NAWIC: National Assoc. of Women in Construction

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Talk about girl power…this organization needs some recognition! The NAWIC was founded in 1953 by sixteen construction workers who just happened to be women. They understood that the amount of women in the construction business was declining, so why not make it special club and recognize more strong women. Their core purpose is to “enhance the success of women in the construction industry.” It is basically a support network. They give their participants really cool opportunities such as professional development, education, networking, leadership training, and public service.

If you become a member, you can be nominated for special rewards such as a lifetime achievement award for being active in this special group, member of the year award and future leader of the year. They then have an annual meeting every year to announce the winners.

There is a code of professionalism you must follow such as believing in their core values: belief in yourself as a woman, perseverance and daring to move into new horizons. That doesn’t seem so bad. It actually seems refreshing to be appreciated so much by such a great organization.

There are international affiliates, also. the NAWIC has connections with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK. All of these countries and places around the world also have their own NAWIC program.

You can find a chapter near you by simply searching your zip code on the site. For example we searched chapters near us in New Stanton, PA and there is one in Pittsburgh, PA!

Construction workers work hard, long days and the only people that can understand are other construction workers. So go ahead…vent, you can sign up right on their page!

Mommy, When I Grow Up…

Mommy, When I Grow Up…………

compositeWhen I grow up, Mommy, I want to build things – houses, roads, important things!  While I do, I want to be pretty in pink!

SafetyGirl has it all even to the pink safety glasses, overalls and boots!  I CAN be a construction princess!

Mommy, Mommy, please!  I want to be a pretty in pink SafetyGirl!

In our 2014 world a little girl can grow up to be just about anything she dreams.  Grown-up girls can live that dream!  From pink hard hats to safety glasses, you can be pretty in pink at SafetyGirl. All our safety gear gives new meaning to pretty in lots of options including pink down to your boots!  Most of our products are OSHA approved with ANSI certification on the product.

pink hatPink Hard Hat by North-Peak with Ratchet Adjust is versatile and safety rated: high density polyethylene outer shell, ratchet adjustment for quick and easy comfort, Type I helmets meet stringent OSHA vertical impact and penetration requirements. Be safe and look cool in your pink hard hat for only $10.99.

dark pink toolbeltPink Tool Belt – Dark Pink made of heavy-duty suede leather with an adjustable waist that fits 30-42″. There are 9 utility pockets in this baby for optimal organization, including the all-important hammer loop.

tuff chix glovesIronclad Tuff-Chix Gloves are designed for a woman. The seamless fingertip design adds comfort and nail protection for that fresh mani-pedi! Available in small, medium, and large, these washable gloves are ideal for construction and gardening. Not your grandma’s white church gloves!

pink bootsSafetyGirl Steel Toe Waterproof Women’s Work Boots in light pink feature Nubuck upper, durable laces, and are waterproof! Top it all off with the too-cute SafetyGirl Logo! A steal at $48.95.


Pandora’s Construction Box

Last month you were introduced to my small world. So far we have Mo, my mom who has moved to independent living. We have me, who will be updating the old farmhouse. We have my BF Andy, who lives with his two daughters, Lucy and Grace, about five miles from my house. We all live about 1-2 hours away from where I work (depending on traffic) at Online Stores. Construction GearDiscount Safety Gear, and SafetyGirl are the stores whose products I will be using during the farmhouse reboot. While Lucy and Grace fight over who gets to test the Mace pepper spray guns, I root through my box of goodies and try to sort out what I will be using on what room. Soon I will start in the bathroom and walk you through some of my projects with featured products, but since I opened Pandora’s box of construction and safety stuff, I took some photos and have some thoughts to share on a few products before I start.

20140726_101018My sister is a nut for keeping her body pure. Since my dad died early of cancer from working hard as a construction foreman all his life despite a squeaky-clean lifestyle, I wanted to reassure her that I will not be breathing anything harmful. This respirator is only $13.31 and is very easy to assemble and use. There are also additional cartridges and filters to extend the life of this mask. It is comfortable, adjusts well, and was easy to breathe in. I will be using this when I use solvents and other chemicals.

20140801_192656Andy was with me when I opened the safety glasses. I got a couple pair because I couldn’t believe how attractive they all are. I’m middle-aged and I absolutely love the bifocals. All of these glasses double as sunglasses. I know I work for this company and am supposed to say nice things about the products, but honestly, it is so easy. The Edge Kazbek pair sells for only $11.09. They are ANSI compliant, they block UV, and they look killer on. Andy, who wears safety glasses daily (he manages operations at a steel mill), tried on the Edge Reclus and said they were by far more comfortable than any other pair he’s worn, and would be great to wear for biking, too. The bridge is made of flexible notched rubber to seat properly without pinching. I bet these go missing from my house…

One 20140726_130824last item I dug out of the box while I still had enough energy to use them: shoe cleats. I put these on my lawnmowing shoes, as there is a hillside behind the house. They looked kind of small out of the package but stretched nicely to cover the shoe, and stay there. They were light. My feet dug into the dirt while I mowed the slopes. I am thinking they are going with me to the golf course and will be great in the winter, too.

That’s it. I’ve introduced the stores, the house, the key players, andsome products. I have no more excuses not to dig in!

Hard Hats Summer 2012

Being a woman on the job at a construction site can be tough work, but with Safety Girl’s huge selection of pink hard hats at unbeatable price, you’ll stay safe and make your presence known with your feminine flair. Safety Girl’s pink hard hats are manufactured by trusted brands and feature safety certifications, so you can be assured that you’re ordering a high quality safety product to protect your head. Check out two of our popular, customizable hard hats.

The Pink Hard Hat by North is versatile and dependable, featuring a grooved high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell, rain trough to keep your head dry, and accessory slots for convenience. The hard hat’s ratchet adjustment allows you to quickly and easily fit the hat to your head for maximum comfort. The hat also features North’s unique four-point nylon suspension system with three height options and two anchor points on the chinstrap. The hat is compliant wit ANSI Type 1, Class E as well as OSHA regulations. The hat can be personalized with a color company logo with a vinyl name sticker. Best of all, these hats are available for only $10.99 or as low as $7.63 when you order in larger quantities.

The Pyramex Pink Hard Hat is another excellent choice for workplace protection. The hat features high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction for durability and a low profile design that is great for women. Other great features include a replaceable soft brow pad, four-point ratchet suspension for maximum comfort and custom fit, a rain trough to keep your head dry, and universal accessory slots that can fit ear muffs and a chin strap. The hat fits ANSI Type 1, Class C, E, and G as well as OSHA standards. The hat can also be personalized with a custom logo or with a vinyl name sticker and is available at Safety Girl’s website for only $7.91!

Women’s Work Gloves

Any working woman knows how tough we are on our hands. Even as the weather gets warmer, protecting your hands from cuts, cracks, and chapping is important. Fortunately, Safety Girl offers you a great selection of work and gardening gloves at awesome prices. With trusted brands like Carhartt and Ironclad, you know you’ll be getting the best quality gloves that will suit a variety of needs.

For gardening enthusiasts, May is when we’re just itching to spend our days in our flower and vegetable beds. Gardening not only makes your hands dirty, but can damage jewelry and dry your skin out, but Safety Girl has you covered with the perfect gardening gloves.

Safety Girl’s gardening gloves are designed specially for women’s hands. Featuring touch micro-suede synthetic palms, padding, and doubly reinforced fingertips, these gloves offer the best of comfort, durability, and functionality. The gloves also feature a Velcro wrist closure to keep your hands clean and a terry brow wipe on the thumb to catch those beads of sweat. These perfect gardening gloves are available for just $15.79 and come in four colors: pink, periwinkle purple, teal, and green. Get yours today!

Designed by Extreme Makeover – Home Edition star Paige Hemmis, the Ironclad Tuff Chix Gloves are tough enough to build a house but specifically designed to fit a woman’s needs. Great for hand and power tool use, equipment operation, landscaping, gardening, and home improvement, these gloves will offer you the durability of the best men’s work gloves but offer features like reinforced fingernail guards to keep your hands looking feminine. These super-tough gloves are available in three sizes for just $18.99 each.