Mommy, When I Grow Up…

Mommy, When I Grow Up…………

compositeWhen I grow up, Mommy, I want to build things – houses, roads, important things!  While I do, I want to be pretty in pink!

SafetyGirl has it all even to the pink safety glasses, overalls and boots!  I CAN be a construction princess!

Mommy, Mommy, please!  I want to be a pretty in pink SafetyGirl!

In our 2014 world a little girl can grow up to be just about anything she dreams.  Grown-up girls can live that dream!  From pink hard hats to safety glasses, you can be pretty in pink at SafetyGirl. All our safety gear gives new meaning to pretty in lots of options including pink down to your boots!  Most of our products are OSHA approved with ANSI certification on the product.

pink hatPink Hard Hat by North-Peak with Ratchet Adjust is versatile and safety rated: high density polyethylene outer shell, ratchet adjustment for quick and easy comfort, Type I helmets meet stringent OSHA vertical impact and penetration requirements. Be safe and look cool in your pink hard hat for only $10.99.

dark pink toolbeltPink Tool Belt – Dark Pink made of heavy-duty suede leather with an adjustable waist that fits 30-42″. There are 9 utility pockets in this baby for optimal organization, including the all-important hammer loop.

tuff chix glovesIronclad Tuff-Chix Gloves are designed for a woman. The seamless fingertip design adds comfort and nail protection for that fresh mani-pedi! Available in small, medium, and large, these washable gloves are ideal for construction and gardening. Not your grandma’s white church gloves!

pink bootsSafetyGirl Steel Toe Waterproof Women’s Work Boots in light pink feature Nubuck upper, durable laces, and are waterproof! Top it all off with the too-cute SafetyGirl Logo! A steal at $48.95.


I’ll Work On It

So I take a deep breath, look around me, and see possibilities and a ton of work. I am going to update a farmhouse, in real time, myself. I intend to do most everything I can myself, excepting if I add a second bathroom. That will require someone who likes to do plumbing more than I do. I am not even really sure what I want for each room so I will accept all ideas!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a middle age woman living in a rural pocket on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, with seven acres of hillside in a dilapidated house that did not have indoor plumbing or a kitchen or bathroom in 1965. My dad bought the house for a few hundred dollars and he and his dad set out to do what our family does best: repurpose and build. His new wife would soon be pregnant for the first time, living in half a duplex. My dad worked all day and went to the house every evening and on weekends to dig out the cellar; add a garage, basement, and bathroom; and turn the cold spring house into a kitchen. Parquet floors were put in downstairs, salvaged from a school gym when it was torn down. Cut glass doorknobs and leaded doors were added to a built-in bookcase when the “new room” was added over 35 years ago. Slate flooring went on the landing, oak from the family barn was added here and there. The piece de resistance, however, is the old glass in the Dutch door, signed by etching pen by everyone who entered our family. My parents did a decent job of maintaining the large house through the years, and in retirement my father added a glorious mancave on the hillside overlooking the valley. There is a shooting range, and a storage barn. There is a chicken coop and playhouse and other outbuildings that should have been demolished decades ago, and over the years my parents became more reluctant to let things go. Add feathered and furry friends to line their now-empty nest, a mother whose heart condition precluded much physical activity, and a dad who was as busy as busy could be inventing his next irrigation system or perfecting a pie recipe. It’s a lot of house to handle.

Fast forward to December 14, 2013. I came home for my MBA class and visit with the folks for the weekend. My husband had filed for divorce earlier in the year and I scheduled a blind date. The as-yet-unknown man insisted we meet at a very public coffeeshop for my comfort. I challenged him to order for me and I would meet him there. Test #1. He gathered opinions, followed clues I left on my Facebook page, and made sure there was food at the coffeeshop (black coffee and raisin bread so I would have something in my stomach but not too much, if I was subject to nerves) and a pub nearby. He passed Test #1. We shook hands and I stood in the rain, watching him drive away in his minivan.

My sister and her family were coming to celebrate the holiday, too, that weekend. I drove my mom to church because she didn’t drive and my dad wasn’t feeling well. Halfway through the service, my cell phone rang. I memorized the message. “Don’t drive like a nut. I’m not dying or anything. I just want to go and have someone check me out.” Maybe I could take him in to the ER. My dad. Coming from a man who never missed a day of work in his life, I drove l like a nut. He felt a bit better by the time we got home, so he called off the trip to the hospital. We celebrated Christmas as a family. I offered to stay the next day and take him to the ER. He was hesitant. He didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. “It’s a lot less inconvenient to do it this way, Daddy, than to drive 2 hours mid-week to come do it.” After his tests, I sat and read Porky Chedwick articles to him while we waited for the doctor to come give him an antacid and send him home. Just when we were bored beyond belief, the doctor came in. Stage 4. Terminal. Pancreatic, lung, liver, lymph. The indestructible man’s head snapped back, then forward to his chest as if he had been hit as he heard the C word. “Ooof.”20140719_132626

Between my sister and I, we started living there 6 days a week, cooking, cleaning, feeding, driving, talking, administering pills, shopping, making phone calls. A month later he was gone.

His wife, the only woman he ever dated, the only woman he ever loved, is moving into an independent living apartment where we don’t need to worry about her heart. She can’t take care of the house on her own. The last six months have taken its toll on it. It hasn’t been scrubbed. Everything was as it was in the fall when my dad got it ready for winter: storm windows, covered landscaping ponds. My sister has slowed coming home for the summer, now that her kids are out of school. Packing my mother’s life into cardboard boxes takes every minute of housework time I have. We are lucky to get our laundry and dishes done.

20140622_091012The house is grimy. Some rooms are classically and tastefully done behind the disarray; others are simply outdated. Having only one bathroom is a problem. How quickly the beautiful English gardens have become overgrown with weeds! The new room – we still call it the “new room” – has never been re-wallpapered or re-carpeted. The paper is peeling and the carpet is beyond stained. The lighting is dim and the walls are scuffed.

So I am moving back into the house to see if I can handle it, financially, physically, and mentally; if not, it will be fresh for the market.

I did the same, on a grander scale, twenty years ago, when I bought my first house – a little hunting cabin with no heater and plaid carpet and velvet wallpaper that became something I loved with a cathedral ceiling and skylights and spiral staircase to loft and exposed fireplace. I wish I could do that here, but I feel my age and I think you would grow bored long before I finished. My goal is to keep each room or area to one month, and only spend $250/room on average to refresh it. I would like to add a bathroom, but I am not sure where yet.

I hope you will travel with me on this journey. You will meet my family and friends as we go. I will be highlighting some of the great products from Online Stores, Inc.’s three construction sites: SafetyGirlConstruction Gear, and Discount Safety Gear. I welcome your questions, advice, and comments.20140629_101530

First up will be the small bathroom. I want to give it a facelift and brighten it up, with the hopes of it becoming the second bathroom eventually. I will review our tool belt and disposable coveralls while I restore the cabinets, paint the floor (yes!!) and swap out hardware and accessories. The additional gear from our stores that I will be using for the bathroom will be a respiratorgloves, and safety glasses.

20140719_132838Please stop by often and let’s see what we can do!

Pink Tool Kits from Apollo

Although we might not always think about it, every woman needs her tools. Especially if you’re a single mom or single woman living alone, making sure that you have a good tool kit to make simple repairs around your home is essential for your own independence and empowerment. Safety Girl is at your service with a great selection of pink tool kits from Apollo. These tool kits will give you everything you need to make small repairs around your home. Apollo is also a proud sponsor of breast cancer research, so you’ll also be able to feel good about your pink purchase!

The 135-Piece Pink Tool Kit from Apollo has everything a woman could need to make repairs around the house. This tool kit is packed with a variety of tools that include:

  • 100-piece fastener set
  • 4.8-volt cordless screwdriver
  • Twenty bits
  • 18-millimeter utility knife
  • 2-inch putty knife
  • 8-inch scissors
  • 8-ounce claw hammer
  • Four different screw drivers
  • 6-inch long nose pliers
  • 12-foot measuring tape
  • 6-inch adjustable wrench
  • UL electric tape
  • UL recharger

Best of all, the tools are pink! Everything in the 135-piece tool kit fits neatly into a pink and black case for easy storage and to keep your tools perfectly organized. Order this great tool kit today for only $47.99, with discounts available for ordering in quantities of 2 or more!

The Small Pink Tool Kit from Apollo is a simple version of the 135-piece model, and is great for college students or single women living in apartments. This tool kit includes:

  • 8-ounce claw hammer
  • 6-inch slip joint pliers
  • Eight SAE hex keys
  • Ratcheting bit driver
  • Twenty 1-inch bits
  • 18-millimeter plastic knife
  • Four precision screw drivers
  • 8-inch scissors
  • 12-foot measuring tape.

This great tool kit is available for only $24.99, with discounts also available for ordering in quantities of two or more!

Garden Tool Kits

Spring is here and what better way to start your gardening season than with a pink Apollo Tool Kit from Safety Girl. These pink tool kits come with everything you need to plant and maintain your garden, help you sport your feminine side as well, and support breast cancer awareness initiatives, too!

The Apollo Tolls 7-Piece Pink Garden Tool Gift Set is the perfect gift or personal indulgence for any gardening enthusiast. With this kit, gardening is comfortable because you’ll have the right tools for every task, a pink-trimmed apron to keep you clean, and a pink knee pad to protect your knees. The 7-Piece Pink Garden Tool Gift Set includes a small garden trowel, medium garden trowel, garden fork and pruning shears. The tools are comfortable and great for digging, planting, weeding and pruning. Order yours today for just $34.99!

The Apollo Tools 18-Piece Pink Garden Tool Kit contains even more great garden tools for your favorite gardening friend or family member. For your planting needs, this kit includes a trowel, narrow trowel, rake, pitchfork, bulb planter, and a knee pad to keep you comfortable. When it comes time for weeding and maintenance, you’ll find 8.5” pruning shears, 8.5” anvil pruning shears, a weeder, and an edging knife. For watering, your kit includes a six-function hose nozzle, adjustable metal hose nozzle, hose coupler with a swivel, hose connector, and a 1/2” waterstop hose connector. This perfect gardening kit is available at Safety Girl for just $79.99—a savings of $29 off the list price!

Don’t forget to order your gardening gloves, too! Check out Safety Girl’s website for a great selection of Womans work gardening gloves, specially designed for women’s hands and available in four colors!

Pink Tools

Ladies, are you tired of using tools that just look so, well, masculine? Are you looking for tools that showcase your feminine flare? If you are, then look no further than Safety Girl, where you can find the best selection of pink tools for use around your home and garden, to keep in the car for emergencies, and to use on the job.

Pink Tool Belt KitsIf you work on a construction site and are tired of wearing men’s equipment, Safety Girl has an outstanding one-of-a-kind selection of pink tool belt kits. Each pink tool belt kit includes a durable pink tool belt, women’s safety glasses and a pink hard hat. Hard hats are available in different shades of pink from Safety Girl’s best and most reliable brands: MSA, North, and Pyramex. If you’re just not that into pink, Safety Girl also sells blue and purple tool belt kits. At a low price of just $30.99, you’ll receive the best quality products, sport your feminine side, and look great on the job!

It’s late in the gardening season, but there’s still some time to use your gardening tools, or, buy new tools and look forward to using them next spring! Safety Girl’s Apollo 7- and 18-piece toolkits feature top-quality tools at unbeatable prices. The 7-piece Apollo Pink Garden Tool Gift Set is the perfect gift for any gardener. With the essential gardening tools with comfortable grips, gloves, an apron, and a kneepad, you’ll make your favorite gardener’s day with this great gift set. The Apollo 18-piece set includes pruning shears, a kneepad, trowels, a rake, pitch fork, bulb plants, edging knife, and so much more, all contained in a sturdy blow molded carrying case and perfect for the avid gardener. A portion of each gardening tool set purchase is used to help fund breast cancer awareness initiatives, making these tool kits practical and meaningful.

These tool kits are just a few of Safety Girl’s incredible selection of tools and tool kits. Visit to find the tools or tool kit perfect for you!