Be Safe on New Year’s Eve

With all the excitement about Christmas, it’s easy to forget that New Year’s eve comes just one week later. Although New Year’s Eve is fun for many, the hope for good times comes with inherent dangers, including drunk drivers, accidental drug use, and house fires. But never fear! Safety Girl is here to offer you great tips to stay safe on New Year’s Eve.

If you’re going out:

  • Have a plan. This is probably the most important part of your New Year’s Eve preparations. Know which bars, houses, or clubs you’ll be going to and chart a road map of how you’ll get from place to place. This will ensure you won’t get lost or end up in a bad neighborhood.
  • If you’ll be drinking—or even think you might be drinking—appoint a designated driver among your friends and leave the keys with him or her. This will ensure you won’t get behind the wheel while you’re buzzed or drunk. Remember:
  • There are more drunk drivers out on New Year’s Eve than usual, putting your safety at a greater risk, even if you’re sober.
  • Buzzed driving is drunk driving.
  • DUIs have huge consequences.
  • If no one wants to be a designated driver, take the phone numbers of a few taxi services with you before you leave for the evening.
  • Travel with at least one other person. New Year’s Eve crowds can put you in danger of getting lost, or worse, being the victim of a crime. If you’re worried about your safety, consider carrying one of Safety Girl’s personal protection devices, such as pepper spray.

If you’re having the party:

  • When inviting your guests, make it clear that you are concerned about their safety. Ask your guests to have a designated driver arranged before they arrive at your party. If your guests don’t have a designated driver, arrange for a local taxi service to pick them up.
  • Collect your guests’ keys when they arrive at your house to ensure that they will not slip out the door and attempt to drive while intoxicated.
  • If you’re willing, make sleeping arrangements for some of your guests, perhaps any that have traveled long distances, to sleep at your home or at a nearby hotel.

Remember, New Year’s Eve is fun, only if you’re safe! Plan ahead and take the number of a taxi service with you, just in case!

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