Helping Women Be Prepared For Anything!

by Caryn Murray

The Safety Girl Original kit is designed specifically for the stylish and sassy woman who is also smart and wants to be prepared for an emergency… any emergency.

Safety Girl Kit Original

Any responsible car owner should own a car emergency kit—complete with flares, bandages, and a battery charger. The Safety Girl Original Kit is not designed to be an emergency car kit, however, it is meant to be an additional emergency kit that you should store away in your trunk or glove box.

In the attractive case, you will find the essentials for a car emergency—that is, the things that might not already be included in your car emergency kit. For example, you will find instructions on how to change a flat tire, or how to jump start your car (should your battery ever die.) These instructions can prove very valuable should the unthinkable ever happen, and you will avoid the embarrassment of having to phone a friend for help. (Believe me, I’ve been there!)

Also included in the Safety Girl Original Kit are girls-only emergency items. Yes, this includes tampons, a nail file, and chocolate. It is recommended that when you first receive this feminine emergency kit that you do not immediately open it up and eat the chocolate.

I repeat—save the chocolate for an emergency! (Just in case, feel free to replace any chocolate you’ve already attacked without justification.)

But a Safety Girl is not satisfied with these almost-funny emergency items. That is why you will also find the tools of a first aid kit, including bandages, an emergency blanket, an emergency contact list, and antiseptic wipes.

The Safety Girl Original Kit is an emergency kit for smart and sexy women, an essential tool that ensures you are well prepared for anything and that you look good doing it!

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