Crank Radios

Most of us probably wouldn’t think about the importance of an emergency radio until we’re actually in an emergency. So listen up, ladies!  Owning one of Eton’s awesome Crank Radios could save your life, and your family’s. These super-equipped radios will help your family get through an extended power outage, hurricane, tornado, severe flood, and so many other emergencies where reliable communication is needed.

Crank RadioCrank radios can be charged with hours of battery life in two ways: through a dynamo system that charges the internal battery with just a few cranks or through solar cells that charge the battery by absorbing sunlight during the day. Most crank radios receive AM and FM shortwave radio stations and all seven NOAA Weather Channels, are equipped bright white LED lights, and have a USB cell phone charger and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Eton FR500 Solar Crank Radio is equipped with Eton’s award-winning, hand-crank, solar-powered technology that allows you to be prepared for even the most unforeseen circumstances. With AM and FM channels, NOAA weather radio stations, an ultra-bright LED flashlight, a red LED safety light, cell phone charger, and headphone jack, you’ll be completely equipped to receive communication from the outside world during an emergency.  At a great price of $79.99, you’ll save over $30 off the list price—and you can’t place a higher value on a life-saving device.

The Eton Red Cross FR300 Dynamo Crank Radio is one of several crank radios Safety Girl offers that represents a partnership between Eton and the Red Cross.  The FR300 Dynamo Crank Radio provides you with AM and FM radio stations, all seven NOAA Weatherband channels, an ultra-bright three-bulb LED flashlight, a red flashing beacon, an emergency siren, cell phone charger, and a headphone jack. Like the FR500, the FR300 battery can be charged through the dynamo cranking system or solar power. And best of all, with the purchase of any Eton Red Cross radio, including the FR300, Eton will donate proceeds to the American Red Cross.  At a low price of $49.99, this radio has the power to save your life and so many others!

Be sure to take a look at Safety Girl’s selection of ten different Eton radios with prices as low as $29.99 each.  These radios are truly your partner-in-crime, equipping you to act fast in the event of an emergency.

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