Have No Fear: SafetyGirl Emergency Bridal Kits

Bridal KitEven the experts in the bridal magazines say that as much as you can plan for every possible unfortunate scenario for your wedding day, something is bound to go wrong. Whether it’s breaking a nail, having an upset stomach, or even forgetting your wedding bands, SafetyGirl Original and Deluxe Emergency Bridal kits are a must-have for brides-to-be.

For the snag in your panty hose or lost button on your bodice, SafetyGirl Emergency Bridal Kits include a sewing kit and extra safety pins, in case you’re really in a bind.  If your dress is wrinkled or—gasp!—stained, you’ll also find wrinkle remover spray and Shout wipes.  And in the horrible instance that the heel of your shoe breaks—we’ve all had this happen to us at least once, ladies—super glue is also included.  For your hair, the kits include bobby pins and TreSemme Hair Spray.  Have no fear: fix a broken nail in seconds with the included nail file and clear nail polish.

If wedding day nerves give you any ailments—from headache to upset stomach to a surprise visit from Aunt Flow—your emergency bridal kit has you covered with Motrin, Rolaids, Imodium, and yes, Tampons.  Just got the sweats, dig out your Dove deodorant bar.  And if it’s simply the day’s emotions that are making your eyes water, you’ll find plenty of tissues and even a couple facial cleansing cloths to safely touch up any blurred eye makeup.

Hopefully, you’ll remember your earrings and more importantly, your wedding band, but SafetyGirl Emergency Bridal Kits still have you covered with white pearl earrings in the Original Kit and a lace garter and wedding bands in the Deluxe Kit.  The contents of the original kit are neatly packed into a white vanity bag; the deluxe version includes a pink cosmetics case.

Be prepared for almost any bridal emergency on your wedding day: order your SafetyGirl Original or Deluxe Emergency Bridal Kit today!

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