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Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that right now we have more women than men enrolling in college. In fact, as of 2012, women enrolling in college is 10% more than men! LETS GO GIRLS, we may truly run the world as Beyonce once said. As most of you know, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to run to be president of the United States. Whether or not you supported her, you can still appreciate that she was strong and willing to take on that role. Speaking of Hillary,

**The U.S. Ranks 97th  of 187 Countries on Women’s Legislative Representation**

Women are more than half of the US’ population but only 19% of House Reps are women. That doesn’t seem like a lot but we are growing.

But let’s get back to education. With more women enrolling in college, they are also seeking more careers that men dominated.

**Lawyers: 12.4% were Women in 1980, 36% are women today.**

How cool is that? When you watch lawyer or criminal justice shows…most have a sassy female lead. Its great and entertaining. But its also happening in real life! We still have some way to go though…36/64 is not 50/50. We’re working on it though!

**Women now earning degrees in bioscience about EQUAL men**

YES! Our attention to detail and the finite things in education is needed in this field!

But here is a bummer…

**In 2016, women earned 81.8% of what men earned on a weekly basis**

It’s better than it used to be but this is just simply not OK. We have the SAME education and dedication. On the positive side, a lot of people are fighting for equality in pay and we haven’t given up quite yet. Let’s not be too negative.

We just have to keep educating and reminding one another of the amazing people we are. SafetyGirl is proud of you and the work you do everyday.

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Thanks to International Organization of Parliaments, Pew Research Center, American Bar Association, and Bureau of Labor Statistics for this data.

Jobsite Safety for Women

Approximately 872,000 women currently work in the construction industry, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Labor. Seventy-five percent of those women are in administrative, sales or management positions. This leaves 25 percent of women in the construction workforce exposed to the same daily safety and health risks as their male counterparts; yet, their specific protection from these hazards has not been fully addressed.

Too frequently, women are forced to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing that is not the correct size or fit. For fear of being ostracized on the jobsite, women are intimidated to make requests for proper gear that will set them apart from their coworkers.

These safety hazards create gender barriers and can deter women from seeking employment in the construction industry. It is important to acknowledge this stigma and educate employers on the detrimental repercussions of ignoring any safety standards. As construction companies push to fill the labor gap, it is imperative for companies to become progressive in their marketing approach and create a culture that will address the specific safety needs of women workers.

OSHA requires employers to provide all employees with a safe workplace, but every 18 seconds a worker is injured on the jobsite. Once a jobsite safety hazard assessment has been completed, a list of PPE should be disseminated to all employees. This list should also notify employees of the potential hazards, provide training on how to avoid injury and educate them on required PPE. It is the employer’s responsibility to supply the required equipment to each employee at no charge. However, the construction industry lacks the provisions, research and development necessary to provide personal protective equipment suitable for women.


Ill-fitting PPE and clothing compromise workers’ safety on the jobsite. Women have a right to test all equipment that is provided to them to ensure a proper fit. OSHA mandates PPE be designed anthropometrically, which is the science of defining human body dimensions and physical characteristics. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) conducts anthropometric research to prevent work-related injuries and deaths by studying how work spaces, equipment and clothing fit a diverse worker population.

Most anthropometric data available to date is from the 1970s. This research was based on the body sizes and shapes of modern military personnel and the general working population from that era. This decades-old data does not represent the sizes and body types of today’s female workers.


A recent NIOSH study of 26 women construction workers evaluated the efficacy of a fall protection harness system. Their body size and shape information was measured while they were suspended in a standard size harness and standing with a harness. It was discovered that an integrated redesign of harness components is needed because 40 percent of the women did not pass fit-performance criteria in either the standing or suspended condition.


All project managers, superintendents and foremen should understand how to identify job safety hazards specific to demographics of their workers and their jobsites. Jobsite hazard communication plans and emergency preparedness plans should be in place and disseminated to all workers.

It is beneficial to hire a safety consultant that is familiar with the science of teaching and incorporating a corporate safety culture. The construction industry is evolving and companies are charged with staying ahead of these changes to attract and retain the skilled labor needed to complete their jobs. As the industry shifts and more women are encouraged to enter the trades, companies will no longer be able to ignore these gender disparities.

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New! Concealed Carry Hobo Sacs

Ladies who carry concealed weapons may find it difficult to conceal them and keep up with your womanly style. Safety Girl is here to help with a new line of products from Gun Tote’n Mamas. These affordably priced, high-quality leather bags are stylish enough to make your girlfriends jealous, but also allow you to keep your concealed weapon within easy access, giving you the power to bring any attacker to his knees.

Here are just two descriptions of these great concealed carry hobo bags from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

The Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Large Hobo Sac gives you plenty of room to store your concealed weapon and all other belongings you would normally carry in your purse. This hobo bag is designed for left- or right-handed use and can be used during the day or at night. The shoulder strip is wire-lined and slash-resistant, protecting you and your self-defense device from any attackers fighting with knives. The entire bag is made of tumbled, non-coated, full-grain leather for durability and comfort.

The interior parts of the bag will store everything you need, including your concealed weapon. The bag’s holster is on the side of the hobo for easy access and can fit revolvers up to 1911/Commander. The bag also features a zippered top closure for security, two interior nylon pockets for organization, and a zippered outside pocket on the back of the purse. Overall dimensions of this great bag measure 14” x 11” x 5 ½” and the holster measures 10 ¾” x 8”. This bag is available in a beautiful tan color at Safety Girl’s website for just $85!

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