Pink Tools

Ladies, are you tired of using tools that just look so, well, masculine? Are you looking for tools that showcase your feminine flare? If you are, then look no further than Safety Girl, where you can find the best selection of pink tools for use around your home and garden, to keep in the car for emergencies, and to use on the job.

Pink Tool Belt KitsIf you work on a construction site and are tired of wearing men’s equipment, Safety Girl has an outstanding one-of-a-kind selection of pink tool belt kits. Each pink tool belt kit includes a durable pink tool belt, women’s safety glasses and a pink hard hat. Hard hats are available in different shades of pink from Safety Girl’s best and most reliable brands: MSA, North, and Pyramex. If you’re just not that into pink, Safety Girl also sells blue and purple tool belt kits. At a low price of just $30.99, you’ll receive the best quality products, sport your feminine side, and look great on the job!

It’s late in the gardening season, but there’s still some time to use your gardening tools, or, buy new tools and look forward to using them next spring! Safety Girl’s Apollo 7- and 18-piece toolkits feature top-quality tools at unbeatable prices. The 7-piece Apollo Pink Garden Tool Gift Set is the perfect gift for any gardener. With the essential gardening tools with comfortable grips, gloves, an apron, and a kneepad, you’ll make your favorite gardener’s day with this great gift set. The Apollo 18-piece set includes pruning shears, a kneepad, trowels, a rake, pitch fork, bulb plants, edging knife, and so much more, all contained in a sturdy blow molded carrying case and perfect for the avid gardener. A portion of each gardening tool set purchase is used to help fund breast cancer awareness initiatives, making these tool kits practical and meaningful.

These tool kits are just a few of Safety Girl’s incredible selection of tools and tool kits. Visit to find the tools or tool kit perfect for you!

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