Pink Tools for Women

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, single mother, university student or self-proclaimed handywoman, a good set of tools is a must-have. When things need fixin’ ‘round the house, you don’t want to call a man, do you? Of course you don’t. That’s why it’s a great idea to keep your own set of tools under the sink, for example, where you can get at them quick. As a matter of fact, ladies, if you decide to pick up some tools for yourself, you won’t even need to suffer with those big, ugly, stupid, greasy, good-for-nothing tools that men use. Nope, pink tool kits are now available at, each and every one designed specifically for you!

8-Piece Pink Tool Kit

If you’re looking for something to take care of those simple, everyday home repairs, our Eight-Piece Pink Tool Set from Apollo might be the perfect fit for you. Nothing too fancy, it comes with fasteners, pliers, a wrench, two screwdrivers, a fiberglass hammer, a utility knife and, last but not least, a tape measure. All the tools included in this pink tool kit come equipped with comfort grip handles, and their heat-treated chrome plating is designed to resist corrosion. Best of all, every time you buy one of these kits, Apollo will donate a portion of the proceeds to spreading breast cancer awareness.

Now, if you think you’d really like to become a true do-it-yourself type of woman, I suggest taking gander at out 135 Piece Pink Tool Kit, also from Apollo. This baby has everything you’ll need to take care of anything the home-repair Gods might throw your way, and when I say “anything,” I mean anything. Among other things, the kit includes a 100-piece fastener set, a 4.8V cordless screwdriver with twenty bits, four regular screw drivers, a claw hammer, a utility knife, a magnetic level and long-nose pliers. This is hands-down the most complete pink tool kit available today, and, just like the Eight-Piece kit, a portion of every sale is donated to furthering the cause of breast cancer awareness. also offers a 50-Piece Pink Hobby Tool Kit that’s great for any craft enthusiast, complete with a convenient carrying case with mesh pockets for extra storage. Need something for the car? Check out our 4-Piece Set of Pink Stubby Tools. Throw ‘em in the glove box and forget about ‘em. Want something that fits in your pocket? Pink Gerber Multi-Tools, Knives and LED Lights are also available. We even have a Pink Garden Tool Kit! Perfect of mom-gardeners, it comes with pruners, a trowel, kneepads, a weeder, a bulb planter and a pitch fork. Did I just say pitch fork? You betcha I did! Stop by and check us out today!

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