Pink Tool Belts

There are times when it’s fun to be girly, and there are times when you just have to dig in and get dirty, so it’s really nice when you can combine the two!

Pink Tool Belt

More and more companies are making tools and safety gear in “girl” sizes and colors. How cool is that? Now not only can you fix the fence, but you can look adorable doing it. Women don’t wear boring, monochromatic clothing, so why would you want your work gear to be boring or monochromatic? If you know how to swing a hammer, but the girl in you wants pink while you’re swinging, then you will love some of the new tool belts that are available today. Of course they come in every shade of pink imaginable, but they also come in vibrant reds, blues and greens.

These belts are quality made out of heavy-duty leather. The tool belts are not generally dyed to get the bright feminine colors, rather the color process is tanned into the leather. So the color is permanent, and that means no fading or running. The premium, soft sued belts are constructed to work. They generally have 10 or 11 pockets, a couple of hammer loops and nickel plated rivets.

With options that appeal to women, these belts are hearty and durable, yet they are fabulously feminine. One company offers rhinestone monogramming on their tool belts, while another company donates a portion of the sales to a Kenyan construction project building homes for women and children.

These tool belts are not only appealing to working women, but they are also a great gift for any “do it yourself” woman. Having the right tools for the job whether at work or at home makes the construction process so much easier. Girls are also giving them to each other in place of traditionally feminine gifts. For example, they are showing up as bridesmaid’s gifts, bridal shower gifts and retirement gifts. And what a great gift they make. They are affordable, pretty and most of all beautifully functional.

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