Home Safety Tips

by Caryn Murray

Let’s face it, accidents can happen anywhere. In fact, most accidents leading to severe injury occur in the home and can be easily prevented just by following these home safety tips.

Woman Working at Home

Dark Areas

Dark areas in the home can be especially unsafe. This includes basements, garages, attics, or any storage area where large items can be tripped over. It is very unsafe to walk into a dark storage area, and while a flashlight can help, it is a much better idea to have a light switch installed outside of the entrance area, and to ensure the area is properly lit before you enter.

Aside from storage areas, other rooms can be unsafe when they are unlit. This includes your bathroom and bedroom. It may be costly to leave a light on, but having the light switch near the door, or putting in a nightlight, will ensure there are no falls or bangs.

Bathroom Safety

A large majority of the injuries that occur at home can be traced back to an issue with bathroom safety. It is important to have textured tiles and a safety mat in the tub to prevent slipping on wet floors. If stepping in and out of the shower is difficult, a grab bar is needed.

Kitchen Safety

Never store potholders, plastic utensils, towels, or any non-cooking item on or near the stove top range. When cooking, roll up long sleeves (better yet, don’t wear sleeves that are long and loose when cooking.) When cutting onions, it is helpful to have a piece of bread in your mouth and prevent tears, as the burning in your eyes could lead to a sliced finger.

Also, instead of storing harmful chemicals under the sink you should store these substances in a location that’s out of reach of children.

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