Lipstick Pepper Sprays

Ladies, we’ve discussed how carrying a small container of pepper spray in your purse can be an excellent self-defense tool. One inherent problem with carrying a self-defense tool, however, is that it can be difficult to conceal: your attacker may see that you have a weapon and make a move before you have time to defend yourself.

Lipstick Pepper SprayWith SafetyGirl’s Disguised Pepper Sprays, you can trick a potential attacker into thinking that you are unarmed. SafetyGril’s disguised pepper sprays are small enough to fit into a pocket or purse.

SafetyGirl’s Lipstick Pepper Spray is designed especially for women and looks just like a lipstick case.  To use, just act calm, tell your attacker that you absolutely must put on some lipstick before anything else happens, and then, POW!  You shoot your attacker from up to ten feet away.  At a low price of $6.99 and available in great fashion colors, you’ll pay less for this powerful self-defense tool than most lipsticks on the market. Safety Girl also offers Hot Pink Mace Pepper Spray, designed to look like lipstick or perfume, at a low price of $8.99.

The Mace Pen Defender can fool even the smartest of attackers.  The ballpoint pen actually works, so to defend yourself, you can act like you’re writing something, or even act like you’re using a pen as a weapon.  Then, remove the cap from the top of the pen to release the pepper spray and ward off your attacker.  SafetyGirl also offers a Streetwise Pepper Spray Pen, that delivers some of the hottest and most powerful pepper spray on the market.

For frequent walkers or joggers, check out SafetyGirl’s Mace Pepper Spray Hot Walkers, disguised as one pound walking weights.  One side of the weight can hold your keys and the other side contains Pepper Mace spray. With these great Walkers, you’ll look like you’re getting a serious workout and also be protecting yourself at the same time.

Pepper sprays are a common law enforcement weapon, but are often carried by civilians for self-defense.  The spray is made from a chili pepper extract and is packaged in an aerosol can for easy use.  The spray irritates the attacker’s skin, eyes, and mouth, and also affects respiration.  This form of self-defense allows you to distract your attacker in order to escape and call the police.  Most of the time, pepper spray does not have lasting side effects.

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