Cell Phone Stun Gun

Safety Girl sells a lot of stun guns, and they can be great self-defense weapons, but what about the possibility of an attacker being prepared for the volt of your stun gun? Safety Girl’s Cell Phone Stun Gun is the answer to your concerns!

Cell Phone Stun GunThe Cell Phone Stun Gun delivers the ultimate surprise: it looks exactly like a cell phone, so your attacker won’t expect it to be a weapon used for your self-defense.  Stronger than most stun guns on the market, the Cell Phone Stun Gun delivers a 1,000,000 volt shock, disrupting brain activity, causing your attacker to lose his balance and muscle control and fall to the ground in confusion.  Your attacker will require about five minutes to recover from this blow, so you’ll have plenty of time to escape and seek help.

The cell phone stun gun works just like other stun guns, but the cell phone’s “stun” and “light” buttons, located where the “send” and “end” buttons on a cell phone would be, operate the gun.  Simply touch the phone to the attacker while pressing the “stun” button to deliver the shock.  The cell phone stun gun features a safety button to prevent accidental engagement.  Other features include an extra-bright LED flashlight, a red LED on/off indicator, cell phone case and belt clip, and 3 CR2 batteries.

Safety Girl’s cell phone stun gun is a great value for your personal safety and the element of surprise you’ll be incorporating into your self-defense plan.  By ordering from Safety Girl, you’ll save $5 off the list price, so order one for yourself and one for a friend or loved one today!

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