Work’s the Same, Clothing’s Different

While there are more and more women entering the construction workforce, we still make up a relatively small portion of it. Years ago, the construction industry was a relatively uninviting work environment for women, but as more women find their home in the trades, things are changing.

Pink Hard Hat

Now working women sport brightly colored hard hats in pink as well as orange or yellow. Wearing gloves that are proportioned to fit their hands, their workday has become safer, easier and more colorful. Safety glasses are being designed with smoother, sleeker lines and more vibrant colors, so they fit the contours of a woman’s face perfectly and look good too.

Also, speaking to safety and comfort, clothing that is tailored for a woman’s body, such as coveralls, now come in styles and colors made specifically for women. Women will no longer have to make the best of men’s coveralls with the arms and legs entirely too long just to get a proper fit across the chest. With clothes that fit women can function confidently and skillfully.

Men’s safety boots while offering ample protection for the feet were usually too wide for a woman’s foot. Now women’s safety boots not only offer proper fit, but they also come in a variety of feminine colors including the ultimately feminine pink. And speaking of pink, you can even find tool belts in just about every shade of pink imaginable.

Women are slowly making inroads into construction fields, and it seems that their most successful path to success is not so very different from that of so many men who have preceded them. Find someone, who is great in your intended field, and shadow, learn and work. There is still no substitute for hard work, and now women can be safe and comfortable as they work alongside of their male counterparts.

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