SafetyGirl Sabre Stun Guns

Stun GunAs discussed in the Self Defense Prevention and Tips and Pepper Spray articles from the last two weeks, we know preventing potentially dangerous situations is our first line of defense against violent situations such as physical and sexual assault, robbery, or even homicide. On the occasion that you are in a vulnerable situation and you want to have a more aggressive defense weapon than pepper spray or common objects such as keys, purse straps, or heavy books, SafetyGirl’s Sabre Stun Guns might be the right choice for you.

Stun guns temporarily disable a victim through electronic shock.  Although police officers and military personnel are the most common stun gun users, women interested in protecting themselves from physical harm may opt to carry one.  To use a stun gun properly, place the head of the gun on the victim’s torso and fire the trigger to deliver the shock.  Improper use, such as firing the gun for more than a few seconds without establishing contact with the torso, can result in damage to the gun.

SafetyGirl offers six varieties of Sabre stun guns and batons, all of which include a wrist strap and 2-year warranty.  All guns come with a belt clip and the baton includes a belt holster.  The most basic product, the Sabre 120,000-volt stun gun, uses one 9-volt battery and sells for $19.49.  Only four inches tall, the gun fits easily into a purse or coat pocket for easy access.

The Sabre 200,000-volt stun gun delivers a more powerful electroshock.  Although slightly longer than the 120,000-volt gun (6 inches tall), the ultra-slim design allows the gun to easily fit into a purse and the extra length might help reach an attacker in an extreme situation.  The gun uses two 9-volt batteries ad sells for only $30.99.

Sabre offers similar guns in 300,000-, 400,000-, and 500,000-volt varieties.  For safety reasons, keep in mind that higher voltages deliver much more powerful blows to an attacker and require superior performance and accuracy in attack by you, the operator.

The Sabre 500,00-volt stun baton is 13 ¼ inches tall and includes a nylon belt holster instead of a belt clip. The added length of the baton allows you to reach an attacker from a great distance and thus reduce your risk of harm.

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