Illuminate Your Life

How many times have you found yourself rummaging through your purse to no avail, just to find that one elusive item? If your handbag seems like an abyss, it might be time to clean it out and organize your everyday things. All those stray tic-tacs and spare change are weighing you down and preventing you from grabbing what you really need. Ladies, let’s admit it: from cosmetics to tissues to cell phones to wallets and keys, it can get pretty crowded in there! Maybe you’re doing this while seated in your car, or in a lighted area like your doctor’s office. There will be times, however, when you simply won’t be able to see well enough to dig out that all-important item of the moment.

Pink MaglitePerhaps you won’t be able to get to your cell phone in time to receive some very important news. An earring will fall out while you’re on the job, and you won’t have any light to find it. Or maybe it will be a search for your car keys on a dark evening that leaves you vulnerable in a deserted parking lot. Before you consider us to be too cautious or too negative about hypothetical situations, take a moment and think about it. Safety Girl doesn’t want you to think of life in terms of the glass being half-empty; she simply wants you to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Remember that in winter, the sun often sets before your workday ends. The sky becomes dark so quickly that it seems hours later than the tail end of the afternoon. How do you find the stuff you really need—and fast—without it being immediately visible? Sure, you can try to light up your purse using a cell phone, but we all know how successful that is. It’s too dim and turns off too quickly to show you just where you stowed your keys. With a stylish Pink Maglite Flashlight, you’d be able to shine a bright beam of light into your handbag, your car, under your desk—wherever! It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, is water and shock resistant, and runs on just a single AAA battery. These handy, affordable flashlights make a useful stocking stuffer and ensure that you won’t be left in the dark!

Pink Tools for Women

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, single mother, university student or self-proclaimed handywoman, a good set of tools is a must-have. When things need fixin’ ‘round the house, you don’t want to call a man, do you? Of course you don’t. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep your own set of tools under the sink, for example, where you can get at them quick. As a matter of fact, ladies, if you decide to pick up some tools for yourself, you won’t even need to suffer with those big, ugly, stupid, greasy, good-for-nothing tools that men use. Nope, pink tool kits are now available at, each and every one designed specifically for you!

8-Piece Pink Tool Kit

If you’re looking for something to take care of those simple, everyday home repairs, our Eight-Piece Pink Tool Set from Apollo might be the perfect fit for you. Nothing too fancy, it comes with fasteners, pliers, a wrench, two screwdrivers, a fiberglass hammer, a utility knife and, last but not least, a tape measure. All the tools included in this pink tool kit come equipped with comfort grip handles, and their heat-treated chrome plating is designed to resist corrosion. Best of all, every time you buy one of these kits, Apollo will donate a portion of the proceeds to spreading breast cancer awareness.

Now, if you think you’d really like to become a true do-it-yourself type of woman, I suggest taking gander at out 135 Piece Pink Tool Kit, also from Apollo. This baby has everything you’ll need to take care of anything the home-repair Gods might throw your way, and when I say “anything,” I mean anything. Among other things, the kit includes a 100-piece fastener set, a 4.8V cordless screwdriver with twenty bits, four regular screw drivers, a claw hammer, a utility knife, a magnetic level and long-nose pliers. This is hands-down the most complete pink tool kit available today, and, just like the Eight-Piece kit, a portion of every sale is donated to furthering the cause of breast cancer awareness. also offers a 50-Piece Pink Hobby Tool Kit that’s great for any craft enthusiast, complete with a convenient carrying case with mesh pockets for extra storage. Need something for the car? Check out our 4-Piece Set of Pink Stubby Tools. Throw ‘em in the glove box and forget about ‘em. Want something that fits in your pocket? Pink Gerber Multi-Tools, Knives and LED Lights are also available. We even have a Pink Garden Tool Kit! Perfect of mom-gardeners, it comes with pruners, a trowel, kneepads, a weeder, a bulb planter and a pitch fork. Did I just say pitch fork? You betcha I did! Stop by and check us out today!