Frontiersman Bear Spray

If you spend anytime in the woods or backcountry, be sure to protect yourself with Frontiersman Bear Spray. Manufactured by Sabre—one of the most trusted, powerful, and reliable pepper sprays on the market—Frontiersman Bear Spray will help keep you safe from bears, no matter how fast, strong, or fierce.

Frontiersman Bear Spray is the hottest pepper spray on the market, containing between one percent and two percent Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids (CRC), or the parts of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) that are responsible for producing heat and causing pain. This percentage makes Frontiersman Bear Spray 50 percent more powerful than Sabre’s personal defense pepper sprays and the most powerful bear spray permitted by the Environmental Protection Agency.

There are several reasons why Frontiersman Bear Spray is the best bear spray available. Besides containing the hottest pepper spray formula, Frontiersman Bear Spray can also spray a longer distance than any other bear sprays on the market. Bears can run very quickly—around thirty feet per second—so range is an extremely important component of bear spray. Frontiersman Bear Spray can cover a range of thirty five feet, allowing you to spray the bear as soon as you see it. The dual propellant system and large canister size also allows a large volume of bear spray to fire at once, giving you more power in a bear attack.

Finally, Frontiersman Bear Sprays give you the best in accessibility and reliability. Frontiersman Bear Sprays are available with a holster that protects the pepper spray canister but allows the user to access the firing canister freely and immediately. A glow-in-the-dark safety both allows you to find the canister in the dark and prevents against accidental engagement. Committed to reliability, Frontiersman bear sprays are tested for top-notch quality in Alaska and Montana.

Safety Girl carries a variety of Frontiersman Bear Sprays at the best prices on the Internet. Individual canisters of Frontiersman Bear Spray are available in 7.9-ounce and 9.2-ounce sizes. For better accessibility, however, purchase either size canister with a chest holster or belt holster. This will not only prevent against accidental firing, but also will allow you to act immediately in the face of a bear attack.

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