Time to Garden: Spring has (almost) Sprung!

By Kristi Ries

GardeningThe ground has softened and the birds are chirping; everywhere, there are signs of the impending spring. Maybe you’re a veteran gardener, with separate areas for vegetables, seasonal flowers or blossoming bushes. Or perhaps you’re a first-time homeowner or renter whose only gardening experience came from a window-box of Petunias. Either way, there is still time to get a head start on the season.

For a basic start, consider a flower garden. Whenever you plant flowers, bedding plants, and various types of trees and shrubs, the most important thing is to plant them at the correct depth. The most common mistake is that people plant flowers and even trees and shrubs either too high and the root ball dries out, or too low and the plant actually rots. (Definitely not the desired result!)

Below are some tips to ensure success in your first flower bed.

  1. Carefully remove your plant from its container. If the plants come as part of a multi-pack, give the bottom of the plastic container a light tap to loosen the dirt and roots that have settled.
  2. Determine the best location for the plant based on its light requirement (full sun, partial shade, etc.)
  3. Dig a shallow hole in selected soil with your garden trow.
  4. Be sure to plant at the correct depth within the soil. You want the top of the root ball to be at the same level as the soil level you are planting.
  5. Add a little liquid fertilizer to your watering can. (10 drops or so will do for a gallon of water.) This will give the plant an early boost of nourishment and hydration.
  6. Continue to water as directed.

Just follow these simple tips, and you’ll wind up with beautiful results!

Pink Garden ToolsAnd if you’re in need of a quality set of tools and gardening accoutrements, The Apollo Tools 7-Piece Pink Garden Tool Gift Set has everything you need to get started. The stylish pink set also supports a worthy cause while beautifying your yard!

The tool set:

  1. Helps support breast cancer awareness initiatives
  2. Features a protective apron to keep dirt where it belongs, not on you!
  3. Includes pockets to help you keep your tools in one place
  4. Is great for digging, planting bulbs, weeding, and pruning
  5. Provides protection for your knees in a comfortable knee pad

Happy gardening!

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