The Perfect Back To School Gift

Whether it be a daughter, niece or granddaughter, if you know somebody special who’s getting ready to take a brave new step into the world, you may want to give them a gift that’s as fun and stylish as it is smart, practical, and useful.

Emergency Kit Contents

Look no further than the Safety Girl Car Emergency Kit, which has everything you would expect in a back to school gift for the college bound woman. Make sure your college student is prepared for any emergency by giving her a useful toolbox that enhances the safety features of a standard roadside emergency kit.

Not all women know what to do if they get a flat tire while driving, or somehow end up with a dead battery. A roadside emergency kit is a must have for any car owner to be prepared for these situations, but only the Safety Girl Emergency Kit provides instructions for changing a tire or jumpstarting a battery.

This can save your college bound student the embarrassment of needing to call for instructions should the unthinkable ever happen, and more importantly, you can rest assured that she will be safe in this predicament even without cell phone reception.

Giving the Safety Girl Emergency Kit as a gift is a good idea because it provides the basics (an emergency blanket, bandages, etc.) of a first aid kit, and it is contained in an attractive toolbox that fits conveniently inside the glove box.

More importantly, however, this gift will be enjoyed for many of the additional tools that most emergency kits fail to include. From a nail file and lip moisturizer, to breath freshener and stain remover, your college bound student will be prepared for anything.

Of course, no emergency kit that is designed specifically for women would be complete without also including tampons and—yes—chocolate. The individually wrapped chocolate pieces are good for a chuckle, but should be kept for a real emergency.

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