Watts All This about Stun Gun Voltage?

stun_gun_actionIf I were picking out a stun gun, I would probably look for the most adorbs one. So I thought I should go on our site and see which one I would pick out for myself, and quickly got lost in the volts and amperage. What is important, and is there too much of a good thing? Turns out, electricity is a fascinating thing.

First off, brand is important, but since Safety Girl only carries well-known quality brands like Uzi and Ruger, you can ignore this component if you buy grlpprs1000022605_-00_main_sabre-800000-volt-stun-gun-with-holster_3from us. Some use replaceable batteries, and some use rechargeables. Depending on how much you use your stun gun, you may want a rechargeable one.

The power of a stun gun is specced in amperage and voltage. The voltage carries the amperage, which is what stuns the attacker. It is these two things working together that explain why a shock from your doorknob at 30,000 volts won’t hurt, but plugging a fork into your electrical socket (120/240 volts), will pack a dangerous whallop – it’s the amps! Amperage describes the rate/strength of the charge and voltage describes how far the current will jump. The stun gun should have between 2.5 and 4 milliamps, to be effective , yet not kill the attacker or melt the circuitry.

Don’t forget to look for some type of safety, be it a switch or a trigger.

Blast Knuckles

Blast KnucklesIf the nice weather has given you the urge to get outside and go for a walk or jog, but the area you live in poses a potential threat to your safety, Safety Girl has the perfect solution for you. Safety Girl’s Blast Knuckles are your most powerful line of defense, protecting you from any potential attacker.  These Blast Knuckles, upon contact with an attacker, deliver a whopping 950,000 volts that will leave any living thing defenseless and will allow you ample time to flee the scene before your attacker recovers.

These Blast Knuckles are coated with rubber and fit securely around each finger.  The soft contour grip allows for full control.  There is also a red LED on/off indicator light for safety.  The Blast Knuckles come with a heavy-duty nylon case and a belt clip for easy storage.  Two CR2 batteries are also included.  You’ll save nearly 20% off the list price.

As with any self-defense weapons, these Blast Knuckles are not a substitute for personal safety precautions.  If you live or work in a dangerous area, try not to walk alone, especially at night or in unpopulated areas such as alleyways.  If you do need to walk alone, be aware of your surroundings: don’t wear earphones, talk on your cell phone, or send text messages.  If you use public transportation, try to wait in a nearby store or restaurant instead of waiting outside on the street.  Wear shoes that you can move quickly in if you needed to flee a scene: avoid stiletto heals or open-backed shoes or sandals.

Even if you take the above precautions, however, carrying a compact but powerful self-defense weapon can be your ticket to safely fleeing a situation, and you won’t get a better bang for your buck than these Blast Knuckles!

Major in Self Defense


With SafetyGirl U!

Your babies are headed off to college, whether for the first time, or a repeat. Whether you suffer from an empty nest or view it as a whole lot of “me” time ahead, your stress level will be way down if you send your girls to campus armed with knowledge and some SafetyGirl products.

Half the battle is getting your precious cargo to actually carry the products so they are available for use should she need them (we hope not!). We’ve come up with an array of great-looking items and an arsenal of tips.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and recognize your vulnerability. Carry the Zap Dazzle Stun Gun. For under $40 you get 950,000 volts of power encased in rhinestones.
  • Report all suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities to campus security.
  • Use the “buddy system” when going out. One of you should have the Sabre Stun Gun with Flashlight. Small enough to carry easily and the flashlight temporarily startles and illuminates your threat.
  • Keep your dorm and apartment doors locked when you are alone. Have the Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray nearby at all times in case things get ugly. With a five-foot range, it will buy you time to run past your attacker and out of the confined space for help.
  • Report hazardous conditions to campus maintenance immediately.
  • If you see someone victimized, get involved and report it to the authorities. Use the Sabre Personal Alarm to frighten off the attacker.
  • When walking to your car, have your keys ready to go. Keep the Sabre Red Spitfire Pepper Spray in your palm. It is designed to fire with less effort and aim with greater accuracy, perfect for use while running.
  • If threatened by an approaching vehicle, run in the opposite direction – the car will need to turn around, buying you time. Keep the Mace Screecher Personal Alarm with you at all times to draw attention to an incident.
  • If your dorm has an elevator, stand near the panel box if you are alone with a stranger, so you have control of the alarm. Stop the elevator, sound the alarm, and exit the car. Keep your Lipstick Pepper Spray handy in case you need backup protection.
  • If you are a victim of rape or sexual assault, report the incident immediately, even if you choose not to pursue the matter further. Carry the Mace Hot Pink Pepper Spray and don’t be afraid to use it.

Safety Girl Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit

If you’re traveling by car during this holiday season, Safety Girl makes it easy to stay safe and be prepared for any roadside malady with their signature Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit. This kit is packed full of emergency roadside essentials for the driving woman. This great kit includes some of Safety Girl’s best-selling personal safety items, with items selected particularly for traveling by car, as well as those selected exclusively for women. Read on to learn about what this great kit includes.

For roadside trouble, the Safety Girl Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit includes what every girl needs to know but can’t always remember: directions on how to change a flat tire and jump-start a dead car battery (spare tires and jumper cables not included). For other types of roadside emergencies, the kit also includes two emergency blankets, two twelve-hour safety light sticks, and one accident record card and a pencil.

The kit also includes a variety of safety gear. To stay safe at night, you’ll find a Safety Girl flashlight with a carabiner in the kit. In case of an attack, you’ll also find a stun gun and a lipstick-disguised pepper spray in the kit to provide you with simple, easy-to-use self-defense devices. Having personal contact information is always a good idea as well, so the kit includes an emergency contact card.

Finally, this kit includes all the little essentials traveling women could ever want. In this kit you’ll find a sewing kit, Dove deodorant, 2 Shout stain-removing wipes, a lens cleaning cloth, 2 bottles of water, breath mints, a nail file, hairspray and a brush, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, tampons, and even 2 squares of Ghirardelli chocolate!

This kit is perfect for every woman who wants to stay safe on the road and makes a great holiday gift as well. Order one for yourself and kits for your loved ones today for just $49.99!

Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit

Looking for a taser but don’t know how to get started? Check out Safety Girl’s Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit. This kit includes everything you’ll need to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm. Read on to discover why this device is the perfect self-defense device.

The Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit is the TASER basic entry level kit, but it’s manufactured with your safety needs in mind. The Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit is designed with the same technology as tasers and stun guns manufactured for law enforcement officials, with incredible take-down and superior protection capabilities.

One of the most unique features of the Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit is that it features a taser and a stun gun in one unit. Although the device is easy to aim, if all your taser darts miss, you can still use the unit as a stun gun. Simply press the unit against your attacker and pull the trigger to release the electric shock. The Taser C2’s 30-second cycle feature will provide you with a precious window of time to flee the scene and call for help.

The manufacturers of the Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit take safety seriously. When you receive your Taser C2, the device will be in ChekLok mode. To unlock the device and allow for use, you must call the manufacturer and pass a background check. Each device’s cartridge is also equipped with anti-felon identification (AFID) technology, so when the device is engaged, bar-coded, confetti-like ID tags are dispersed on the area, making it difficult for criminals to hid evidence.

Other unique features of the Taser C2 Basic Stun Gun Kit include an ergonomic design, safety cover to prevent accidental discharge, long-lasting lithium powered magazine battery, and practice target. Order yours today!