Walker, Jogger, and Biker Pepper Sprays

MaceLadies, we all know that pepper sprays are a powerful, easy-to-use, and economical first line of defense in the face of an attacker. Many of Safety Girl’s Pepper Spray products are conveniently small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, but if you’re exercising outside—whether walking, jogging, or biking—you might not want to hold on to that little tube of liquid fire.  But not to worry! Safety Girl has you covered with fantastic Pepper Spray for Joggers, Walkers, and Cyclists! All of these pepper sprays are easy to carry in your hand and still contain the supreme Sabre and Mace Pepper Spray formulas that you know you can rely on at Safety Girl.

The Pepper Mace Jogger Model contains a powerful pepper formula that burns your attackers eyes and forces them shut instantly.  The Jogger Model features a Velcro-like strap that slips easily around your hand, allowing you to jog hands-free.  A flip-top cap and finger grip dispenser allow for easy use.  The Jogger Model is capable of spraying eight to twelve feet and contains ten one-second sprays. Priced at only $13.99, you’ll save almost $5 off the list price and be well equipped to defend your self at a moment’s notice.

The Mace Pepper Spray Hot Walkers offer the supreme pepper spray disguise. These Hot Walkers pack a three-in-one punch: they are one-pound hand weights in which one side of the weight is an empty compartment to hold your keys and money and the other side features a built-in pepper spray unit.   The twelve-gram pepper spray unit is capable of spraying up to ten feet.  A free refill unit is also included.  At a low price of $14.99, you’ll have walking weights, a key holder, and, most importantly, a powerful self-defense tool.

Safety Girl also offers specialized pepper sprays for runner and bikers.  The Sabre Jogger Self Defense Spray for Runners features an adjustable hand strap so that you can easily carry the unit in the palm of your hand.  Although the unit is small, it delivers up to 35 ballistic stream shots.  At a low price of $10.99, you’ll be making a small investment in your safety.  For bikers, Sabre offers a Sabre Red Cyclist Pepper Spray for Bikes. The small unit attaches to your bicycle frame and tears away for easy access.  For only $11.99, this unit will deliver 60 8-10-foot shots.

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