SafetyGirl Pepper Sprays

As discussed in the Self Defense Prevention and Tips article from last week, we know preventing potentially dangerous situations is our first line of defense against violent situations such as physical and sexual assault, robbery, or even homicide. On the occasion that you are in a vulnerable situation, however, your second line of defense is being prepared to protect yourself.  While common items such as keys, purse straps, or heavy books can be useful weapons, carrying mace or pepper spray is a surefire way to ward off an attacker and protect yourself from harm.

Mace Triple ActionSafetyGirl has a variety of pepper sprays and mace that can suit your needs. They are small enough to fit in a pocket or purse, can be carried hands-free while jogging, glow in the dark for ease of location at night, and come in pink to support breast cancer research and awareness.

Pepper Spray’s official name is Oleoresin Capiscum (OC).  The active ingredient in OC is capsaicin, a chemical derived from the chili family.  Effects of pepper spray include tears, pain, temporary blindness, burning, upper body spasms, coughing, and difficulty breathing or speaking.  These effects last no more than 45 minutes. Pepper spray and mace should always be used and stored with great caution.

Many of SafetyGirl’s Pepper Sprays also contain tear gas, which causes profuse tearing and disorientation, and UV dye, which marks the attacker to aid in later identification.

For an original formula mace, check out SafetyGirl’s Mace Triple Action Leather Plus.  This Mace is small enough to fit conveniently into a pocket or purse, and has a glow in the dark locking safety cap, a key ring, and leather-like case for easy finding and safe storing.  This Mace contains a triple threat of OC pepper spray, tear gas, and UV dye.  The 11-gram container contains 5, one-second bursts of up to 10 feet each.

For the stylish, breast cancer awareness promoter, SafetyGirl carries a Pink Pepper Spray by Sabre.  The 0.54oz Pink Sabre spray helps fight breast cancer while simultaneously helping to protect you!  The canister contains 25 shots of wind-resistant spray that can project up to ten feet.

SafetyGirl even has Mace Pepper Spray that disguises as workout equipment.  The Mace Hot Walkers are foam-covered, one pound walking weights that contain a built-in OC Pepper spray unit.  The weights also have a storage compartment for your keys and money.  Refill cartridges are available.

While you’re browsing SafetyGirl’s Pepper Sprays, take a look at the one of Mace’s newest products: Mace PepperGel.  Rather than the traditional liquid spray, which is toxic and contaminates surrounding areas for several hours after use, this product is a sticky gel that his hotter than the spray but is nontoxic and non-contaminating. Ideal for indoor use, the gel can spray up to 25 feet.

These are only a few of SafetyGirl’s Pepper Spray products.  Be sure to visit SafetyGirl’s Pepper Spray Webpage for the complete listing, including other varieties of Pepper Sprays, special formula sprays for Michigan and Wisconsin, and Mace guns and accessories.

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