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The Shriver Report: Women and Alzheimer’s

Last week’s news brought special attention to women and Alzheimer’s disease when Maria Shriver, California’s first lady, testified at a special Senate hearing on aging. Shriver, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2003, in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association, recently published The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Takes on Alzheimer’s.  The Shriver Report serves […]

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Thanks to Maria Shriver and her groundbreaking Shriver Report, we’ve learned about how Alzheimer’s disease affects women in the United States, both as victims of the disease and caregivers to those suffering from the disease.  And while its important to understand Alzheimer’s emotional, sociological, and economic implications, we also need to understand the disease itself […]

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, and with Christmas just around the corner, you may be finding yourself enjoying more sweets than usual. Rich, sweet food may make us feel good, but they can have damaging effects on our bodies. In a recent episode of On Point, an NPR radio show hosted by Tom Ashbrook, Samira […]

Beat Belly Fat This Holiday Season

With the holiday season coming up, you may find yourself feeling a little bit heavier (or maybe a lot!) than earlier this year. For most of us, this weight gain goes to our hips, thighs, butt, breasts, and—perhaps most of all—our bellies. The bad news about belly fat is that it’s especially dangerous: it is […]

Making Time for Family Dinner

Making time for family dinner is difficult. With work schedules, after-school soccer practice, music lessons, and anything else that may arise, you might feel lucky to have time for any kind of dinner at all. But having family dinner together, even just one or two nights per week, is important.  Some families are realizing the […]

Healthy Skin Tips

Now that summer’s over, the weather is getting cooler, and humidity levels are changing, it is important to reevaluate—or begin—your skin care action plan. Skin is one the most important body parts: it protects us from external environmental damage, is responsible for touch sensations, regulates our heartbeat, and stores and controls water and fluids.  External […]

Healthy Nails

Think about how often you stare at your fingernails everyday. If you do, do you notice how healthy they look?  Do you enjoy filing them, polishing them, or getting manicures?  Or do you notice how unhealthy and brittle they look?  Maybe you have dry cuticles or get a lot of hangnails.  Regardless of your nails’ […]

Anti-Aging Foods

The effects of aging on body weight have been discussed in recent years, as the life expectancy of our population increases, along rates of diet- and lifestyle-diseases including obesity, type II diabetes, and heart disease. In addition, women’s metabolic rates slow as we age, particularly after menopause. Luckily, there are foods that help combat this […]

Female Hair Loss

Although not terribly common, female hair loss is more prevalent than one might think. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, approximately 30 million women suffer from hair loss, and some are as young as fifteen years of age. Female hair loss is a medically diagnosable and treatable problem.  While a normal hair grows about […]

Women’s Vacation Spots

Summer’s here and while traveling with your partner or taking a family vacation may be the traditional thing to do, maybe you’re thinking about traveling solo or going on a girls-only weekend getaway. Traveling alone can be a liberating experience and the girls getaway, of course, presents the opportunity for you to leave all your […]