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Self Defense Tips

Women’s self-defense skills is an important skill. Whether you are walking from to your car in a dark parking lot, using public transport, or trying to get help when your car breaks down on a country road, knowing how to protect and defend yourself in a dangerous situation can be critical to your physical and emotional health. Preventing these situations from occurring, however, is much more important.

Laundry Room Scrubdown

This weekend was a continuation of the last in the laundry room, so I won’t bore you with details. My goal was to scrub the whole thing down and paint it, and the reassemble it in a more organized version.  I did the floor the same way I did the bathroom. I cleaned it with […]

Ready, Set, Go!

The single bathroom is a tiny space with peeling wallpaper and dark and outdated cabinetry. I have chosen to start here because it should be relatively easy to freshen this room quickly. Call it my warmup, if you will. I propose to paint the flooring and cabinetry, remove some of the outdated accessories, and add […]

Pandora’s Construction Box

Last month you were introduced to my small world. So far we have Mo, my mom who has moved to independent living. We have me, who will be updating the old farmhouse. We have my BF Andy, who lives with his two daughters, Lucy and Grace, about five miles from my house. We all live […]

I’ll Work On It

So I take a deep breath, look around me, and see possibilities and a ton of work. I am going to update a farmhouse, in real time, myself. I intend to do most everything I can myself, excepting if I add a second bathroom. That will require someone who likes to do plumbing more than […]

Major in Self Defense

With SafetyGirl U! Your babies are headed off to college, whether for the first time, or a repeat. Whether you suffer from an empty nest or view it as a whole lot of “me” time ahead, your stress level will be way down if you send your girls to campus armed with knowledge and some […]

Meet SafetyGirl

In anticipation of restoring my new-to-me home, I brought some Safety Girl, Discount Safety Gear, and Construction Gear products home last week. Happily, I got a Friday commute text from my boyfriend that his daughter had decided to rip up her bedroom carpet, that I should stop over, and he was otherwise speechless (him speechless is as close […]

These Boots Are Made for Working

So we’re all about safety, but we are still girls, right? I don’t know about you, but I love shoes. When I learned we got a whole new batch of safety boots, my first thought was, we must have a virtual fashion show! So here goes. Our first pair is Nautilus’ Women’s Composite Toe Clog […]

Pain at the Pump?

Why do gas prices increase, and what can we do about it? According to MEMA, Americans drive about 3 trillion miles a year – that’s about 820 trips from the sun to Pluto and back. As a society, we consume 178 million gallons of gasoline per day ( And just when we get some time […]

ila Personal Alarms

If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself protected from attackers while you’re on the go, but you’re wary of pepper sprays and stun guns, a personal alarm is a great choice for you. Although a personal alarm will not incapacitate your attacker like pepper spray or a stun gun, they’re beneficial because they […]