First Aid Kits

First aid kits are an essential tool for every man, woman, and especially children to have readily available. There are so many different types of first aid kits out there, from the large and complete first aid kit that has everything you need to treat any emergency to the small, basic first aid kit that fits conveniently in a purse.

First Aid Kit

Mothers tend to appreciate the value of a first aid kit, because young children (especially boys) often come home with different cuts, scrapes, and bruises. A good first aid kit will provide everything needed to treat these “boo boos” and prevent an infection.

However, one does not need children to need a good first aid kit. How many times have you found the need for a band aid, and no band aid was available? First aid kits are useful in such a situation, as well as other less common situations such as burns.

There are many places where first aid kits can be found. In a work environment, you might (at least, you should) find a first aid kit available at each station for immediate access to treatment in case of an emergency.

For personal use, it is recommended to have a first aid kit stored in the bathroom, or a room that is centrally located in the house. You can even store your first aid kit in a closet or pantry, as long as you can access it quickly if needed. This should be the complete first aid kit, and if you use something up you should replace it. (Bandages are usually the first thing you run out of….)

It is also a smart idea to carry a first aid kit with you in a purse, and this can be a very small and simple first aid kit. Especially if you have children, your portable first aid kit should contain a few band ages, some burn treatment, and hydrogen peroxide if nothing else. It is possible to find these essential items in a purse sized first aid kit, and no woman should leave home without one.

Finally, a responsible car owner should have an emergency first aid kit available in the glove box. You might never need to use it, but it is so much smarter to have it in case you do!

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