime rates on college campuses—especially towards women—can be high, so carrying a personal protection device, such as a small container of pepper spray, is essential. Fortunately, Safety Girl makes it easy to stay protected in style with a variety of compact pepper sprays that easily fit into a pocket or purse. Some of the pepper sprays are even protective devices in disguise!

The Hot Pink Mace Pocket Pepper Spray features Safety Girl’s most popular pepper spray formula in smaller size, perfect for a pocket or purse. This small but powerful spray features Mace’s maximum strength 1.4% capsaicinoid formula: just one shot of this spray and any attacker will wish he never set eyes on you. Extra features include a stylish pink casing, a flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge, and a finger grip to enhance spray accuracy. This little spray canister will deliver 5-15 short blasts of spray with a range of 8-12 feet.

Looking for a pepper spray in disguise? Safety Girl offers the perfect personal protection device for women: a powerful Lipstick Pepper Spray! You’ll fool any potential attacker with this great spray. This tiny 0.75-ounce canister delivers 20 short sprays with a range of up to 10 feet.

Many women prefer to carry their personal pepper spray on their keychain, and there’s no secret why: your keys are often the most accessible item you carry. This brand new Mace Keyguard Self Defense Spray offers women the best in portability and protection. Delivering up to six short bursts with a range of up to five feet this little keychain will offer supreme protection when in the face of a potential attacker. Available in pink or black with refills available, this keychain is an excellent way to ensure your protective devise is accessible. To be safe, always have your keys in hand when walking to or from you car or home. This way, even if you don’t have your pepper spray on you, you can use your keys as a weapon to fight off an attacker.

Pepper Sprays in Disguise

In addition to creating the most powerful pepper sprays, foams, and gels on the market, Mace carries a variety of special products to keep you protected in a variety of situations. At Safety Girl, you’ll find an unbeatable selection of Mace products at the best prices on the Internet!

Although many of Mace’s pepper sprays are designed to be extremely compact and easily concealed, Mace also offers a wide variety of disguised pepper spray products. These great products add an extra surprise factor to your attack because they don’t look like pepper sprays, or any self-defense mechanism.

Designed specifically for women, the Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray will surprise any attacker because the container looks like an innocent pink lipstick tube. Featuring five ten-foot bursts of Mace’s maximum strength 10% pepper spray formula, this pepper spray in disguise will disguise and then ward off any attacker. This pepper spray offers a triple threat of power, disguise, and value.

The Mace Pen Defender will fool anyone because it doubles as a high quality ballpoint pen. Use it for writing, but upon removing the safety cap from the top of the pen, you’ll have the power to ward off an attacker with Mace’s ultimate 10% pepper spray formula. This pen is capable of spraying six five-foot bursts.

If you need a serious level of protection that parallels some law enforcement personnel, then Mace’s Triple Action Police is the product for you. Mace’s Triple Action formula features three self-defense mechanisms in one device: a powerful pepper spray formula that causes the eyes to slam shut and the throat to swell, tear gas causing disorientation and intense tearing, and invisible UV dye to mark attackers. Mace’s Tripe Threat Action Police contains ten sprays of up to twelve feet, a flip-top safety cap, finger-grip dispenser, and a belt clip and key chain for a perfect balance of power, safety, and ease of use. You’ll be making a small investment in one of the most powerful personal self-defense tools on the market.

Sabre Pepper Sprays To Fit Your Needs

Looking for a pepper spray that delivers a powerful and reliable blast and fits your individual needs? Look no further than Safety Girl’s incredible selection of Sabre pepper sprays. Known for its power and reliability, Sabre offers pepper sprays for runners, cyclists, for your home, and your purse or pocket. Safety Girl sells these powerful self-defense tools at incredibly low prices, so get to the website and order yours today!

The Sabre Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners features 35 ballistic shots of Sabre’s powerful pepper formula. An adjustable hand strap makes it easy to carry during a walk or jog. Whether you jog in a big city, on country roads, or in your suburban neighborhood, jogging makes you a vulnerable target for attackers. We all know it’s difficult to carry anything on your run—including important identification or a cell phone—but having a method of protecting yourself from attackers is of utmost importance. Make this small investment in your jogging safety and order one today!

Female cyclists are also vulnerable to attackers. Although cyclists travel at faster speeds than joggers, female cyclists are vulnerable to attackers in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other bikes. Like joggers, cyclists often find it cumbersome to carry anything on a ride, including personal identification. Never fear, however! Sabre has created the Sabre Cyclist Self Defense Spray, designed specifically for bikers. The pepper spray container easily attaches to the bicycle frame, but removes easily for immediate access and reliability. The 1.25-ounce canister of Sabre’s powerful pepper formula contains sixty ballistic shots.

If you’re looking for personal protection at home and on the go, Sabre has created a Combo Home Pepper Foam and Away Self Defense Spray Protection Kit. This powerful kit contains a large, 2.5-ounce unit of Sabre’s powerful pepper formula. With a glow-in-the-dark safety and wall mount clip, you’ll be able to store your at-home canister out of reach of children or animals. The 0.54-ounce away unit features a black key chain with a quick-release key ring for accessibility and ease of use.

Pepper Guns and Chocolate Cookies

In the spirit of campus safety education, I brought a Mace ® gun set to wonder twins Lucy and Grace over the weekend. You recall from our “Meet SafetyGirl” chat that these are the daughters of my boyfriend – we’ll call him Andy, suits him well. For safety’s sake I left the “live” mace cartridges at my house. Even though the water cartridges are color-coded blue and the mace, red, I didn’t want any accidents or on-purposes. While the girls baked the world’s best chocolate cookies with their friend Kay, their dad and I checked the units over. The guns have some heft that makes them pleasing in the hands, and the light illuminates with each pull of the trigger, as promised. The safety and cartridge release levers slid easily. Looked simple enough. Andy had the grand idea of setting up a scenario with one of the girls in a hoodie and one wielding the gun – brilliant! I have learned through age that what we plan and what we get are two very different things, and I have learned through this family that most of the time, that is a very good thing. However, not so much in this case. The plans went out the French doors with the girls when they ran out with the guns, anxious to learn. Their fatal flaw: they left the hot, gooey, chocolate cookies behind.

20140803_185649The devoted dad showed them how to open the guns to insert the water cartridges, which is pretty easy and intuitive. The triggers were a little stiff on the pull, and the water cartridges only lasted for about 8 brief squirts (or 2 or 3 long streams). Having the water cartridges for practice was great because the guns shot high. An aim at the heart on these units would take the mace to the attacker’s eyes. It is highly suggested that if you buy the Mace ® gun, that you also get enough water cartridges to be comfortable using the gun, should you ever need the actual mace. The shootout was over far too soon with just one cartridge per girl; because Andy and I didn’t want to waste the cartridge learning the gun ourselves, we had a pretty high learning curve on getting the nozzle seated right and how long each blast should last.

20140804_105705-EFFECTSMy personal recommendation is to definitely have two practice water cartridges for each person – one to learn the loading and feel of the aim, and another one to get comfortable with it. I would also recommend doing the same two-cartridge routine every year so if you ever do need to use the gun on an attacker (we hope not!), you aren’t going in rusty.

Both the Mace ® gun and refill kits are available on SafetyGirl.

The good news is, I start my week off with two of the best cookies I’ve ever had.

(Afterward: Evidently the cookies vanished overnight. Andy and I did not eat them all, though we wanted to! When I heard they were gone, I was very glad I stole two. )