Home Safety Tips

by Caryn Murray

Let’s face it, accidents can happen anywhere. In fact, most accidents leading to severe injury occur in the home and can be easily prevented just by following these home safety tips.

Woman Working at Home

Dark Areas

Dark areas in the home can be especially unsafe. This includes basements, garages, attics, or any storage area where large items can be tripped over. It is very unsafe to walk into a dark storage area, and while a flashlight can help, it is a much better idea to have a light switch installed outside of the entrance area, and to ensure the area is properly lit before you enter.

Aside from storage areas, other rooms can be unsafe when they are unlit. This includes your bathroom and bedroom. It may be costly to leave a light on, but having the light switch near the door, or putting in a nightlight, will ensure there are no falls or bangs.

Bathroom Safety

A large majority of the injuries that occur at home can be traced back to an issue with bathroom safety. It is important to have textured tiles and a safety mat in the tub to prevent slipping on wet floors. If stepping in and out of the shower is difficult, a grab bar is needed.

Kitchen Safety

Never store potholders, plastic utensils, towels, or any non-cooking item on or near the stove top range. When cooking, roll up long sleeves (better yet, don’t wear sleeves that are long and loose when cooking.) When cutting onions, it is helpful to have a piece of bread in your mouth and prevent tears, as the burning in your eyes could lead to a sliced finger.

Also, instead of storing harmful chemicals under the sink you should store these substances in a location that’s out of reach of children.

Self Defense Tips for Women

by Caryn Murray

The idea of a woman being a frail and helpless creature is, luckily, becoming outdated. However, women are still more likely than a man to be victimized. That doesn’t mean you will be a victim, because basic self defense for women begins with eliminating the blinding element of surprise and becoming prepared for anything, at any time.

Woman Defending Herself with a Hammer

Preventative Measures

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Younger women are often in dangerous situations without knowing it. While out at a party, bar, or anywhere where alcohol is being served, it’s  important to pay close attention to those around you. Never let a drink out of your sight, and never accept an open drink from a stranger.

Stay in a Group

Groups of friends that go out together should leave together! Practice the buddy system and be a good buddy, never leave your friends behind. In situations where you’re alone, stay in a crowded or otherwise public location. Avoid situations in which you are out of sight of others, as this is a very unsafe place to be.

In the Case of an Attack

Gain Extra Time

All too often, the losing point for a woman being attacked is the surprise factor, that is, being caught off guard with no time to think. Many victims have often looked back and felt remorse over the things they could have done to prevent the attack, but without being prepared for an attack, it is impossible to prevent one.

Trust your intuition

If you feel that you’re about to be attacked, create an obstacle between the attacker and yourself that will make it more difficult to get to you. This will buy you extra time to pull your thoughts together.

Attract Attention

There is no guarantee that anybody will come running to help, but there is a possibility of it. However, more importantly, when you scream and yell bloody murder you’re not letting yourself go quietly, something that is often unexpected of female victims. In this situation, you may even startle your attacker by catching him off guard and you can use this extra time to get away.

If All Else Fails

While it is always a good idea for women to carry a bottle of pepper spray, stun gun, or a personal alarm in her purse, many self defense products are not legal in different states. And in any case, it is important to be able to defend yourself against an attacker without using weapons. (That being said, there are objects you may have that can be used to create a substantial amount of pain.)

It is actually better not to take the time to dig something out, as you have two hands and two feet and he has many ultra sensitive areas that you can attack once you have him surprised.

The areas to go after include: Knees, eyes, neck, and (yeah, you guessed it) his groin.
I hope you will never need to use basic self defense, but I hope you will remember these tips just in case because you can never be too safe!

The Perfect Back To School Gift

Whether it be a daughter, niece or granddaughter, if you know somebody special who’s getting ready to take a brave new step into the world, you may want to give them a gift that’s as fun and stylish as it is smart, practical, and useful.

Emergency Kit Contents

Look no further than the Safety Girl Car Emergency Kit, which has everything you would expect in a back to school gift for the college bound woman. Make sure your college student is prepared for any emergency by giving her a useful toolbox that enhances the safety features of a standard roadside emergency kit.

Not all women know what to do if they get a flat tire while driving, or somehow end up with a dead battery. A roadside emergency kit is a must have for any car owner to be prepared for these situations, but only the Safety Girl Emergency Kit provides instructions for changing a tire or jumpstarting a battery.

This can save your college bound student the embarrassment of needing to call for instructions should the unthinkable ever happen, and more importantly, you can rest assured that she will be safe in this predicament even without cell phone reception.

Giving the Safety Girl Emergency Kit as a gift is a good idea because it provides the basics (an emergency blanket, bandages, etc.) of a first aid kit, and it is contained in an attractive toolbox that fits conveniently inside the glove box.

More importantly, however, this gift will be enjoyed for many of the additional tools that most emergency kits fail to include. From a nail file and lip moisturizer, to breath freshener and stain remover, your college bound student will be prepared for anything.

Of course, no emergency kit that is designed specifically for women would be complete without also including tampons and—yes—chocolate. The individually wrapped chocolate pieces are good for a chuckle, but should be kept for a real emergency.

Helping Women Be Prepared For Anything!

by Caryn Murray

The Safety Girl Original kit is designed specifically for the stylish and sassy woman who is also smart and wants to be prepared for an emergency… any emergency.

Safety Girl Kit Original

Any responsible car owner should own a car emergency kit—complete with flares, bandages, and a battery charger. The Safety Girl Original Kit is not designed to be an emergency car kit, however, it is meant to be an additional emergency kit that you should store away in your trunk or glove box.

In the attractive case, you will find the essentials for a car emergency—that is, the things that might not already be included in your car emergency kit. For example, you will find instructions on how to change a flat tire, or how to jump start your car (should your battery ever die.) These instructions can prove very valuable should the unthinkable ever happen, and you will avoid the embarrassment of having to phone a friend for help. (Believe me, I’ve been there!)

Also included in the Safety Girl Original Kit are girls-only emergency items. Yes, this includes tampons, a nail file, and chocolate. It is recommended that when you first receive this feminine emergency kit that you do not immediately open it up and eat the chocolate.

I repeat—save the chocolate for an emergency! (Just in case, feel free to replace any chocolate you’ve already attacked without justification.)

But a Safety Girl is not satisfied with these almost-funny emergency items. That is why you will also find the tools of a first aid kit, including bandages, an emergency blanket, an emergency contact list, and antiseptic wipes.

The Safety Girl Original Kit is an emergency kit for smart and sexy women, an essential tool that ensures you are well prepared for anything and that you look good doing it!

Women In Construction

by Crystal Hammersley

As the daughter of a man who owned his own contracting business, I spent many summer days on my dad’s construction sites watching him build houses, garages, and decks. I learned many skills from my father, and I’m able to handle a hammer, power saw, drill, and other tools that most women in my family never touch.

Female Construction Worker

Last year, my 16-year-old sister announced that she was going to start taking wood working and construction classes. She also announced that she planned to go to Triangle Tech after graduation to follow in our father’s footsteps and become a contractor herself. At first I laughed at her. The idea of my string-bean little sister swinging a hammer was comical to me. But then I thought, why not? She had had the same experiences growing up as I did and had learned the same skills watching our dad. I’ve always been big on proving to people that women are capable of performing any job that a man can do, so why shouldn’t my sister be a female contractor?

As a man that broke his back 3 separate times – twice of which were from falling from scaffolding – on the job site, my father quickly learned that he wasn’t invincible, and that safety was an important part of his job. He was strict on wearing hard hats, safety glasses, and harnesses when he needed to. He also taught both of us the importance of safety.

SafetyGirl.com has a lot of safety equipment suitable for women, whether you are looking to fit in with traditional equipment, or want to express yourself with colorful accessories. My favorite set of safety glasses are my gumball safety glasses.

They come in a case of 10 different colors including white, black, pink, purple, and green. Plus, they aren’t very expensive considering how many pairs of glasses you get! They’re available in either regular size or specifically for smaller faces, which often fit women better and protect their eyes better than larger glasses which might slip off or leave gaps for particles to get through.

Whether you’re a woman who is making a career of it, remodeling your house, or just doing something basic, make sure you have the appropriate gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, tool belts, and any other safety equipment to keep yourself protected.