Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kits

O.K., ladies, yesterday we talked about the need for women everywhere to have a good set of tools on hand in case a home-repair emergency should pop up. We also talked about how it’s preferable that the tools be pink. Today I’d like to change the subject a bit by taking a look at the importance of roadside safety for women. After all, when is a damsel more in distress than when she’s stranded along the side of the road? Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

Contents of the Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit

Imagine that you’re driving along one night, happy as a lark, when suddenly you hear a strange noise coming from beneath the hood. Soon the dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree and the engine shuts off. You try turning the key but nothing happens. You take it out of the ignition, put it back in and try again. Still no dice. Whatta ya do? Well, the first thing I’d do is call for help. Then I’d reach for the Safety Girl roadside emergency kit that I keep stashed beneath the passenger-side seat of my car. It has all the roadside safety essentials needed for just such an emergency, and I’d never go anywhere alone without it.

The Safety Girl roadside emergency kit includes, among so, so much more, an emergency blanket, great for when you break down on those cold, winter nights; a safety light, which comes in handy during situations involving a dead battery; bandages and antiseptic wipes, in case your roadside emergency is the result of an accident; instructions on how to change a flat tire and jump start a battery, and an emergency contact list. All of these items will help you survive any roadside emergency, and they all come in an awesome Safety Girl carrying case!

All that being said, women everywhere know that not all emergencies are of the roadside variety. A coffee stain on a white blouse, a torn skirt, or even a pair of chapped lips can also qualify as an emergency if you’re on your way to a hot date or an important business meeting. That’s why the Safety Girl roadside emergency kit also comes equipped with such essentials as instant spot remover, a sewing repair kit, breath freshener, deodorant, a nail fail, lip moisturizer and, yes, even tampons. It even comes with purified water and some chocolate squares, just in case you feel like a snack.

Whatever your situation may be, remember to play it safe, ladies, and order your own Safety Girl roadside emergency kit from today!

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