Safety Girl Tool Belt Kits

Pink Tool BeltsSafety Girls, if you’ve started a new job on a construction or work site, or if you are just in really bad need of overhauling your gear, then Safety Girl’s Tool Belt Kits are just what you need to look snazzy on the job.  Safety Girl offers six different tool belt kits, with each kit including a tool belt, safety glasses, and a hard hat.  Each kit is only $30.99, a savings of almost $20 off the list price and an overall great value.

If pink is your color, you’ll be able to choose between MSA, North, or Pyramex hard hats, all excellent choices for safety, comfort, quality, and, of course, style.  You’ll also have the choice between Eva or Eva Petite safety glasses and a light pink or dark pink tool belt.  At an incredibly low price of $30.99, this three-in-one kit is the perfect way to outfit yourself for safety and a little workplace pizzazz.

If going all-pink isn’t your style, don’t worry!  Safety Girl sells these great tool belt kits in black, blue, and purple.  If you choose the Black Tool Belt Kit, you’ll receive Safety Girl’s signature suede tool belt, featuring nine pockets, two hammer loops, an adjustable waist, and of course, pink stitching.  You’ll also have the choice of a pink, blue, or purple hard hat and pink, clear, blue, or purple safety glasses.  With a sharp black tool belt and a colorful hard hat and glasses, you’ll be looking fantastically feminine on the job.

Purple and light blue are also great colors for women to show off their feminine side while at work, and Safety Girl is pleased to offer a light blue and a purple tool belt kit for all you blue and purple fans.  You’ll receive the same signature suede tool belt in blue or purple with a matching hard hat and colored or clear safety glasses for the same low price of $30.99.

These tool belt kits are sure to give you the feminine flair you want to show off on the job.  Order yours today!

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