Nautilus Pull-On Steel Toe Work Shoes

Steel toe work shoes are a great footwear option for working women who need protection from heavy falling or rolling objects, but don’t need the extra weight of a boot. At Safety Girl’s online store, you’ll find a great selection of steel toe work shoes from trusted brands, including Nautilus pull-on work shoes. These shoes are incredibly comfortable, but will also keep your feet safe while on the job. Check out a few of the great styles available at Safety Girl’s website.

The Nautilus Steel Toe Pull-On SD Water Resistant shoes are an excellent steel toe footwear option for women looking for both safety and comfort. Specifically designed for women, these shoes feature a full-grain leather upper with a water resistant coating for maximum durability in all weather conditions. The shoes feature an anti-fatigue polyurethane insole and an EVA midsole to make an incredibly comfortable shoe that will keep you going all day long. The steel toe on these shoes meets ASTM safety specifications. Order a pair today in Brown Moss in sizes five through 12 (wide widths available) for just $75.50, a savings of almost $22 off the list price.

The Nautilus Alloy Lite Safety Toe Pull-On SD Water Resistant shoe is another excellent option for women looking for an easy-on-easy-off safety shoe. These shoes feature an ergonomically designed Alloy Lite safety toe cap that that meets ASTM safety standards and will keep your toes safe from heavy falling or rolling objects but also prevent your toes from cramping or rubbing. For comfort, the shoes include an anti-fatigue polyurethane insole and EVA midsole. These great shoes are available in navy blue in sizes 5 though 12 (wide widths available) for just $80.50, a savings of almost $24 off the list price.

Nautilus Steel Toe Athletic Shoes

Are you looking for an athletic style work shoe with a steel toe? Safety Girl has an excellent selection of steel toe athletic shoes at unbeatable prices. With a steel toe athletic shoe, you’ll have all the benefits of an athletic shoe, including mobility and comfort, with the added benefit of a steel toe to protect your feet from heavy falling or rolling objects. Check out just a few of the great steel toe athletic shoes available at Safety Girl’s online store.

The Women’s Nautilus Steel Toe Athletic Shoe SD 1360 in Gray offer both comfort and durability for working women. These shoes are ergonomically designed to keep you going all day long and include an anti-fatigue polyurethane insole and EVA midsole for comfort on the job. The shoes also keep your feet safe without compromising comfort with their lightweight Alloy Lite safety toe cap that prevents your toes from cramping or rubbing while meeting ASTM impact/compression standards. These shoes are available in gray in sizes 5 through 12 with wide widths available, too. Order yours today for just $74.99, a savings of $22 off the list price.

The Nautilus Steel Toe Athletic Shoe SD 1376 in Blue is another great choice for a steel toe athletic shoe. These shoes are sporty and comfortable and feature the same Alloy Lite safety toe (compliant with ASTM standards) as the Nautilus SD 1360 in Gray that keeps your toes safe from heavy objects but also allows them to move freely without cramping or rubbing. These shoes are also incredibly comfortable, with an anti-fatigue polyurethane insole and EVA midsole that will keep you going strong all day on the job. These shoe are available in blue in sizes 5 though 12 with wide widths available. Order a pair of these great shoes today for just $75.50, a savings of almost $22 off the list price.

Caterpillar Steel Toe Boots

With Fall officially here, it might be time to purchase a new pair of steel toe boots. Whether you work on a construction site or enjoy outdoor recreation, steel toe boots are an excellent investment not only in your personal safety, but also in the comfort and health of your feet. Check out these great women’s steel toe boots from Caterpillar, a company that has been committed for decades to providing its customers with the gear it takes to get the job done.

The Caterpillar Lander Mid Women’s Work Boot is the perfect steel toe boot for the working woman. This boot features a full-grain leather upper and Norwegian welt construction for maximum durability and stability and nylon mesh lining to keep your feet comfortable. These boots have an ASTM rated steel toe to keep your feet safe from falling or rolling objects while you’re on the job. Order these boots in dark brown for just $92.29.

The Caterpillar Active Alaska Women’s Work Boot is another perfect boot for women and also provides a great deal of versatility. The boots feature a full-grain leather upper for durability, but a nylon mesh lining to allow for comfort and breathability. The boots’ rubber outsole and double stitched seams provide additional durability and safety. These boots also feature a steel toe and an electrical hazard rating, making them perfect for both outdoor recreation, such as hiking, or for the industrial workplace. Order a pair today for just $94.99.

The Caterpillar Charlie Women’s Work Boot is yet another great option for women’s work boots. These boots feature a steel toe for durability and an electrical hazard protection that makes them ideal for working on industrial or construction sites. Although the boots contain a comfortable Ortholite insole, you can remove the insole to incorporate a custom orthotic. The boots’ iTechnology allows for a sport-inspired heel cup for maximum mobility. Order a pair of these great boots today in chocolate brown for just $93.99.

Women’s Steel Toe Shoes

Have you ever seen that movie Forest Gump? It’s jam-packed with famous quotes: “Stupid is as stupid does.” “Life’s like a box of chocolates…” “Run, Forest, run!” But one of my favorite quotes from the movie didn’t come from Forest, his momma, or Ginny. It came from Gary Sinise’s character, Lt. Dan. When Forest and Bubba arrive in Vietnam, Lt. Dan tells them, among other things, to protect their feet. Personally, I couldn’t agree more with Lt. Dan. Protecting one’s feet is essential, and owning a pair of women’s steel toe shoes is a great way of going about it.

Nautilus Steel Toe ShoeAt, we offer so many pairs of women’s steel toe shoes that it often makes my head spin. In fact, if our selection gets any bigger, it will certainly need its own zip code.

First of all, you’ll need to decide which type of work shoe you’d feel most comfortable wearing. Does a leather slip-on strike your fancy? Or would you like something a bit more athletic? Perhaps a more casual steel toe shoe would suit your needs. Whatever the case may be, with 52 different styles of women’s steel toe shoes to choose from, I’m sure we’ll have what you need.

All that being said, allow the ol’ Safety Girl here to make a few suggestions. These Nautilus Steel Toe Athletic Shoes are fantastic. I myself own a pair and I wear them everywhere, whether it’s the grocery store or the Safety Girl warehouse. Their wide toe-area prevents any rubbing or cramping from taking place, and they also come equipped with an anti-fatigue insole for added comfort.

Red Wing Steel Toe ShoesIf you think you’d like something non-athletic, I think these Red Wing Women’s Steel Toe Shoes are a great option. Made from premium nutbuck leather, they’re actually made for hiking, and also feature oil/slip resistant soles, a removable foot bed, and cement construction.

Now matter which type of women’s steel toe shoe you choose to go with, is the best place to find it. And don’t forget that we’re currently offering free shipping on orders over $25, so you’re new boots will surely qualify!

Women’s Steel Toe Shoes

by Ashley Horne

If you’re looking to protect your feet, but aren’t interested in buying another pair of bulky work boots made for a man – you’ve come to the right place. Ladies steel-toed shoes offer the same amount of protection as work boots, but are made with all the comforts and protection females’ need. Work shoes are also offered in a variety of styles like casual, hiking boot or athletic, and combine durability with affordability.

Women's Steel Toe Shoe

Don’t know what shoe is for you? Hopefully these samples will help you to sort out your style:

For a casual look…

The Timberland Pro Titan Women’s Steel Toe Electro Static Dissipative ESD is a brown pull-on work shoe. It features an ASTM F2413-05 Steel Toe EH and an integral steel shank. The leather is a soft full-grain and the shoe offers a supple internal vamp lining made of anti-microbial material to ensure minimal break-in-time. The foot bed is made of breathable open-cell polyurethane to promote maximum comfort and dryness. Lastly, the shoe ensures durable traction with its Maxum-Lite polyurethane outsole. Don’t let the soft look of this shoe fool you. It has enough power and offers enough protection to get any job done!

The hiking boot look…

The Timberland Pro Titan Women’s Steel Toe EH Work Shoe has the look of a sturdy hiking boot. This work shoe offers an ASTM F2413-05 Safety Toe EH and a steel shank. The EVA midsole is compression molded to offer the working woman lots of support. The interior offers an anti-microbial lining and an OrthoLite foot bed with an Agion anti-microbial cover. The upper portion of the shoe is a combination of durable leather and mesh. Durable traction is ensured with the Timberland Pro classic rubber outsole. This shoe is perfect for all you working ladies who aren’t prepare to take the leap from steel-toed boot to the look of casual protection. It offers the toughness you are seeking with the comfort you deserve!

For the athlete within…

The Women’s Nautilus Steel Toe Athletic Shoe is a great example of an athletic work shoe. This work shoe is made of nylon and leather and offers a highly durable, slip and oil resistant outsole. It is engineered with a “wide area” steel toe cap and a bumper toe to guard against abrasion. The shoe meets or exceeds ASTM 2413-05 Impact/Compression and SD Footwear ratings and has an EVA midsole for maximum comfort. It also features a removable anti-fatigue polyurethane insole. One of my favorite features is the design! This shoe resembles a true walking or running sneaker and is sporty with its white and blue color scheme. You can wear the protection you need without anyone knowing!