SafetyGirl Personal Alarms

Are you looking for a safe way to protect yourself for under $20? Look no further than SafetyGirl’s Mace Personal Alarms.  You’ll draw attention to yourself during a crisis but won’t need to worry about the risks of deploying any dangerous chemicals or carrying a stun gun.

At only $3.49, the Mace Emergency Whistle is the simplest way to get the public’s attention if you’re in trouble.  The Emergency Whistle delivers a 125-decibel two-note blow that is perfect for alarming attackers and alerting others.  With a pea-free design and adjustable lanyard, the Emergency Whistle is perfect for carrying in a pocket, purse, or around your neck while commuting around town.  The whistle is also ideal for outdoor recreation such as jogging, hiking, or camping, and for children and students.

ScreecherIf you’re looking for a dual-function sonic alarm and self-defense device, the Mace Screecher Personal Alarm is a perfect and cost-effective choice.  At only $7.95, the Screecher delivers a 125-decible emergency shriek.  If you’re in real danger, you can also use the push top activator to deploy up to 20 short blasts of mace.  The Screecher is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse and is perfect for women, children, students, and the elderly.

The Mace SportStrobe Alarm has three protective features: an alarm and dual-function strobe light and flashlight.  Removing the pin at the top of the small square unit deploys the 130-decible ear-piercing alarm along with a strobe light.  Pressing a button on the side of the unit allows the alarm to double as a simple but powerful flashlight for easy nighttime navigation.  The unit comes with a door/window attachment for use in a home or office and requires a nine-volt battery.  At just $15.95, you’ll be getting a big bang for your buck.

Finally, if you just need to be seen, when walking, running, or biking, for example, the Mace Safety Flasher is the perfect protective device for you.  The Safety Flasher has a red lens for better visibility in the dark and features a built-in belt clip or neon armband for convenient use.  The Safety Flasher requires two AAA batteries and sells for just $7.95.

SafetyGirl’s Personal Alarms are the perfect way to take a small precaution that will be sure to have a big impact.  Buy your personal alarm today at!

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