Reluctant BrideIf you’ve seen an episode—or even a commercial—for WeTV’s Bridezillas then you’ve seen how brides’to-be are subject to emotionally-charged meltdowns, outbursts, fights, and confrontations. Although the TV show might portray the most vulnerable brides WeTV can find, getting married can be a stressful time, and even the most mild-mannered brides can be subject to a little bridezilla behavior.

According to Jessica Robinson, a wedding planner in Largo, Maryland, women become bridezillas by choice: they want to control the wedding plans, but do not really understand the process of planning a wedding.  This makes sense as most brides are planning their own wedding for the first time and must confront all the details without prior experience.  Because of the pressure for the wedding to be one of the best days in the bride’s life, brides are often faced with an enormous amount of stress, bringing out intense emotional frustration when plans change, budgets tighten, and wedding party members don’t completely cooperate.

If you’re suffering from a case of bridezilla, here are some ideas to keep in mind to combat pre-wedding meltdowns:

  1. Planning a wedding is like taking on a second job: it requires long hours emailing, calling, getting estimates, hiring help, and coordinating plans. If you can’t afford, or don’t want to have a wedding planner, consider asking a close friend or family member to help you out with some of the plans.  Think of small but time-consuming jobs, such as stuffing invitations into envelopes, tying ribbons, or making out-of town gift baskets, that a friend might be happy to help you with.
  2. Getting married can bring up a lot of emotions, even if you and your fiancé have been together for a long time. Expect to have disagreements with your future husband, your family, and even your friends.  Take everything in stride, remember that this time can be more intense than usual, and try to keep everything in perspective.
  3. Remember that this is your marriage, no one else’s. Your family and friends are likely to give you unsolicited advice, or worse, try to manipulate your plans to fulfill their desires.  In these situations, it’s important to stay focused on having the type of wedding you really want and focus on celebrating you and your fiancé.
  4. Finally, take time for yourself. Whether it’s exercising, doing yoga, dancing, talking to a friend, or getting a manicure, schedule time to do something that makes you feel de-stressed and relaxed.

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