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Pink Hard Hats Galore

Staying protected has never been so fashionable! If you need a hard hat for your job, Safety Girl has the best selection, the best colors, and the best prices on the Internet. With such a wide variety of brands, colors, and styles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect hard hat that suits the needs […]

Dickies Women’s Work Pants

Ladies, do you have trouble finding durable, women’s work pants? Safety Girl is to your rescue with a great selection of women’s pants form Carhartt, Dickies, Lee, and Walls. With low prices and a variety of styles and sizes, you can’t go wrong at Safety Girl’s online store. Here are just a few of the […]

Women’s Tops by Carhartt

Looking for some an update to your spring wardrobe? Check out Safety Girl’s awesome selection of Carhartt shirts for work or play! From Hoodies to Henleys, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for at Safety Girl’s online store. Safety Girl knows women depend on Carhartt to be rugged and durable, which is […]

CAT Boots from Safety Girl

Safety Girl’s selection of Caterpillar CAT work boots and shoes for women are a true example of utility, affordability, and a little feminine style. With a great selection of steel toe and soft toe boots and shoes you can’t go wrong. CAT footwear is a company you can rely on, inspired by hard work and […]

Carhartt Boots from Safety Girl

Safety Girl is proud to carry two great styles of women’s work boots by Carhartt. As you know, Safety Girl is committed to selling only the best and most reliable brands, and Carhartt Company is no exception to this rule. Here’s a bit of information about Carhartt as well as some details about the great […]

The Queen of the Pacific

You may not have known there was an actual “Queen of the Pacific,” but the media gave this name to a Mexican woman for her lavish lifestyle and prominence as a woman in the drug trafficking business. Who is she? She’s Sandra Ávila Beltrán, a drug cartel leader who was arrested in September 2007 and […]

Women in Law Enforcement

Although women only hold some twelve percent of law enforcement jobs, they have actually been working in law enforcement since the mid-nineteenth century. The New York City police department was the first law enforcement agency to hire women in 1845.  Dubbed “matrons,” women served in clerical roles or as dispatchers for over a century until […]