Quality Boots from Safety Girl

By Kristi Ries

Winter BootShoes: they come in many varieties, all women love them, and every woman never seems to have enough! You probably have a closet full of flip-flops, sneakers, heels and flats. Among those, a few thigh-high leather boots might fill up the remainder of your closet. Your collection appears to be complete.

And then there are the steel-toe work boots you have for tough jobs. These are part of your shoe wardrobe, but are somehow separated by function. These aren’t for fun or fashion. They’re strong and protect your feet when it counts, but those can weigh you down—especially when you’re not working in dangerous conditions that require a steel toe. With this winter’s snowstorms, you might find yourself in need of a tall boot that provides warmth and comfort without sacrificing mobility. (Because lifting your feet through two feet of snow is hard enough

Consider investing in a reliable winter boot that will keep your tootsies warm year after year. In seasons like these, the LaCrosse Pac Boots for Women are an extremely practical choice. These 8-inch heavy-duty boots are easy on your feet; with a soft toe, waterproof bottom and rubber outsole, you’ll walk confidently in snow and ice without feeling weighed down by heavy boots. And the tough traction will come in handy when slick surfaces (like your driveway or steps) abound. You can shovel snow and sprinkle salt confidently, knowing that you won’t wipe out. Now nothing will hold you back from all of those important (and often unforeseen) outdoor chores, like repairing retaining walls, removing fallen tree branches from your yard or sealing and securing windows and storm doors.

You won’t need heat packs tucked into your boots any longer; many boots are so well insulated that you won’t even have to think about wearing thick, bunchy socks. Like the Fort Lewis 10″ Insulated boots from Danner, which boast a full-grain leather upper, Thinsulate™ insulation and GORE-TEX® lining that keeps the boot completely waterproof.

Best of all, these boots will allow you to make snow angels and go sledding with your kids without leading to soggy socks or runny noses!

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