Gerber’s Pink Multi-Tool

By Kristi Ries

This has (almost certainly) happened to you: you’ve brought along a case of beer (or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage) to a party, but no one has a bottle opener. Oh, the chaos that then ensues! Not you, you say? Not the drinking type, or maybe wine is more your speed?

Multi-ToolPonder this situation, then. Perhaps you’ve gone primitive camping and only realized after you’re a three miles into the woods that your all-important knife wasn’t packed with your tent or sleeping bag. The sun is setting and you’re cursing yourself for having to walk all the way back to the car for it. No? Doesn’t sound like you, huh? Never did forget your trusty camping knife.

What about the last time you helped a pal move into their new place? After the boxes were stacked and unpacked, it was time to help hang a few things and put some furniture together. Did you come through in the clutch with a screwdriver? Of course, you say—who would show up on moving day without one in tow?

Fine. I’ve got to admit, you sound like a very prepared chick, and one who thinks ahead. You’re the one everyone looks to when they need something. You’ve thought of everything. You very well may be the most prepared woman on Earth. Still, it’s more than possible—I’d reasonably say probable—that the following has happened to you.

You suddenly notice that somehow, you have inadvertently broken a nail. Naturally you now find yourself nowhere near a nail file. (Why can’t these things ever happen in a salon? Or next door to one?) Maybe you’re at your sister’s wedding or in the lobby waiting for your job interview. Who knows, this might’ve even happened on the previously mentioned camping trip! Either way, you’ve got an unsightly and possible painful situation on your hands…literally!

If you’ve ever found yourself missing that all-important tool, you have experienced how critical it is to prevent that opener-of-beers, that chopper-of-sticks, that saver-of-manicures, from slipping your mind ever again. It’s not just the convenience that’s at stake: your pride and ability to appear as the well-organized woman you are comes under fire every time you fail to save the day. That’s a lot of pressure for anyone, but thankfully, Gerber’s got your back on this.

The Gerber Curve Pink Multi-Tool was made for women like you—that is, every woman—who could really use a bottle opener, knife, screwdriver or nail file in the course of a day. And at the end of that unbelievably useful day, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation, too.

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