Put Some Spring In Your Step

By Kristi Ries

Rain BootAt this point, you know by experience that April showers bring May flowers. With rain comes renewal in our surroundings. Gardens bloom and the grass (in four-season climates) returns to a lovely verdant green. In fact, April and May are two of the wettest months of the year for areas in the Northeast United States. On average, nearly four inches of precipitation tends to fall throughout both months, making for soggy ground, slick streets and flooded creeks.

The temperature is typically warmer, and thanks to Daylight Savings Time, you actually want to head outside more often and stay outside longer. But it can be tough to avoid puddles or mud when walking in wet conditions to work or school. There’s no better time than now to get a jump on the rainy spring weather with waterproof footwear to keep you high and dry. The Brits call them ‘wellies’. Americans call them rain boots. For the next few months, you’ll call them a lifesaver. (Or at least, a sock-saver.)

You might think that any old rubber boot will do, but ladies, I suggest that you look before you leap! Not all boots are created equal. In fact, some are created cheaply and as such, result in poor quality. And some boots are just downright ugly.

Yet you don’t need to go the other route and scope out expensive footwear from high-end department stores or boutiques. You can find smart and sassy deals on dependable rain gear online for less than half of what you’ll pay in those shops, with quality that can’t be beat.

Go for a bright pink or a fun and fresh spring plaid. Women’s Rain Boots from Puddletons have it all: style, traction and durability!
The boots’ features include:

  • 100% Waterproof Natural Rubber Upper
  • Foot Form Contour Insole
  • Self-Cleaning Mud Lug Outsole

You’ll be excited and prepared for those rainy days sure to come. This spring, tiptoe through the tulips (however soaked they may be!) in style and comfort!

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