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ila Personal Alarms for Travel and Jogging

A personal alarm is a great option for self-defense protection when traveling or jogging. If you’re used to using pepper spray, you know that you can’t usually travel with it, unless you’re driving. And if you’re jogging, you may not want to carry it. As an alternative to pepper spray, consider carrying one of the […]

Sabre Stun Guns

If you’ve been a long-time shopper at Safety Girl’s website, you know that Sabre is a brand you can trust. When it comes to stun guns, Sabre offers consumers top-of-the-line products at economical prices. Stun guns are a powerful and effective self-defense tool, and offer a less-lethal alternative to pepper spray products. The Sabre 800,000-Volt […]

Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit

Looking for a taser but don’t know how to get started? Check out Safety Girl’s Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit. This kit includes everything you’ll need to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm. Read on to discover why this device is the perfect self-defense device. The Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit […]

Self-Defense Key Chains

If you’re looking for a simple, non-lethal way to protect yourself, consider purchasing a self-defense key chain from Safety Girl’s online store. Although pepper spray is a popular civilian self-defense tool, many women hesitate to carry pepper sprays, fearing that they will not be able to use the device properly in the heat of the […]

Uzi Tactical Pens 2

When you think about Uzi, you may think about firearms, but did you know that Uzi also make self-defense tools like tactical pens? Tactical pens are ideal for law enforcement officials, but are sometimes used by civilians or other security personnel, and offer a less lethal and less polluting self-defense alternative to pepper spray. Check […]

Smith and Wesson Tactical Pens

Tactical Pens are commonly used by law enforcement and security officials, but can also be used by civilians as a less-lethal self-defense alternative to pepper sprays. Safety Girl is proud to offer a hug selection of tactical pens from Smith and Wesson, a globally recognized manufacturer of firearms and other defense devices. Check out a […]

Uzi Tactical Pens

Although pepper spray is among the most common civilian self-defense tools on the market, impact weapons offer a less lethal way to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Safety Girl offers a wide selection of impact weapons that will provide you with the self-defense protection you need to keep yourself safe from harm, […]

Norguard Safety Harnesses

You know at Safety Girl’s website you can get just about any safety product in pink, but did you know that Safety Girl sells harnesses, too? These pink harnesses will keep you safe at high elevations when you’re working on construction sites, and keep you looking classy, too! Fall arrest protection is essential for any […]

Personal Kits from Safety Girl

Do you ever feel like you’re always forgetting something when you leave the house? Always be prepared and leave your worries at home with Safety Girl’s Personal Kits. These kits have everything a woman could ever need, whether you’re going to work, school, on a date, or out with friends. Choose from standards and deluxe […]

Garden Tool Kits

Spring is here and what better way to start your gardening season than with a pink Apollo Tool Kit from Safety Girl. These pink tool kits come with everything you need to plant and maintain your garden, help you sport your feminine side as well, and support breast cancer awareness initiatives, too! The Apollo Tolls […]