Double Trouble Stun Gun

Brace yourselves, ladies, because the Double Trouble Stun Gun is here. This Stun Gun is the strongest defense available through Safety Girl and it really packs a punch. Delivering 1.2 million volts of power, you’ll easily knock your attacker down, paralyzing him for several minutes with just one blow from this gun.

Double Trouble Stun GunThe Double Trouble Stun Gun doesn’t look like a gun, but rather it looks like a handgrip and is conspicuous enough to carry on a jog or in your purse without your attacker suspecting you have a weapon.  The stun gun also features a red LED on and off indicator and includes three CR123 batteries and a heavy-duty nylon case with a belt clip for ultimate accessibility and convenience.

Stun Guns are a form of electroshock weapons.  Upon receiving a shock, these guns temporarily disable victims for anywhere from seconds to minutes depending on the size and resistance of the victim and the voltage level of the gun.  Police officers and military personnel frequently carry stun guns, but ordinary citizens can legally carry them as well.  Stun guns are available in a wide range of volts, shapes, and sizes.

If you’re serious about self-protection and defense, the Double Trouble Stun Gun is the choice for you.  You can easily:

  • Carry it in its holster on your belt while in a dangerous area.
  • Carry it in your hand while on a walk or run.
  • Keep it in an outside pocket in your purse or bag for easy accessibility.

Not sure when you might use a stun gun?  Consider the following situations:

  • You’re alone walking to the bus stop.
  • You take a wrong turn and end up in a dark alleyway.
  • You’re on the town—on a ladies’ night out or first date, for example—and might be going to an unfamiliar.
  • You live or work in a high-crime area.

At an ultimate low price of $52.99, you’ll save over $25 off the list price!

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