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NEW Carhartt Fall Essentials + SALE!

We have something huge going on this week, ladies, especially if you’re a Carhartt fan. Not only are we offering you 10% off Carhartt but we have some brand new products ready for you to purchase to stock up your closets for fall and winter.

Both outfits listed below are durable and ready to work. They are meant for work or play! Our new line of items we’ve added are for winter/fall and you’ll never want to take them off…especially the Sherpa Lined items.


The Lockhart Long-Sleeve T in Burgundy, Sandstone Mock-Neck Sherpa Lined Vest in Dark Brown & the Flannel Odessa Cap in Chili

The Lockhart T is the perfect layering option to wear under any piece of outerwear for some added comfort and warmth. It is tagless (that means no itching) and has a slightly relaxed fit. The Sandstone vest is an awesome outerwear item to have in your closet to throw on. It is made of 100% cotton and the sherpa lining will keep you cozy for the entire work day! There are also two large pockets for storing any essentials. And last, to accessorize, the famous Odessa cap in flannel! If you’re not a fan of these specific colors for the tops, there are many other options!


The Denwood Vest in Black, Rugged Flex Hamilton Shirt in Deep Wine and Casselberry Headband in Burgundy (or Pom Pom Hat in Dark Blue)

The Denwood vest and hamilton shirt are durable, lightweight and great if you’re planning on moving around all day but still want to be warm. The Rugged Flex technology in both of these articles of clothing allow easy stretching. The vest also has Rain Defender technology to keep you dry on those dewy mornings. Finish this look off with a cute Casseblerry headband or hat!

Find an awesome pair of pants to match these outfits here!

Check out more new outerwear options, tops and accessories!

Inspiring Women: Carrie Mantha

Women are capable of so many things. Very rarely do we stick with one passion our entire lives. We all have different aspirations and the funny thing is…they change over time. It’s important to let the young women know that you do not NEED to know exactly what you want to do in life when you begin college or career seeking. Let’s take for example, a 34 year old woman that has been a surgeon, a runner of healthcare investments, miss Florida USA, a consultant for a biotech company and the founder of two tech companies. She’s a wonder woman! Her name is Carrie Mantha and her current position that she plans to stay in is the founder/CEO of Indira Collection.

You may be thinking…some of those fields are extremely different. Well, she started as a science wiz. She loved numbers and being in the lab. But eventually, that didn’t completely satisfy her passion. She still loved science but wanted to be involved in new developments, therefore she decided to go back to school for an MBA and twisted that to involve her love of fashion that led her to her career now. She is now the founder of Indira Collection, a bridal dress company. Her desire was to take her knowledge for math and science and give an affordable option to those purchasing gowns for weddings.

“ It’s easy for female-focused consumer companies to be seen as un-serious, which is pretty frustrating for founders and executives who are applying hard math and science backgrounds to these sectors” -Carrie Mantha

The main point to sharing this womans’ story with all of you is to show that we are capable of so many things. You can have more than one passion. Simply be yourself and do what makes you happy!

“I’ve always followed my heart, and focused on where I felt I could make the biggest difference. If you don’t look, walk, talk, or dress like people who’ve succeeded before you, people won’t assume you’re going to be successful yourself. That means you have to prove it to them.” – Carrie Mantha

Thank you to Levo & Startup Studio

Stay Bright, Be Seen!

All different lines of work require High Visibility attire. Why do we wear high visibility clothing and accessories? Simply for safety. We want to be seen especially when dull colored clothing can often “blend in” with its surroundings. You may be thinking… “I am always aware of my surroundings and do not ever put myself in a situation where I would require hi-vis”. Well, the problem is that it’s not you we’re worried about…it’s those around you. You cannot control the actions of other people. For example, say you are working at a pedestrian cross walk and someone calls to your attention to ask if they can cross. At that moment, your attention is with that individual and not with the man eating a hamburger not paying attention to you driving a mack truck your way. He is more likely to see a bright yellow vest than a black jacket in his peripheral. It’s simple. Even if you don’t need high-vis clothing for you workplace, it’s great for recreational activity such as biking!

Here at Safety Girl, we want women to have the option of stylish yet effective high visibility clothing & accessories.

This ERB Safety Class 2 High-Vis Soft Shell Jacket is a great choice if you want a more contoured look so the jacket is not so bulky.

It also has a black bottomed front so that the dirt is disguised. This jacket is Class 2 rated.

ERB Safety Women's Class 2 High-Vis Soft Shell Jacket - W651ERB Safety Women's Class 2 High-Vis Soft Shell Jacket - W651

These FlexTech Gloves from Wells Lamont are a hot ticket item due to their nitrile palm and thermal lining.

The customer reviews on our site rave that they keep your hands warm in cold temperatures and they also offer a great grip.

Wells Lamont FlexTech Hi-Vis Thermal Lined Gloves - Y9239T

Another great item is for those ladies wearing hard hats in the heat. This Ergodyne Neck Shade is available in both high visibility orange and lime.

It has a reflective strip to enhance visibility and is also ANSI-COMPLIANT!


If you don’t see something you want featured on this specific blog, check out our website or simply chat with us on the site!

Right now you can get these products for 10% off on our site!

Working Mothers’ Health 👩


“I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible – oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible” – Tina Fey

Of the many women currently working, 75% are of child bearing age. Child bearing age usually ranges from around 20-35 years old. Therefore many children are born to working mama’s. We become concerned about a women’s health at this age and especially what she is exposed to in her working environment. We are already aware that consuming alcohol, smoking and bad eating habits can affect pregnancy but what about exposures in the workforce. The smallest trace of chemical you come across may not be harmful to you, but it may be harmful to your developing baby. It can lead to miscarriage, birth defects and infertility if not taken seriously. We’re going to leave this informative table here for you to view and evaluate your workplace to see if you may need checked or screened. This is NOT an exhaustive list…it is just a few examples. If you feel that you may be exposed to something unsafe for you make sure you communicate with your workplace or do some research on your own.

Table 1: Chemical & Physical Agents that are Reproductive Hazards for Women

Cancer Treatment Drugs (ex. Methotrexate) Infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, low birth weight Health Care Workers, Pharmacists
Certain Ethylene Glycol Ethers such as 2-ethoxyethanol and 2-methoxyethanol Miscarriages Electronic and Semi-Conductor Workers
Carbon Disulfide Menstrual Cycle Changes Vicose Rayon Workers
Lead Infertility, Miscarriage, Low Birth Weight, Developmental Disorders Battery Makers, Solderers, Welders, Radiator Repairers, Bridge Painters, Firing Range Workers, Home Remodelers
Ionizing Radiation Infertility, Miscarriage, Birth Defects, Low Birth Weight, Developmental Disorders, Childhood Cancers Health Care Workers, Dental, Atomic Workers
Strenuous Physical Labor Miscarriage, Premature Delivery Many Types of Workers



We feel that this subject can sometimes get overlooked but it is extremely important, especially since most of the workforce is 20-30 year old millennial. Let’s keep our working mothers safe!

Women & Education 🎓


Image result for education women


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that right now we have more women than men enrolling in college. In fact, as of 2012, women enrolling in college is 10% more than men! LETS GO GIRLS, we may truly run the world as Beyonce once said. As most of you know, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to run to be president of the United States. Whether or not you supported her, you can still appreciate that she was strong and willing to take on that role. Speaking of Hillary,

**The U.S. Ranks 97th  of 187 Countries on Women’s Legislative Representation**

Women are more than half of the US’ population but only 19% of House Reps are women. That doesn’t seem like a lot but we are growing.

But let’s get back to education. With more women enrolling in college, they are also seeking more careers that men dominated.

**Lawyers: 12.4% were Women in 1980, 36% are women today.**

How cool is that? When you watch lawyer or criminal justice shows…most have a sassy female lead. Its great and entertaining. But its also happening in real life! We still have some way to go though…36/64 is not 50/50. We’re working on it though!

**Women now earning degrees in bioscience about EQUAL men**

YES! Our attention to detail and the finite things in education is needed in this field!

But here is a bummer…

**In 2016, women earned 81.8% of what men earned on a weekly basis**

It’s better than it used to be but this is just simply not OK. We have the SAME education and dedication. On the positive side, a lot of people are fighting for equality in pay and we haven’t given up quite yet. Let’s not be too negative.

We just have to keep educating and reminding one another of the amazing people we are. SafetyGirl is proud of you and the work you do everyday.

Image result for strong women

Thanks to International Organization of Parliaments, Pew Research Center, American Bar Association, and Bureau of Labor Statistics for this data.

NAWIC: National Assoc. of Women in Construction

Image result for women in construction

Talk about girl power…this organization needs some recognition! The NAWIC was founded in 1953 by sixteen construction workers who just happened to be women. They understood that the amount of women in the construction business was declining, so why not make it special club and recognize more strong women. Their core purpose is to “enhance the success of women in the construction industry.” It is basically a support network. They give their participants really cool opportunities such as professional development, education, networking, leadership training, and public service.

If you become a member, you can be nominated for special rewards such as a lifetime achievement award for being active in this special group, member of the year award and future leader of the year. They then have an annual meeting every year to announce the winners.

There is a code of professionalism you must follow such as believing in their core values: belief in yourself as a woman, perseverance and daring to move into new horizons. That doesn’t seem so bad. It actually seems refreshing to be appreciated so much by such a great organization.

There are international affiliates, also. the NAWIC has connections with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. All of these countries and places around the world also have their own NAWIC program.

You can find a chapter near you by simply searching your zip code on the site. For example we searched chapters near us in New Stanton, PA and there is one in Pittsburgh, PA!

Construction workers work hard, long days and the only people that can understand are other construction workers. So go ahead…vent, you can sign up right on their page!

Our 5 Star Work Boots ⭐

Ladies, let’s talk work boots. We’ve looked thoroughly into reviews placed on our website to see which boots YOU liked most. This is not an exhaustive list but we’re going to list a few to help those of you looking for a great pair. The following boots have received more than one five star review. We want comfort, durability and some style does not hurt!

Carolina Women's Waterproof Logger Boots - CA420 & CA1420

Carolina Waterproof Logger Boots are a super hot top seller on our site. They are a great durable shoe that is meant to last in the muck and slush. Your feet will stay dry due to the waterproof Scubaliner that also provides a comfortable cushion. There is support from the steel shank and the tall upper provides much lower calf support. They are electrical hazard compliant and you can choose from a soft or steel toe option.



Carolina Women's Ankle Strap Side Zipper Logger - CA436


If you’re looking for a pair of boots to wear all day in comfort but are still work appropriate, the Carolina Ankle Strap Side Zipper Logger’s may be for you. The heavyweight zipper will not fail you and the soft toe is extremely comfortable and eh rated. The outsole is oil resistant and all one piece.




Safety Girl II Sheepskin Lined Work Boots - Tan


We’re proud of these boots…the Safety Girl II Sheepskin Lined Work Boots, because they’re our own! If you want a boot to keep your feet warm, these are it. They have a sheepskin lining that also provides comfort. They are water resistant and are available in steel or soft toe.




If you need any assistance in finding a pair for you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service by chatting on the site with us or by calling 1-877-734-2458. We are here to help! Our work boots are a hot item right now, don’t miss out!


-AN, SafetyGirl

Safety Is Our Game

Here at Safety Girl, we focus on bringing the freshest, most recent products from top brands such as Carhartt and Dickies to you from a click of a button. But we also pride ourselves in our own brand. Safety Girl has boots, clothing and accessories and we want to familiarize you with some of the hottest items. We craft these items with YOU in mind. We look at what you buy, what you prefer and what you need in the work place. You can also see what reviewers on our website have to say, we have customers from all lines of work! So lets see what SafetyGirl has to offer:

One of our most purchased and highest rated products are the Safety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots. They are extremely durable and have a water resistant nubuck upper. Nubuck is a cowhide leather that has been rubbed to give a suede look. The steel toe on these boots are ASTM rated to keep your feet safe from falling objects and heavy equipment. The outsole is oil resistant, too so go ahead and get dirty! They are available in black, pink, and tan.

“In combination with some decent work socks, these boots work wonders. I work as a Kennel Tech (with dogs) and I never slip or slide while walking dogs and doing tasks about the facility. These boots stay dry when wet on the outside. highly recommend” says Len, a Safety Girl reviewer.

Safety Girl II Steel Toe Work Boots - Black Safety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots - Light Pink Safety Girl Steel Toe Work Boots - Tan


Next, are the Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses. They have a polycarbonate lens and frame for durability. They are UV safe and scratch resistant. They also meet ANSI and CE ratings! There are so many options for lens color (amber, blue mirror, clear, gray) and frame color (pink or red). That gives you eight mix and match choices. Most importantly, they are less than $2 per pair! Super stylish and affordable.

“They’re so comfortable and lightweight that I forget I’m wearing them. Will definitely buy again, as I’d like to have a couple extra pair in case my current ones get lost or to just carry an extra pair in my gun case. Thanks for such a cool product at such a reasonable price!” says Linda, a Safety Girl customer.


Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses


The last item we want to tell you about is the Safety Girl High-Vis Pink Safety Vest. This non-ANSI vest is made of 100% polyester mesh for comfort and coolness. Not too often can you find a stylish, high-visibility vest for such as low price!

“I am super impressed with this product – especially the quality and price. You just can’t beat it!” says Sonya, a Safety Girl customer.

Safety Girl Non-ANSI Women's Mesh High-Vis Pink Safety Vest


Hopefully, you found interest in a product found on this page! We’re always adding new items so be sure to keep checking the blog, our facebook and sign up for the newsletter via email on our site!

Pink: The Color of Strength

Pink is sometimes associated with the words cute, nice, romantic, and tender but here at Safety Girl, we give it a much stronger meaning…Strength. Since we pride ourselves for selling much safety gear in the color pink, we figured it might be a good idea to give you some interesting information about the color and what is has developed into.

Bright pink is thought to increase blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat and pulse. This color also stimulates energy. Wearing pink can also encourage the idea of higher confidence and reduce erratic behavior.

The famous pink ribbon, first seen in the Susan G. Komen Foundation, was given to breast cancer survivors and those who participated in Race for the Cure in 1990. Later, the senior vice president of the famous cosmetic company, Estee Lauder, introduced the pink ribbon to her product line. Margaret Welch, director of Color Association of the U.S., says “The profile on pink is playful, life-affirming. We have studies as to its calming effect, its quieting effect, its lessening of stress.” Therefore, pink is the opposite of cancer so we want to fight back with this color. Estee Lauder continued their fight for this pink ribbon by also handing out breast exam pamphlets to their customers to increase awareness. Since then, many other companies have jumped on the bandwagon by either donating to or advertising breast cancer awareness such as New Balance and Avon.

We can still think of the color pink as feminine but it is a sign of strength, also. At Safety Girl, we are strong in different ways. The women that shop with us are in all lines of work and work HARD. We want to give them products to depend on while still being feminine and stylish.

We sell pink apparel, accessories, boots, shoes and safety equipment!

**Simply click the picture to view product on our site!




Sensational Color

Think Before You Pink


Puma Safety Athletic-Inspired Safety Shoes 👟🔥

Looking for a shoe that has athletic flair, style, and protection? We’re not kidding when we say our Puma Safety footwear is on FIRE right now. Okay…well not literally on fire, that’s more of an expression. Just know that athletic safety shoes are selling like crazy!

As a hard working woman you deserve the same quality, durability, and safety that men’s safety shoes provide. We know exactly what our customers are looking for and we’re not going to stop until we provide our girls with the best quality safety footwear available on the market.

Let’s take a look at Puma Safety. Puma is known worldwide, but what you might not know is that they manufacture athletic performance safety shoes. Puma Safety shoes are lightweight and offer important safety features like static dissipation, ASTM rated toes, heat and slip resistant outsoles, and more. These shoes can transition effortlessly between work, home, errands, and outdoor hobbies that require a little extra protection. At Safety Girl, we carry two different lines from Puma Safety: Miss Safety Technics and Miss Safety Motion. So…you’re probably asking what are the key attributes for Puma Safety shoes? Let’s discuss!

The Miss Safety Technics line is characterized by high flexibility + lightweight construction. The basis of this new ladies premium safety shoe line is the naturalFLEXMOTION sole architecture. It introduces the natural running concept into performance safety footwear. The newly developed wafer-profile of the sole offers the best possible grip especially on industrial flooring. The uppers of the shoes are made of robust microfibers or leathers that are resistant to abrasion. The smooth and soft materials offer more protection from penetrating moisture and are super easy to clean! The micro-channel system of this multi-layered lining provides you with a better breathability and moisture management. The Miss Safety Technics shoes features a protective steel toe cap I/C 75F.

The Miss Safety Motion line is exactly what working women want. The rubber outsole is 572-degrees F heat, oil, and slip resistant inspired by the latest running technology. The sole profile ensures a flexible and secure contact with the ground (ASTM F 1677 Mark II). The Torsion Control System at the waist of the sole provides better support and stability. The EVA Midsole is injected with thousands of tiny bubbles in this ultra lightweight midsole for an optimal cushioning and improved flexing action of the foot. The gel IQ.Cell pad is directly embedded into the heel area and works just like a trampoline by absorbing shock energy and returning it as bounce. The Miss Safety Motion shoes features a protective steel toe cap I/C 75F.

Ladies…it’s time to stop the agonizing hunt for cute, comfortable safety footwear. With Puma Safety you know you’re getting top quality and style. Try a pair of the newest models Puma Safety Celerity Steel Toe Safety Knit Shoes available in Pink or Blue for $95.00. The ultraflexible textile fabric perfectly adapts to the foot and fits like a sock for unsurpassed comfort! All Puma Safety shoes meets or exceed the highest ASTM standards for toe impact I/75 and compression C/75.

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