Quality Boots from Safety Girl

By Kristi Ries

Winter BootShoes: they come in many varieties, all women love them, and every woman never seems to have enough! You probably have a closet full of flip-flops, sneakers, heels and flats. Among those, a few thigh-high leather boots might fill up the remainder of your closet. Your collection appears to be complete.

And then there are the steel-toe work boots you have for tough jobs. These are part of your shoe wardrobe, but are somehow separated by function. These aren’t for fun or fashion. They’re strong and protect your feet when it counts, but those can weigh you down—especially when you’re not working in dangerous conditions that require a steel toe. With this winter’s snowstorms, you might find yourself in need of a tall boot that provides warmth and comfort without sacrificing mobility. (Because lifting your feet through two feet of snow is hard enough

Consider investing in a reliable winter boot that will keep your tootsies warm year after year. In seasons like these, the LaCrosse Pac Boots for Women are an extremely practical choice. These 8-inch heavy-duty boots are easy on your feet; with a soft toe, waterproof bottom and rubber outsole, you’ll walk confidently in snow and ice without feeling weighed down by heavy boots. And the tough traction will come in handy when slick surfaces (like your driveway or steps) abound. You can shovel snow and sprinkle salt confidently, knowing that you won’t wipe out. Now nothing will hold you back from all of those important (and often unforeseen) outdoor chores, like repairing retaining walls, removing fallen tree branches from your yard or sealing and securing windows and storm doors.

You won’t need heat packs tucked into your boots any longer; many boots are so well insulated that you won’t even have to think about wearing thick, bunchy socks. Like the Fort Lewis 10″ Insulated boots from Danner, which boast a full-grain leather upper, Thinsulate™ insulation and GORE-TEX® lining that keeps the boot completely waterproof.

Best of all, these boots will allow you to make snow angels and go sledding with your kids without leading to soggy socks or runny noses!

Women’s Winter Hats & Caps

When you’re trying to stay warm, there’s nothing more important than your noggin. It’s through the noggin that heat escapes, ladies, and if you work outdoors without a good winter hat or cap, you will be downright miserable throughout the work day. And even if you’re not working, but instead skiing, snowboarding, sleighing or just building snowmen with the family, women’s winter hats and caps are essential to staying on your feet and off the ol’ sick bed.

Printed Knit Hat from CarharttIf you’re like me, the Safety Girl, you’ll probably want a winter hat that’s a bit more fashionable than most. If that’s the case, take a gander at our new Printed Knit Hat from Carhartt. Trust me, ladies, with both a stylish design and a double-layer rib knit, this sucker is the quintessential women’s winter hat.

What’s that? You want something a bit flashier? Well, how about our Striped Knit Hat, also from Carhartt. It’s a fleece lined women’s winter cap that offers top-notch warmth when you’re outside battling the frigid conditions. It’s bright, multi-colored design also ensures that it will match with all your favorite work-day ensembles.

Solid Knit Hat from CarharttFinally, our classic Dusty Blue Solid Knit Hat from Carhartt is both feminine and simple, perfect for hitting the jobsite, ski slopes or grocery store. It has a one-size-fits-all beanie fit, a soft feel, and the stamp of reliability that is the Carhartt logo on its front. It’s a great women’s winter hat for any gal that plans on spending some time outdoors this winter!

So remember, my sisters, if you’re going to be out and about this winter frolicking in the snow, you need to get yourself a proper women’s winter hat or cap – no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. No one, least of all the ol’ Safety Girl here, wants to see you sick and laid up this winter. Because despite what some men might tell you, your head is most important thing you own, so take care of it with a quality women’s winter hat or cap from SafetyGirl.com. It’ll be the best move you ever made!

Women’s Steel Toe Shoes

Have you ever seen that movie Forest Gump? It’s jam-packed with famous quotes: “Stupid is as stupid does.” “Life’s like a box of chocolates…” “Run, Forest, run!” But one of my favorite quotes from the movie didn’t come from Forest, his momma, or Ginny. It came from Gary Sinise’s character, Lt. Dan. When Forest and Bubba arrive in Vietnam, Lt. Dan tells them, among other things, to protect their feet. Personally, I couldn’t agree more with Lt. Dan. Protecting one’s feet is essential, and owning a pair of women’s steel toe shoes is a great way of going about it.

Nautilus Steel Toe ShoeAt SafetyGirl.com, we offer so many pairs of women’s steel toe shoes that it often makes my head spin. In fact, if our selection gets any bigger, it will certainly need its own zip code.

First of all, you’ll need to decide which type of work shoe you’d feel most comfortable wearing. Does a leather slip-on strike your fancy? Or would you like something a bit more athletic? Perhaps a more casual steel toe shoe would suit your needs. Whatever the case may be, with 52 different styles of women’s steel toe shoes to choose from, I’m sure we’ll have what you need.

All that being said, allow the ol’ Safety Girl here to make a few suggestions. These Nautilus Steel Toe Athletic Shoes are fantastic. I myself own a pair and I wear them everywhere, whether it’s the grocery store or the Safety Girl warehouse. Their wide toe-area prevents any rubbing or cramping from taking place, and they also come equipped with an anti-fatigue insole for added comfort.

Red Wing Steel Toe ShoesIf you think you’d like something non-athletic, I think these Red Wing Women’s Steel Toe Shoes are a great option. Made from premium nutbuck leather, they’re actually made for hiking, and also feature oil/slip resistant soles, a removable foot bed, and cement construction.

Now matter which type of women’s steel toe shoe you choose to go with, SafetyGirl.com is the best place to find it. And don’t forget that we’re currently offering free shipping on orders over $25, so you’re new boots will surely qualify!

Women’s Work Wear – Carhartt

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, winter is nearly upon us, ladies, and that means that freezing temperatures and biting winds will soon be bearing down on construction sites all across the good old U.S. of A. If you work outdoors in the cold, having the proper women’s work wear is essential, and there’s no better place than SafetyGirl.com to find everything you’ll need to stay warm throughout the winter months ahead.

Carhartt Quilt-Lined Bib OverallsMade especially for women, our Carhartt Quilt-Lined Bib Overalls are so comfortable that you might feel tempted to go ahead and sleep in ‘em. Aside from comfort, all Carhartt women’s work wear is designed for durability, which means you’ll be wearing these babies for years to come. They’ll also fit easily over any type of work boots that you happen to own. Great for any jobsite, these bib overalls are available in three different colors: dark brown, Carhartt brown and black.

If you live and work in a part of the country that experiences colder temperatures than most, you might need more than just bib overalls to stay warm. Our Flannel-Lined Women’s Shirts from Carhartt are the perfect for layering-up on those cold mornings in the middle of January and February. Made from 100% canvas, they’re available in four different colors, including Moss and Midnight, and are an essential part of any woman’s work wear arsenal.

Don’t be a “tough-gal” this winter by trying to brave the elements without the proper women’s work wear, ladies! Stop by SafetyGirl.com and bundle up this winter!

Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing is something special, because we have more of a variety in clothing than men do. In a way, your taste in women’s clothing says a lot about you. Not in the personality quiz sense, but in the sense that your taste in clothing can be used to make an accurate assumption about the type of woman you are.

Woman's Jacket

This includes womens clothing for work. For example, a woman who wears comfortable shoes and scrubs is most likely a nurse. Wouldn’t that be an accurate assumption to make?

Seriously though, you can tell a lot about women based on the clothing they wear. If they wear work clothing more than casual, it is likely that she works long hours and doesn’t see much sense in extending to her wardrobe.

On the other hand, some women can get out of work and put on something entirely different. Some may view this change in clothing as a “personality change” but only because the change is so drastic. In fact, it doesn’t have to be work clothing that a woman changes out of. She can, in fact, be changing from her “usual” clothing that is super casual (usually jeans and a t-shirt or comfortable clothes that can be used for both lounging and working out in) into something that is ultra feminine and sassy, say a dress.

Women’s clothing is not to be underestimated, just like the woman who is wearing that outfit.
What you put on in the morning will determine how others view you as well as how you will view yourself. Above all else, choose women’s clothing you are comfortable in that will also make you feel your absolute best.

You don’t have to follow women’s magazines and choose women’s clothing that will “show off your better features” because that’s certainly not what ‘dressing to impress’ is really about. Instead, focus on women’s clothing that you feel your best in, whether that be comfortable jeans or a flirty summer dress. The bottom line is that the womens clothing you wear is an expression of who you are, and that’s all that matters!