Blogging for Small Businesses

Being engaged with your target market is an essential part of running a small business, especially in this age where we’re always connected, whether via email, Facebook, Twitter, or chat. So when you’re thinking about reaching out to your customers, try blogging about your business.  If you’re not a business owner, but are thinking about fueling your entrepreneurial fire, you might also consider starting with a blog.

How could blogging help an entrepreneur run a successful business?  According to, a fantastic resource for women entrepreneurs, “a blog exponentially multiplies the world’s oldest, favorite and most-trusted form of information sharing: word of mouth.  People love sharing what they know with like-minded friends.”  Here are five reasons to start blogging about your business—or aspiring business—today.

  1. Blogging is personal. Blog entries can be strictly informational, but they can also offer your subscribers news, event and product updates, opinions, and conversation-starting questions.  Offering personal opinions and insights builds customer trust, and ultimately, can create advocates for a company.
  2. Blogging is social and conversational. Blogging allows an entrepreneur to start a conversation about a particular topic related to her business and invites her blog subscribers to offer their suggestions or opinions.  This can also work in reverse: subscribers can ask the entrepreneur questions that can create future blog topics.
  3. Blogging is low-cost, and often free. Think of blogging as cheap and instant publicity for your business.
  4. Blogging will make a business more search-engine relevant. Blogging about a business makes it easier to develop a smarter, more specific, and more organized market by allowing a business to build relationships with potential—and hopefully future—customers.
  5. Blogging has the power to turn customers into advocates. If a blog is engaging and uses social media effectively, customers and subscribers will market the business by commenting on posts and “sharing” articles on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

These are just a few ways blogging can help your business.  Why not give it a try?

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